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New S8 MaxV Ultra vs S8 Max Ultra: Which is the Best Choice?

Roborock has released the S8 Max Ultra and S8 MaxV Ultra, positioning them as their flagship robot vacuum mop combos. They are both similar but feature minor differences and are offered at slightly different price points. We bought both and evaluated each extensively over the past few weeks to see how they stack up against each other and competing models. This Roborock S8 Max Ultra and S8 MaxV Ultra review will delve into the pros and cons and highlight the key differences between these two products.


The Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra and S8 Max Ultra are both exceptional choices for automated floor care.

S8 MaxV has advanced features, including a camera for enhanced obstacle avoidance and pet care functionalities, higher suction power, and superior intelligence with voice assistant integration and dirt detection. However, while the S8 Max Ultra is slightly less powerful and lacks a camera, it still offers impressive cleaning capabilities. It also shares most of the same features, such as the VibraRise 3.0 mopping system and upgraded docking station.

Ultimately, while the S8 Max Ultra is a strong option, the S8 MaxV Ultra offers the highest level of automation and performance.

Roborock s8 MaxV Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra

Roborock s8 Max Ultra

Roborock S8 Max Ultra

Two Roborock robot vacuum models, the S8 Max Ultra and S8 MaxV Ultra, displayed in their docking stations.
Roborock S8 Max Ultra and S8 MaxV Ultra in their docking stations. © Vacuum Wars

The S8 MaxV Ultra vs the S8 Max Ultra: key differences

Roborock released the S8 Max Ultra and the S8 MaxV Ultra simultaneously, and at first glance, it’s challenging to distinguish between the two. 

Both models are top-tier robot vacuum mop combos featuring fully loaded auto dock systems and front-mounted obstacle avoidance systems. 

Two promotional images for Roborock vacuums. The first image showcases the features of the 8-in-1 RockDock Ultra, including intelligent dirt detection, auto detergent dispenser, heated air drying, hot water mop washing, auto dust emptying, dock self-cleaning, auto tank refilling, and 30% faster charging. The second image highlights the Reactive AI 2.0 obstacle recognition, which identifies up to 73 objects, and emphasizes quick mapping, 3D map display, and multi-level mapping system.
The 8-in-1 RockDock Ultra features and Reactive AI 2.0 obstacle recognition system. © Vacuum Wars

However, there are some differences in these robotic vacuums, which are as follows.


The most obvious difference between the two models lies in the “V,” which stands for vision. The S8 MaxV Ultra features a front-mounted camera that aids in obstacle avoidance, while the S8 Max Ultra relies solely on structured light for this function. 

Comparison graphic of the Roborock S8 Max Ultra and Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra.
S8 Max Ultra vs. Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra. © Vacuum Wars

The camera on the S8 MaxV also enables additional features. For example, it can identify stains that require extra attention during mopping and offers more pet-related functionalities, which we’ll discuss shortly.


Another difference is their power. According to Roborock, the S8 MaxV boasts slightly more suction power than the S8 Max, a claim we confirmed through various bench evaluations

Comparison graphic highlighting the official suction power of the Roborock S8 Max Ultra and Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra.
The S8 MaxV Ultra outperforms the S8 Max Ultra. © Vacuum Wars

We found the S8 MaxV had better suction and airflow than the S8 Max. 

Comparison graphic showing the suction power in kPa for the Roborock S8 Max Ultra and Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra.
Our evaluation results. © Vacuum Wars
Comparison graphic showing the airflow in CFM for the Roborock S8 Max Ultra and Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra. The Roborock S8 Max Ultra on the left has an airflow of 12 CFM, while the Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra on the right has an airflow of 13 CFM.
When it comes to airflow, the S8 MaxV Ultra takes a slight edge. © Vacuum Wars

The S8 MaxV also performed slightly better in practical performance evaluations, such as the Crevice Pickup Test and Carpet Deep Clean Test.


The S8 MaxV has a new voice assistant feature, which is absent in the S8 Max. Additionally, it includes the new DirTect feature, a dust sensor that increases suction power when vacuuming particularly dirty areas.

The S8 MaxV Ultra and the S8 Max Ultra features

Debris pickup

Roborock’s sweeping ability stands out compared to other robot vacuums, and the S8 Max and S8 MaxV are no exception. Both excel at debris pickup on hard floors and carpets. They performed nearly perfectly in picking up various shapes and sizes of debris, including pet hair and human hair, in our Debris Pickup Test.

Two Roborock robot vacuums, the S8 Max Ultra (left) and the S8 MaxV Ultra (right), in separate wooden frame enclosures on a wood-patterned floor. Each vacuum is actively cleaning, surrounded by scattered debris.
Side-by-side cleaning showdown. © Vacuum Wars


Both the S8 Max Ultra and S8 MaxV Ultra have single-side brush and dual brush rollers housed in a floating brush assembly. 

Bottom view of two Roborock robot vacuums, the S8 Max Ultra (left) and S8 MaxV Ultra (right). Both vacuums show their cleaning mechanisms, including red rubber brush rollers, side brushes, and attached mop pads. The robots are placed side by side on a white background.
A closer look at the cleaning tools of S8 Max Ultra and S8 MaxV Ultra. © Vacuum Wars

One new hardware feature introduced with the S8 Max series is FlexiArm, which is present on both models. It’s an automatically extending side brush that enhances corner cleaning. 

Close-up side view of a Roborock robot vacuum, focusing on the "FlexiArm Design" label and the front-mounted obstacle avoidance camera. The background features a blurred display of various vacuum models with red and purple lighting.
Roborock’s FlexiArm Design. © Vacuum Wars

According to Roborock, the FlexiArm can achieve 100% coverage in corners, a claim supported by impressive performance in our evaluations.


A strong standout feature of both models is their mopping capability. The S8 Max series introduces Roborock’s VibraRise 3.0 mopping system. Essentially, the two modules on the microfiber pads vibrate faster than those on the previous S8 Pro version

Comparison graphic showing mop pad vibration speeds for three Roborock models: S8 Max Ultra, S8 MaxV Ultra, and S8 Pro Ultra.
S8 Max Ultra and S8 MaxV Ultra lead with 4000 vibrations per minute. © Vacuum Wars

Plus, the pads for both robot vacuum mop combo models now lift much higher, at 20 millimeters, compared to just 5 millimeters on the previous model. 

Comparison graphic showing mop pad lift height in millimeters for three Roborock models: S8 Max Ultra, S8 MaxV Ultra, and S8 Pro Ultra.
Both robot vacuums can lift their mop pads to 20 mm. © Vacuum Wars

This significantly reduces the likelihood of the wet mop pad touching your carpets while elevated. The pad-lifting feature allows the robot to vacuum and mop houses with mixed flooring in a single run, enhancing efficiency compared to robots without mop-lifting capabilities. 

Also, Roborock’s S8 Max series features a new spinning module on the side, which ensures better edge coverage during mopping. There’s also a place on the dock to wash this extra pad.

Top view of a Roborock robot vacuum cleaning along a wall. The image highlights the robot's edge cleaning capabilities with specifications showing 1.68 mm along the edge and 185 rpm rotating speed.
Precision edge cleaning.

Both models’ mopping performance was excellent in our evaluations. They effortlessly handled dried-on coffee and dried-on grape juice stains. And in our glow-in-the-dark wet evaluation, both managed damp floors with minimal streaks. 

There was no discernible difference between the two in terms of mopping ability, which is expected given that they feature identical mopping systems.

Docking station

Another significant advantage of both models is the newly upgraded all-in-one docking station, which is essentially the same.

Top view of a Roborock S8 Max robot vacuum series in its docking station. The station has two compartments on top, each labeled. The docking station and robot vacuum are showcased against a white background.
Roborock’s docking station design. © Vacuum Wars

This dock automatically empties the robot vacuum’s dustbin into a disposable bag, washes the mop pad with hot water, and dries it with hot air. It also refills the water tank and has a new auto detergent dispenser that accommodates any detergent of your choice

It also includes a self-cleaning mode, which is exclusive to flagship models like these.

Dirt sensor and drainage system

The S8 Max Ultra and S8 MaxV docking stations have a new dirt sensor in the dirty water tube. This sensor detects if the mop water is still dirty and, if so, initiates another washing cycle for the mop pad. 

Close-up view of the internal workings of a Roborock docking station highlighting its intelligent dirt detection feature.
Intelligent Dirt Detection feature in action.

This brings these models closer to fully automated cleaning, akin to Rosie the Robot. The only remaining thing is to find a way to automatically fill and empty the water tanks—and Roborock has thought of that feature.

There are versions of the S8 Max designed to connect to specialized plumbing for automatic tank drainage and refilling. While not practical for most users, it’s an impressive innovation.

Obstacle avoidance

Another great thing about the S8 MaxV and S8 Max is the obstacle avoidance system. This front-mounted sensor detects household objects, significantly reducing the likelihood of the robot vacuum getting tangled in cords or becoming stuck. 

A Roborock robot vacuum cleaning a hardwood floor with a fluffy cat curiously observing it.
Pet-friendly navigation: Reactive AI 2.0 obstacle recognition.

The S8 MaxV, with its camera, performed better in our obstacle avoidance evaluation than the S8 Max. However, both outperformed the Roborock Q Revo MaxV, the next model down in the lineup. 

It’s likely that Roborock offers the S8 Max to accommodate households with security concerns about the camera on the S8 MaxV.

Battery life

Both robot vacuum models have an official battery life of 180 minutes on low power, which is above average. During our navigation evaluations, the S8 Max demonstrated slightly better battery efficiency, though the difference was minimal.

Comparison graphic showing the average battery efficiency of the Roborock S8 Max Ultra, Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra, and an average of 35+ evaluated models.
The S8 Max Ultra leads in battery efficiency. © Vacuum Wars

Regarding navigation, the S8 Max and S8 MaxV create maps and navigate using LiDAR sensors. They mapped our floor plan in about five minutes, navigating efficiently with nearly perfect coverage and without getting stuck. 

Our evaluations showed very similar navigation efficiency, and both robot vacuums performed about average for products in this price range.

Comparison graphic showing the navigation efficiency in square meters per minute for the Roborock S8 Max Ultra, Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra, and an average of 35+ evaluated models.
Both robot vacuum models navigate with ease. © Vacuum Wars


The Roborock robot vacuum app is one of the best ones we’ve evaluated. It’s super easy to use and packed with every major feature—from virtual barriers to multi-level mapping, advanced scheduling features, lots of control over bin behaviors, mopping and power settings, and more.

New pet care feature

There are also many interesting all-new pet-related features, though most are exclusive to the S8 MaxV due to its camera. 

For example, the robot vacuum can automatically locate your pet if you’re worried about them while away. It can also take pictures of your pet while cleaning and allows for video calls through the robot’s speakers and microphone.

A smartphone screen displaying a live video feed of a cat lying on the floor, as seen through the Roborock app. The interface shows real-time connect and command features, including video call, camera, and movement controls.

Cons of the S8 MaxV Ultra and S8 Max Ultra

While the S8 MaxV Ultra and S8 Max Ultra are impressive robot vacuums with numerous advanced features, they aren’t without potential drawbacks. Here are some of the cons associated with both models.


We found that the primary drawback is the price. The S8 MaxV is the most expensive robot vacuum we’ve reviewed to date, and while the S8 Max is slightly cheaper, the difference isn’t significant.

Power difference

Another downside is the power difference in the S8 Max. It seems the S8 Max was intentionally limited in power to create a selling point for the S8 MaxV, which isn’t ideal. 

While the S8 MaxV performs well in metrics like airflow and deep clean evaluation, the S8 Max’s artificially reduced power results in below-average performance in these important areas. This limitation makes it difficult to recommend the S8 Max, even for those concerned about security.

Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra vs S8 Max Ultra: value and final thoughts

It’s challenging to find faults with the Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra. Its feature score is the highest ever recorded in our scoring system, making it one of the best-automated floor care systems on the market.

Vacuum Wars

So at this point in time, while the S8 Max Ultra is a strong option, the S8 MaxV Ultra offers the higher level of automation and performance and holds a top spot among the many robot vacuums we’ve evaluated.

Roborock s8 MaxV Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra

Roborock s8 Max Ultra

Roborock S8 Max Ultra

Top view of two Roborock robot vacuums placed side by side on a wooden surface. The vacuum on the left is the Roborock S8 Max Ultra, and the vacuum on the right is the Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra.
The differences in the design of the S8 Max Ultra (left) and S8 MaxV Ultra (right). © Vacuum Wars

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