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Dreame X30 Ultra: A Detailed Look

Update February 28, 2024: The Dreame X30 Ultra robot vacuum has been released to Amazon.

At CES 2004 in Las Vegas, Dreame Technology unveiled their new flagship robot vacuum, the Dreame X30 Ultra. This model is a step up from previous ones, boasting features like a self-cleaning base station and advanced mopping technology. Here’s a closer look at what the X30 Ultra offers.

Self-Cleaning Convenience

A standout feature of the X30 Ultra is its self-cleaning base station. This 7-in-1 station includes scrapers for cleaning the plates and a system for washing, drying, and sanitizing the mop. The robot vac automatically empties its waste and refills water, reducing manual effort. The base station can hold up to 3.2L of dirt, meaning it needs emptying only once every 75 days or so.

Dealing with Hair Tangles

The X30 Ultra introduces Dreame’s Anti-Tangle TriCut Brush, designed to cut and remove tangled hair from its brushes. This feature is especially useful for homes with pets or individuals with long hair.

Advanced Mopping Capabilities

Dreame has improved their MopExtend™ RoboSwing Technology in this model. The robot’s mop can reach into corners and edges more effectively, promising a more thorough clean. It can adjust its approach to different floor types, and intelligently avoids carpets when in mopping mode.

DreameBot X30 Ultra Robot Vacuum
DreameBot X30 Ultra Robot Vacuum

Smart Sensing and Navigation

The X30 Ultra uses 3D mapping and path planning for efficient cleaning. It’s equipped with sensors to avoid common household obstacles, ensuring a smoother operation. The DreameHome app provides additional control, letting users manage the robot’s tasks remotely.

Power and Battery Life

The vacuum’s motor generates 8,300Pa of suction, which is quite powerful for a robot vacuum. It has a 6,400mAh battery, allowing up to 260 minutes of cleaning time. This should be sufficient for larger homes, as it can clean areas up to 2600sqft on a single charge.

Pricing and Availability

The X30 Ultra will be available for pre-order starting February 28, 2024, in the U.S. with a starting MSPR of $1,699.99.

The Dreame X30 Ultra offers several high-tech features aimed at making home cleaning more efficient and less hands-on. Its combination of self-cleaning, advanced mopping technology, and smart navigation could make it a valuable tool for those seeking a top-tier robot vacuum.

If Vacuum Wars reviews the Dreame X30 ultra, we will make our findings available in the Robot Vacuum Reviews section of our website.

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