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Eufy X9 Pro Review and Roborock Q Revo Comparison

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Welcome to our review of the Eufy X9 Pro CleanerBot with MopMaster. Eufy’s latest flagship robot vacuum has all-new mopping technology, an auto mopping station that washes and dries its mop pads, as well as an AI obstacle avoidance system. 

Pro Level Mopping & Obstacle Avoidance

Product Name: Eufy X9 Pro



The Eufy X9 Pro excels where mopping, navigation, obstacle avoidance are concerned. In these areas it is as good or better than any robot vacuum we’ve tested. The lack of a auto-empty bin and lackluster debris pickup on carpet and hard floors left us wanting more, however.


  • Mopping
  • Navigation
  • Obstacle Avoidance
  • Mop Management


  • No Auto-Empty
  • Lackluster Debris Pickup

As we’ll see, though there are some aspects of the Eufy X9 Pro that are literally the best we’ve ever seen, there are also some pretty significant drawbacks to the X9 Pro to consider as well. In this review, we’ll go over all the pros and cons.

The Basics

As far as Eufy robot vacuums are concerned, the X9 Pro is more advanced in almost every way than their previous 2-in-1 robot vacuum and mop combos. Eufy never released the X8 Hybrid (Amazon) with an advanced dock, so its closest predecessor would be the L35 Hybrid+.

The Eufy X9 Pro is priced in what we would consider the upper mid-level range. So, we shouldn’t expect it to perform as well as robot vacuums close to twice its price, such as the Roborock S8 Pro Ultra

Eufy X9 Pro Unboxing
The Eufy X9 Pro we purchased for this review after unboxing. © Vacuum Wars

For the purposes of this review, we will be comparing the X9 Pro quite a bit to the Roborock Q Revo (review), which is in the same basic price range and has most of the same features.

Unboxing and Set Up

The X9 Pro and dock come completely assembled. So, setup just requires following the instructions in the Eufy Clean App and allowing the X9’s battery to fully charge.

In the box

  • Eufy X9 Pro robot vacuum
  • Auto-Clean Station
  • Extra Filter
  • Power Cord
  • Quickstart Guide
  • Manual and warranty

Eufy X9 Specs

Vacuum TypeRobot vacuum and mop
Auto Mop WashingYes
Auto Tank RefillYes
Obstacle AvoidanceYes
Mop SystemDual Spinning Mop Pads
Mop Pad Lift12mm
Specifications from the Eufy website and product manual.



Starting off with the pros, the Eufy X9 Pro has a really good mopping system. It uses two spinning 180 RPM mop pads that exert one kilogram of downward pressure to scrub the floors. 

Eufy X9 Pro Performing Mopping Test
The X9 performing our dried-on-grape juice mopping test. © Vacuum Wars

In our tests, mopping performance was as good or better than any robot vacuum mop combo we’ve tested. It did perfectly with the dried-on grape juice and dried-on coffee torture tests, as well as with the glow-in-the-dark tests. This is an area where The X9 Pro excels.

Robot vacuum buying guides

One cool thing is that the mop pads on the Eufy X9 Pro lift up automatically when it detects carpet. So, if you have a mix of hard floors and carpets in your home, you can just do one run to vacuum and mop the whole house at the same time. 

Mop Pads Lifted - Eufy X9 Pro
The X9 Pro with its mop pads fully lifted. © Vacuum Wars

This makes it much more efficient and, in our opinion, is the clear future of robot vacuum mop systems.

12mm Mop Pad Lift

One thing that’s new with the Eufy X9 Pro is that it will lift its pads 12 millimeters, which is the highest we’ve seen yet. For example, the Roborock Q Revo only lifts its pads 7 millimeters. So, the X9 Pro easily clears all types of carpets and keeps them dry.

Eufy X9 Pro and Auto-Clean Station
The X9 Pro docked and charging on its Auto-Clean Station. © Vacuum Wars

Auto-Clean Station

Another related pro is the new charging dock and bin system called the Auto-Clean Station. You fill one of its large tanks with clean water, and it will automatically wash the X9’s mopping pads, fill its water tank, and empty its dirty water. You can set it to wash the pads more or less often in the app. 

Another top-tier feature is that it dries the pads with heated air after each run. Basically, it has every feature you would want for a top-tier mopping system.

Another huge pro for the Eufy X9 Pro is its navigation and obstacle avoidance system. It uses lidar on the top of the robot for its basic navigation, but it also uses a front-mounted camera and 3D ToF sensors to avoid obstacles that are too low for its LiDAR or too light for its bump sensor to detect.

Eufy X9 Pro Obstacle Avoidance System
The Eufy X9 Pro received our first perfect obstacle avoidance score. © Vacuum Wars

Eufy calls this new obstacle avoidance system AI.see, and we were impressed with it. At this point, we’ve tested most of the top-of-the-line robot vacuums that have some kind of obstacle avoidance system. But until this review, no robot vacuum had gotten a perfect 12 out of 12 in our tests, but the Eufy X9 Pro did

This is one area where there is a massive difference in quality between the X9 Pro and Q Revo, which performed particularly poorly with this test, and the Eufy X9 Pro, which did exceptionally well.

We’re not sure if it did so well because of its ToF sensor, which is a kind of 3D spatial recognition process, but either way, we think it’s something of a breakthrough for Eufy and the robot vacuum world in general.

In our tests, mopping performance was as good or better than any robot vacuum mop combo we’ve tested.

App Features

The Eufy X9 Pro has a great app and an excellent feature set. It mapped our house in five minutes, and everything was easy to use. It has most of the features you would expect from a top-of-the-line robot vacuum.

Eufy Clean App Features

  • No-Go Zones
  • Map Customization
  • Room Cleaning
  • Zone Cleaning
  • Multi-Level Mapping
  • 3D Mapping
  • Suction Preferences
  • Mopping Preferences
  • Mop Management
  • Advanced Scheduling

In the navigation tests, where we run the robot several times on different settings, we found that it was above average in almost every test. It was exactly tied with the Q Revo for navigation efficiency, which is well above average. It was also great with battery efficiency, which equates to about 1228 square feet per charge.

Carpet Deep Clean Test

The last pro we’ll mention is its carpet deep cleaning ability. We tested this by embedding sand into medium-pile carpet, where we found it to be pretty good.


Lacks Auto-Empty Feature

Moving on to the cons, the first negative aspect is that the X9 Pro doesn’t have an auto-empty bin system. It has a bin that washes and dries the mop pads, but it doesn’t actually empty the robot’s dustbin automatically. That still needs to be done manually. 

Emptying the Eufy X9 Pros Dustbin
Emptying the Eufy X9 Pro’s dustbin. © Vacuum Wars

Now, we know we are spoiled, but emptying the robot’s dustbin does seem to be job number one when it comes to having an advanced, automated cleaning machine like this. All the other robot vacuums with advanced docking stations have it, but the Eufy X9 Pro does not.

Eufy X9 Pro Review
Our Eufy X9 Pro in the Vacuum Wars Studio before testing. © Vacuum Wars

Recent examples of robot vacuums with both mop management and auto-empty capability include several Roborocks, as well as the Dreametech L10s Ultra and the Ecovacs Deebot T10 OMNI.  

Given the advancements in other robots, this omission from the Eufy X9 Pro feels like a step backward.

Surface Debris Pickup

Another con is its lackluster ability at picking up debris from the surfaces of hard floors and carpets. It does a decent job at this, but it was noticeably worse than others in this price range. 

Surface Debris Pickup Tests - Eufy X9 Pro
The X9 Pro completing a surface debris pickup test. © Vacuum Wars

After inspecting the underside of the robot, we suspect this may be due to the unusual placement of the brush roller at the front of the robot, as opposed to the middle, which is more typical and allows for better debris guidance by the side brush.

There are other robot vacuums with brushes placed at the front of the robot, but they usually have extra wide brushes to compensate.

Eufy X9 Pro vs. Roborock Q Revo

We’ve compared and contrasted the X9 Pro and Q Revo throughout this review. Below are our independent test results and a side-by-side comparison of their features and specifications.

Eufy X9 Pro and Roborock Q Revo Side-by-Side
Eufy X9 Pro and Roborock Q Revo side-by-side. © Vacuum Wars

X9 Pro and Q Revo Specs

Eufy X9 ProRoborock Q Revo
TypeRobot Vacuum & MopRobot Vacuum & Mop
Auto EmptyNoYes
Auto Mop WashingYesYes
Auto Mop DryingYesYes
Heated Mop Pad DryingYesYes
Auto RefillYesYes
Mop ConfigurationDual Spinning PadsDual Spinning Pads
Mop Pad Rotation180 RPM200 RPM
Obstacle AvoidanceYesYes
Mop Pad Lift12mm7mm
ColorsBlackWhite, Black
Where to BuyAmazonAmazon
Features and specifications are from the manufacturers’ websites.
Eufy X9 Pro vs Roborock Q Revo
The Eufy X9 Pro and Roborock Q Revo performing the same test. © Vacuum Wars

X9 Pro and Q Revo Test Results

Eufy X9 ProRoborock Q Revo
Obstacle Avoidance12/124/12
Navigation Test0.88 m2/min0.88 m2/min
Battery Efficiency1.29 min/%1.61 min/%
Area/Charge1,228 sq. ft.1,525 sq. ft.
Carpet Deep Clean80/10084/100
Results are from Vacuum Wars’ independent testing.

Our Conclusion

Lacking an auto-empty system and performance of picking up surface debris are our only two main criticisms of the Eufy X9 Pro. You could possibly overlook them, especially if you value mopping, navigation, and obstacle avoidance.

However, overall, we see the X9 Pro as a missed opportunity for Eufy. For us, the Roborock Q Revo, despite its underwhelming obstacle avoidance scores, remains our top choice in this price range, at least for now.


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