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Eufy L60 Review: High Value for the Money

Eufy L60 Robot Vacuum with auto-empty station and product literature emphasizing 'Deeper Cleaning, Happier Living.

We bought the Eufy L60 robot vacuum and evaluated it this week, and it was pretty impressive—exceeding our expectations. Its performance wasn’t just outstanding due to its functionality and efficiency; it also stood out for its exceptional value. This Eufy L60 review will examine its cleaning capabilities so that you

One of the Best Selling Carpet Cleaners of All Time is 38% Off

Hoover Powerscrub Deluxe at the Vacuum Wars Studio

A carpet cleaner is a great addition to any home’s cleaning arsenal, but it has to be a good one. If you have recently been considering buying one, you’ve likely come across the Hoover Power Scrub Carpet Cleaner Machine, and we’ve got news for you: it’s on sale at Amazon

New Dyson V11 Cordless Vacuum Review: a Standout Choice

A Dyson V11 cordless vacuum with a purple and gray color scheme is positioned diagonally across the image with large blue text in the background

The new Dyson V11 cordless vacuum is out, and this latest iteration retains the essence of its predecessors, the V11 Torque Drive and Animal—but with some noteworthy updates. These include new hardware and features that increase performance while ensuring the cordless vacuum remains affordable.

iRobot Roomba Combo j5+ Review

iRobot Roomba Combo j5+ in the Vacuum Wars studio,

The Roomba Combo J5+ robot vacuum is an innovative addition to the iRobot 2-in-1 family, complete with vacuum and mopping capabilities, smart navigation, obstacle avoidance, and an auto-empty bin. It’s essentially the previous flagship model, the j7+, but now with mopping and more budget-friendly. This iRobot Roomba Combo j5+ Review

Top Spot Cleaner for Carpet Stains (Tested on Pet Urine!)

Spot Cleaners at Vacuum Wars

We bought 15 of the most popular carpet spot cleaning machines and put them through all kinds of tests, focusing on their performance, features, and suitability for tackling pet urine stains and tough messes. In this article we’ll compare all the results as well as their specs and features and share

EggoVac: Eggo and Bissell Launch Waffle-Inspired Robot Vacuum

EggoVac - Bissell Eggo Robot

We read through this a few times. Then, we checked the date a few times, confirming it wasn’t April 1st. In the end, it appears the EggoVac, a 2-in-1 robot vacuum and mop which looks like an Eggo waffle was briefly available for sale. We came across the product during

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