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Vacuum Wars Best Hard Floor Cleaners (Vacuum Mop Combos)

The current Vacuum Wars Best Hard Floor Cleaner / Wet Dry Vacuums ranking based on our own independent evaluation.

Tineco Floor ONE S5 Steam Hard Floor Cleaner

Tineco Floor ONE S5 Steam

Best Overall

Tineco Floor ONE S5 Pro 2 Hard Floor Cleaners

Tineco Floor ONE S5 Pro 2


Tineco Floor ONE S5 Smart Hard Floor Cleaners

Tineco Floor ONE S5 Smart

Best Value Option

Bissell Hydrosteam Corded Hard Floor Cleaners

Bissell Hydrosteam Corded

2nd Best Cleaner with Steam

Shark Hydrovac Cordless Hard Floor Cleaners

Shark Hydrovac Cordless

BEST Budget Option

Exploring the World of Hard Floor Cleaners: A Comprehensive Guide

These innovative devices, known by various names such as vacuum-mop combos, wet-dry vacs, electric mops, or simply hard floor cleaners, have seen a surge in popularity recently.

What Are Hard Floor Cleaners?

Hard floor cleaners are the hybrid offspring of vacuums and mops, ingeniously designed to tackle two chores simultaneously: vacuuming and mopping. They are particularly suitable for homes with predominantly hard flooring. These devices generally consist of a clean water tank, which you fill with water and a cleaning solution. They dispense water onto a roller, either manually or automatically, depending on the model, and then vacuum the floor like a standard vacuum cleaner, picking up debris and mopping up stains and spills.

How Are They Used?

Using a hard floor cleaner is straightforward. After filling the clean water tank, you maneuver the cleaner across your floors. As it moves, it vacuums up debris and hair, while also dealing with more stubborn messes like stuck-on stains or large wet spills. After use, most models feature a self-cleaning mode, which is highly effective for regular maintenance. However, for larger, messier spills, manual cleaning post-use is recommended.

Considerations When Choosing a Hard Floor Cleaner

  1. Corded vs. Cordless: Cordless models offer convenience and ease of movement. However, corded versions sometimes have the added benefit of steam cleaning, which requires more power and thus a plug-in feature. The steam function can be particularly effective for tough stains.
  2. Features and Specs: Look for features like automatic modes that adjust suction power and brush speed based on floor dirtiness. LED or LCD screens can provide useful real-time information. Consider the capacity of water tanks and the weight of the cleaner for ease of use.
  3. Self-Propulsion and Edge Cleaning: Some models are self-propelled for easier maneuverability. Edge cleaning features allow for closer cleaning along walls and corners.
  4. Self-Drying Mode: A self-drying mode that dries the roller post-use can be a convenient feature for maintenance.


Hard floor cleaners are an innovative solution for efficient and effective floor cleaning. When choosing a model, consider factors like power source, additional features, and your specific cleaning needs. It’s clear that both corded and cordless models have their strengths, and features like steam cleaning can significantly enhance cleaning efficiency.

Remember, the best choice depends on your individual requirements and preferences. For the most current recommendations and detailed reviews, check out our latest vacuum buyer’s guide and visit our website for more comprehensive lists and updates in the vacuum cleaning realm.

Vacuum Mop Combo shopping? Check out our Best Hard Floor Cleaner video:

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