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Eufy L60 Review: High Value for the Money

We bought the Eufy L60 robot vacuum and evaluated it this week, and it was pretty impressive—exceeding our expectations. Its performance wasn’t just outstanding due to its functionality and efficiency; it also stood out for its exceptional value. This Eufy L60 review will examine its cleaning capabilities so that you can assess whether it suits your home and your needs.


The Eufy L60 Robot Vacuum excels in performance and value, making it a great choice for consumers needing a reliable robot vacuum. In our evaluations, the L60 easily handled debris pickup on hard floors and carpets and scored high in our deep clean assessment. It has top-tier features like LiDAR navigation, an auto-empty bin with a built-in hair detangler, and Boost IQ technology, which automatically increases power on carpets for a more effective clean. Overall, the L60 provides exceptional functionality and affordability, offering value that competes with models double or even triple its price. This has earned our top spot for best budget robot vacuums.


  • Efficient debris pickup on both hard floors and carpets.
  • LiDAR navigation technology ensures precise mapping and systematic cleaning.
  • High suction power provides deep and thorough cleaning.
  • Unique auto-empty bin system with a built-in hair-detangling mechanism, ideal for pet owners.
  • Adjusts suction power upon detecting carpets for better debris pick up and efficiency.
  • User-friendly app for easy customization and control.
  • The recharge and resume function allows the vacuum to continue cleaning longer, which is great for larger homes.


  • Some may find the battery life inadequate, even though the robot vacuum has a recharge and resume function.
  • The main brush isn’t too good at resisting hair tangles, though the L60 has a detangling feature built into the base.
  • Lacks a mopping function.

Eufy L60 robot vacuum on a wooden table, against a blurred background of vacuum cleaners on display and colorful lighting.
The Eufy L60 robot vacuum and its clean base. © Vacuum Wars.

Now, let’s explore what the Eufy L60 robot vacuum can do for your home cleaning needs.

Eufy L60 robot vacuum

Having established itself with the incredibly popular 11s model, Eufy has a formidable presence in the robotic vacuum space. The 11s is also one of the best-selling budget robot vacuums on the market. 

And Eufy continues to innovate, offering more sophisticated models while catering to budget-minded consumers. The L60 model exemplifies their commitment to this balance, available in three distinct package options:

  • the basic model without the auto-empty bin for the most economical purchase,
  • the intermediate option, which includes the self-empty station,
  • the hybrid model with self empty station and a detachable mop pad.

For this review, we evaluated the intermediate option: The robot vacuum with the self-emptying station.

Comparison graphic of Eufy L60 robot vacuum options including the base model, the model with self-empty station, and the hybrid model.
The L60 robot vacuum package options include the base model, self-emptying, and hybrid versions. © Vacuum Wars.

Eufy L60 review: performance and evaluation

So, how does the robot vacuum really perform? For our Eufy L60 review, we put it through its paces to see if it lives up to expectations, and it did exceptionally well.

Debris pick up

The L60 has excellent debris-pickup capabilities on both hard floors and carpets. It sweeps up debris with a single-sided brush and a dynamic floating main brush. We found that it consistently handled fine to extra-large debris without issues.

Underbelly view of the Eufy L60 Robot Vacuum showing the main brush and side brush components.
A look at the Eufy L60 Robot Vacuum’s brush technology. © Vacuum Wars.

Carpet deep clean

In our carpet deep clean assessment, the Eufy L60 excelled, demonstrating its capability to extract deeply embedded debris from carpets. The results were significant, achieving a score that ranks within the top 10 out of nearly 90 models we evaluated. It was well above the average.

Eufy L60 excels in Carpet Deep Clean Evaluation, outperforming the average of 90+ vacuums tested.
Eufy L60 Robot Vacuum scores well above average in carpet deep clean evaluation. © Vacuum Wars.

This level of performance, particularly given its price, is impressive and underscores the value the L60 offers.

Raw power

The Eufy L60’s raw power also significantly surpasses the average. Its suction capabilities earned it the second-highest score among nearly 90 vacuums evaluated.

Eufy L60 showcases superior suction power with 2.29 kpa, far exceeding the average in Vacuum Wars evaluation.
Eufy L60 dominates in suction power. © Vacuum Wars.

Eufy L60 robot vacuum features

Auto empty bin

A significant advantage of the L60 is its auto-empty bin. This convenient feature allows the robot to self-empty its dustbin into a disposable bag upon docking. 

Showcasing the L60's auto empty bin functionality.
Experience a new level of convenience with up to 60 days of hands-free cleaning. © Vacuum Wars.

However, what truly sets the L60’s auto-empty bin apart is the first-of-its-kind hair-detangling mechanism built into the dock. Once the bin is emptied, the system activates to cut and remove hair from the brush and vacuum debris into the bag. 

Showing how the Eufy L60's hair-detangling system effectively cuts and removes hair, preventing tangles.
The innovative hair-detangling system of the Eufy L60 robot vacuum. © Vacuum Wars.

This functionality performed exceptionally well in our evaluations, even with seven-inch strands of human hair. So, it’s potentially game-changing. There’s no doubt it will make many pet owners happy. 

Also, its dock was a bit lower profile than the typical ones on the market, which we liked.

LiDAR navigation

Another great thing about the Eufy L60 is its superior navigation, which is made possible by LiDAR technology. The robot vacuum uses a spinning, invisible laser atop the unit to swiftly create a detailed map of your home, facilitating precise and methodical cleaning. 

Eufy L60 showcasing superior navigation efficiency in a household setting, with clear path mapping.
Ensure every corner of your home gets the attention it deserves. © Vacuum Wars

The L60 demonstrated remarkable efficiency in our evaluation, ranking within the top 10 for metrics such as square meters cleaned per minute. This performance is even more impressive when you consider it competes with robot vacuums that are double or even triple in price.


Its mobile app lets you adjust the vacuum’s functions, which is very useful and easy to use. It has all the modern features you would expect from a smart robot vacuum.


The final noteworthy advantage of the Eufy L60 robot vacuum is the BoostIQ feature. It automatically increases the vacuum’s power when it detects carpeting, optimizing cleaning performance and battery efficiency. It’s essentially an adaptive power adjustment, particularly useful if you have mixed floors and lots of carpeting.

Cons of the Eufy L60 robot vacuum

Despite its impressive array of features, the Eufy L60 has some drawbacks, which we’ll explore now.

Battery life

The Eufy L60 features a recharge and resume function, where the vacuum will return to its base when its battery is low, recharge at the base, and then resume cleaning where it left off after the battery has recharged. This means exceptional battery life may not be a priority for many users since even larger floor plans can be completed over multiple charge cycles.

We did however notice that the L60’s battery life may have been compromised by the strong suction power. The robot vacuum is officially rated at 120 minutes on low power, which is below the industry average. Plus, in our evaluations, the robot vacuum consumed approximately half its battery capacity on medium power while cleaning a 355-square-foot area. 

Cumulatively, it managed an average of about 0.87 minutes per percentage point of battery, translating to around 722 square feet per charge. While this is not the lowest efficiency observed in a smart vacuum, it’s somewhat disappointing compared to others in its category. 


Another drawback of the L60 is its brush’s susceptibility to hair tangles. While it isn’t a huge problem since the robot vacuum has a hair-detangling feature built into its base, it’s still worth noting. 


The price of the Eufy L60 is compelling. At Vacuum Wars, we’ve developed a new metric to quantify value called points per dollar. 

For each robot vacuum we review, we assign a Vacuum Wars score based on its performance and features. Dividing the current price by its score, we found that:

The Eufy L60 offers more points per dollar than the Roomba 600 series, our long-standing favorite in the budget category.

It is also a smart robot vacuum with many more features.

Eufy L60 review: value and final thoughts

It was a no-brainer to replace the Roomba 600 series with the Eufy L60 without the auto-empty bin as our top pick for the best budget robot vacuum. Even the L60 variant that includes the bin approaches budget territory, making it an attractive choice regardless of configuration. 

The Eufy L60 also surpasses any previous robot vacuum we’ve evaluated in value. And while it lacks a mopping function, it excels in every other area necessary for efficient and effective home cleaning. If all of that sounds good, then it may be the robot vacuum for you.


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