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New Dyson V11 Cordless Vacuum Review: a Standout Choice

The new Dyson V11 cordless vacuum is out, and this latest iteration retains the essence of its predecessors, the V11 Torque Drive and Animal—but with some noteworthy updates. These include new hardware and features that increase performance while ensuring the cordless vacuum remains affordable.

We’ve been evaluating this new version of the V11 over the past few weeks, and in this review, we’ll go over our results. Plus, we will look the pros and cons of these changes to help you determine if the refreshed Dyson V11 could merit your consideration today. 


The new Dyson V11 is a standout choice. It met and exceeded our expectations, balancing cutting-edge features with improved affordability. It performed great in our carpet deep clean and debris pick-up evaluations, achieving similar scores as the top 10 vacuums we’ve evaluated (out of 90+). Additionally, its advanced filtration system and attachments address a broad spectrum of cleaning needs, contributing to making it a top contender.


  • Superior suction power, demonstrating top-tier performance in airflow and sealed suction evaluations.
  • High-quality sealed HEPA filtration keeps dust from re-entering the air.
  • Long battery life, offering impressive runtime with a powerful 3600 mAh battery.
  • Efficiently picks up hair with active hair removal feature, minimizing tangles
  • Versatile attachment set with a range of high-quality tools.
  • Effective on various surfaces, including carpets and hard floors
  • Performs well with debris of different sizes.


  • The heavier handle may affect comfort and maneuverability for specific use cases.
  • No auto suction adjustment.
  • The dust bin requires removing the wand to empty.

    A complete set of the Dyson V11 cordless vacuum with a transparent dustbin, blue wand, motorhead, and various attachments against a white background — Dyson V11 cordless vacuum review by Vacuum Wars
    The Dyson V11 cordless vacuum with all attachments and accessories. © Vacuum Wars

    The new Dyson V11

    The latest Dyson V11 comes in two packages, though they are similarly priced. The first is the Dyson V11, and the second is the Dyson V11 Extra. 

    Two Dyson V11 cordless vacuums (V11 and V11 Extra) displayed against a white background.
    Dyson V11 and V11 Extra cordless vacuums side-by-side.

    Each boasts a unique color scheme, but the main difference is the number of attachments. 

    An image showing the Dyson V11 in blue and V11 Extra in red, each with list of accessories
    ‘In the Box’ accessory sets of the V11 and V11 Extra.

    For example, the Dyson V11 Extra comes with a hose extension tool, which we recently covered in another review. It’s very useful, and you can buy it separately if you prefer the color of the V11.

    As you can see, this new V11 model diverges from the old V11 Torque Drive design. 

    A person holding the Dyson V11 cordless vacuum
    A close-up of the Dyson V11’s innovative design. © Vacuum Wars

    One of the most notable changes is the floorhead design, now called the ‘Motorbar’ (formerly Torque Drive). 

    Comparison image showing the new Motorbar cleaner head next to the older Torque drive head, highlighting design advancements in the Dyson V11
    The Motorbar vs. Torque head: Dyson V11’s new and old technology compared.

    Additionally, it’s equipped with Dyson’s new Anti-Hair Tangle technology. However, unlike the old V11 Torque Drive, the new one has a non-adjustable gate on the floorhead. 

    Close-up of a hand pointing to the anti-tangle combs on the Dyson V11's Motorbar floorhead.
    Motorbar floorhead on the Dyson V11. © Vacuum Wars

    Dyson also removed the automatic suction adjustment, which we’ll cover shortly.

    Dyson V11 cordless vacuum evaluation and performance

    We went through various household cleaning challenges for our Dyson V11 cordless vacuum review, and it performed amazingly well. Here’s what we found.


    This cordless vacuum scored high in all our bench evaluations. The airflow score was in the top 10 out of the 90+ cordless vacuums we have measured. 

    Graphic illustrating the Dyson V11's airflow measurement at 48 cfm, outperforming the average of 90+ tested vacuums at 37 cfm.
    Airflow comparison chart showing the Dyson V11’s superior performance. © Vacuum Wars

    Its sealed suction numbers were also way above average, making it especially good for handheld tasks or where suction really matters, such as upholstery cleaning. 

    A chart depicting the Dyson V11 reaching 110 inches of sealed suction versus the 72-inch average of 90+ evaluated vacuums.
    Dyson V11’s sealed suction outshines the average in evaluation results. © Vacuum Wars

    Its unsealed suction score was also above average, though not by much.

    Comparing the Dyson V11's unsealed suction score of 0.89 to the average of 0.66 from 90+ evaluated vacuums.
    Dyson V11 leads with better unsealed suction numbers in evaluation results. © Vacuum Wars

    Also, Dyson replacing the adjustable gates on the new Motorbar cleaner head for fixed ones (which are more typical these days anyway) gives it a good seal on hard floors. That probably explains why the Dyson V11 got a perfect score in our crevice pickup evaluation.

    These numbers illustrate how well-suited the Dyson V11 is for handling various cleaning scenarios.

    Cordless Vacuum Resources

    Carpet deep clean

    In our carpet deep clean evaluation, the V11 did very well. This is where we identify how good the vacuum is at picking up deeply embedded debris, such as sand, within carpets. It demonstrated commendable proficiency, scoring slightly above average. The results were similar to those of Dyson’s top-of-the-line products, such as the Gen5 series. 

    A scorecard showing the Dyson V11 scoring 94, closely following the Dyson Gen5 Detect at 96
    A strong showing in our Carpet Deep Clean evaluation for the V11. © Vacuum Wars

    Debris pickup

    The Dyson V11 cordless vacuum was highly effective in its primary function, debris pick up. It could pick up debris on rugs, carpets, and hard floors during our real-world evaluations without problems. It even performed significantly well on things like medium debris and pet hair.

    The V11 picking up pet hair on a dark wooden floor.
    Dyson V11 effortlessly tackles pet hair on hardwood floors. © Vacuum Wars

    In our studio debris evaluation, the V11 tackled fine to extra-large debris on carpets with no issues. 

    Dyson V11 vacuum in the process of cleaning up multicolored cereal pieces from a beige carpet
    V11 picks up debris on carpets with ease. © Vacuum Wars

    However, the smaller fixed gates limited its ability to deal with extra-large debris on hard floors, which is normal. We do miss being able to adjust the gates on the V11 for super-large debris pickup, though.

    Dyson V11 cordless vacuum features

    Battery life

    The battery life on the Dyson V11 is remarkable, which is expected. After all, Dyson has some of the best battery technology in the industry, in our opinion. Similar to the Dyson V15, the V11 features a powerful 3600 mAh battery that is both removable and replaceable. 

    Person detaching the battery from the Dyson V11 cordless vacuum
    Demonstrating the Dyson V11’s removable battery feature. © Vacuum Wars

    Take a look at the following chart showing the battery life on all three power settings: Eco, medium, and max power. These numbers are from the digital readout, which predicts the battery life. 

    A chart showing battery life times for the Dyson V11 vacuum on Eco, Medium, and Max power settings with different attachments
    Battery duration chart for the Dyson V11 across different power settings and attachments. © Vacuum Wars

    As you can see, they are above average, especially considering the power output you get at each level. Further, the display screen on the back of the handle shows the amount of battery life you have left in real-time, which is excellent. It also changes depending on the power setting or attachment in use. 

    Close-up of the Dyson V11's handle showing the digital display with the battery level indicator set on Eco mode
    Dyson V11’s digital display. © Vacuum Wars


    Another thing we liked was the V11’s filtration. Dyson excels in manufacturing high-quality sealed HEPA filtration systems that keep dust from getting into the air while you vacuum, which was noticed here. The Dyson V11 effectively kept dust from getting up in the air during our evaluations, which isn’t the case with most cheaper alternatives.

    Active hair removal

    One of the new Dyson V11 features is the active hair removal feature in the Motorbar, which is nothing short of amazing. It’s essentially a small plastic comb built into the brush housing that efficiently removes hair during vacuuming. In other words, it allows the V11 to detangle long hair while you vacuum so that it passes through without staying on the brush roll. 

    The underside of the Dyson V11's Motorbar cleaner head with an arrow pointing to the red and purple anti-tangle combs, designed for efficient hair removal.
    Active hair removal technology on the Dyson V11. © Vacuum Wars

    This functionality proved highly effective in our 14-inch hair evaluations, where it performed great.


    As noted earlier, the standard V11 and V11 Extra are equipped with high-quality attachments, which extend their utility beyond simple floor cleaning. 

    Both come with a screw tool, crevice tool, motorized brush with an anti-hair wrap feature built in, a combination brush, and a wall dock. The V11 Extra has additional tools, including an extension hose (which we highly recommend), a stubborn dirt brush, and an up-top tool.

    However, neither version of the V11 includes the fluffy soft roller, which is usually found in other Dyson models like the V15 and Gen5 series, and you won’t find a V11 package with one at this time. 

    Dyson also officially says the fluffy optic rollers on those models (V15 and Gen5 series) aren’t compatible with the V11. However, when we used the one from the Gen5 on the V11, we didn’t notice a compatibility issue. That noted, there could be a good reason why Dyson says the fluffy optic rollers are incompatible with the V11, but for now, we don’t know what that reason might be.

    The Dyson Gen 5 fluffy optic roller on the V11. © Vacuum Wars


    This model is undoubtedly more expensive, especially compared to other cordless vacuum brands. However, it’s well-positioned as a more affordable option within Dyson’s range of premium cordless vacuums. They did a great job of finding that middle ground.

    The V11 offers the hallmark features expected from higher-end Dyson models at reduced cost. This pricing strategy makes it appealing for those seeking premium performance without the top-tier price.

    Cons of the Dyson V11 cordless vacuum

    While the Dyson V11 boasts numerous advantages, it’s crucial to acknowledge the areas where it might not meet everyone’s expectations. Understanding these aspects will provide a well-rounded perspective on the vacuum’s overall value and suitability for your cleaning needs.

    Handle weight

    The Dyson V11 maintains the handle weight of its predecessors, so it’s above average, which is an expected trade-off considering all that power and extended battery life. Nevertheless, it felt awkward, especially for above-floor cleaning jobs. That’s why we highly recommend the hose extension tool for enhancing maneuverability and comfort during cleaning.

    Auto suction adjustment

    Another con is that the new V11 lacks the auto suction adjustment feature found in previous versions. This feature is a notable absence since it contributed to optimizing battery life and performance. However, the V11’s exceptional battery life makes up for it, as you can use the cordless vacuum on medium power to get the same results.

    Dust bin

    The Dyson V11 cordless vacuum’s dust bin offers slightly above-average capacity, which is good—but having to remove the wand to empty the bin, while a minor inconvenience, isn’t especially fun.  This trend has also been consistent across Dyson cordless vacuums since the V8, and we don’t hear many complaints about it, but it is still worth mentioning.

    Dyson V11 cordless vacuum review: value and final thoughts

    In our estimation, the standard Dyson V11 and V11 Extra are improvements upon what came before. The enhanced performance, superior build quality, advanced features, a comprehensive set of attachments, and a more accessible price point—make the new V11 a strong contender in the cordless vacuum market. 

    It’s a worthwhile investment that strikes an impressive balance between high-end functionality and value. 

    The Dyson V11 cordless vacuum displayed prominently on a wooden table in a well-organized workshop with various vacuum cleaners showcased in the background
    The Dyson V11 takes center stage. © Vacuum Wars
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