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The Dyson Cordless Accessory Every Model Should Include (but none do)

Welcome to a rare Vacuum Wars review of just a single vacuum attachment. Namely, a simple attachment that fits on most Dyson cordless vacuums. But, this Dyson cordless accessory is worthy of it’s own review.

Dyson Cordless Vacuums
Some of the Dyson cordless vacuums we’ve purchased and tested over the years. © Vacuum Wars

The reason we think this is worth a dedicated review is because it really does make your Dyson cordless vacuum significantly more useful for a very low price.

We’ve reviewed just about every Dyson cordless vacuum model and it doesn’t matter if you buy a V8, V10, V11, V12, V15 or Gen5 model, you won’t find this accessory in the box.

The Problem

First, the problem. While we consider Dyson cordless vacuums some of the best and most powerful in the industry, they do have a downside. Although they come with a lot of great attachments, their handles are kind of heavy. 

Dyson Cordless Attachments
There’s a lot of accessories that ship with the Gen5, but the one we’re talking about does not. © Vacuum Wars

The newer ones especially have an odd center of gravity. In our experience, it makes them difficult to use for above-floor cleaning tasks because it’s awkward and tiring on the forearm. 

We wouldn’t say using a Dyson cordless as a handheld vacuum is pointless, but it’s not something that you would want to do for very long. 

Dyson Cordless Ergonomics
After the Dyson V8, their cordless models became ergonomically challenging as handheld vacuums. © Vacuum Wars

The awkwardness of the newer models was really apparent when we recently reviewed the re-release of an older Dyson cordless, the Dyson V8.

While the V8 doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that the newer models include, it is one of our favorite Dyson cordless models when used as a handheld vacuum simply because of its center of gravity and weight.

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But, this accessory improves the handheld and above floor cleaning for every Dyson stick vacuum, including the V8 cordless.

The Solution: a Flexible Extension Hose Attachment

There is a solution and it is a really straightforward one. It’s also one which some competing cordless vacuums ship with, but no Dyson cordless does.

Fullclean Dyson Flexible Attachment Hose
Fullclean Flexible Extension Hose Attachment

The solution is a simple flexible extension hose attachment that you can buy separately. Dyson sells a 24-inch version, but in our opinion, the third-party versions like the one above are better because they’re much longer with a range of 20 to 63 inches. 

Flexible Extension Hose Attachment for Dyson Cordless Vacuums
Attaching the flexible extension hose. © Vacuum Wars

We tested it cleaning all sorts of things and it makes the vacuuming experience much, much better.

The attachment allows you to keep the entire weight of the vacuum handle at your side, and it just gives you more options and flexibility overall. The reason it’s such a game changer is that you can now use Dyson’s excellent attachments in a precise way. 

Above Floor Cleaning
Above floor cleaning with the flexible hose extension attachment. © Vacuum Wars

You can use your wrists to maneuver the attachments more accurately for more fine-tuned dusting. It also means that you can vacuum in this way for a much longer time without your arm getting tired.

Cleaning Tip

Dyson cordless vacuums typically have way more suction power than the average cordless vacuum, which is exactly what you need for things like car detailing. In the limited test we did using this flexible hose accessory and upholstery tool, we were really impressed with how effective it was at even the most difficult car detailing tasks.

The one we’re linking to on Amazon has an average of 4.5 stars with more than 4,500 reviews at time of publishing. There’s no shortage of positive commentary from owners, either.

One reviewer summed it up far shorter than our video or this review saying “I was able to clean in places the rigid attachment would not fit. Great for tight spaces.”

Compatible Attachments

Importantly, this hose attachment can only be used with suction-based attachments. In other words, it cannot be used with any of Dyson’s motorized attachments like the motorized Hair Screw tool. 

This is because neither the official Dyson one nor the third-party ones are electrified.

Compatible Dyson Cordless Models

The flexible extension hose we’re linking to above and below is compatible with the V7, V8, V10, V11, V12, V15 and Gen5 models. If you do purchase one, verify your Dyson model just in case something has changed.

Fullclean Dyson Flexible Attachment Hose
Fullclean Flexible Extension Hose Attachment

Our Conclusion

There aren’t that many attachments that we would say you must have, but this one really does give you a lot of bang for your buck if you’re a Dyson owner. We really find it to be an inexpensive purchase that all Dyson cordless owners will benefit from.


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