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Roborock Q Revo MaxV Review: Time to Upgrade?

Roborock recently launched an addition to its highly popular Q Revo robot vacuum lineup, the Q Revo MaxV. This new model has many of the premium features found in top-tier models like the S8, but it is being made available at a more affordable price point. So we got a hold of one and evaluated it extensively over the past few weeks to determine how well it performs. This Roborock Q Revo MaxV review will explore the pros and cons as well as highlight the key similarities and differences between this model and the previous Q Revo.

Roborock Q Revo MaxV robot vacuum and mop combo positioned beside its packaging box, which displays the product name and features. Various accessories and manuals are also laid out in front.
Our Roborock Q Revo MaxV © Vacuum Wars


Overall, the Q Revo MaxV stands out in the mid-level robot vacuum market with its exceptional sweeping and mopping capabilities. It offers impressive features like an advanced auto-empty bin system, new mop features, enhanced suction power, and an industry-leading app. If you’re searching for an efficient and versatile cleaning solution, this robot vacuum is certainly a strong contender.


  • Excellent pickup on hard floors and carpets
  • Effective mopping
  • Improved suction power
  • Advanced auto-empty bin system
  • User-friendly app
  • Multiple mop-related features
  • Hot water mop pad cleaning
  • Real-time video calls and two-way voice communication with pets
  • Long battery life


  • Slower navigation speed compared to other models
  • Low performing obstacle avoidance system
Roborock Q Revo MaxV Robot Vacuum

Roborock Q Revo MaxV

Q Revo MaxV Robot Vacuum

The Q Revo MaxV is a robot vacuum mop combo equipped with a full auto bin system that can wash and dry its mop pads and even more, which we’ll cover shortly. It features obstacle avoidance sensors in the front, enabling it to easily navigate around everyday household objects—a capability typically found in more advanced robot vacuums. 

Roborock Q Revo MaxV robot vacuum navigating around various household objects on a wooden floor, showcasing its Reactive AI Obstacle Recognition feature.
Experience advanced obstacle recognition with the Roborock Q Revo MaxV.

The “REVO” in the robot vacuum’s name stands for Revolution, which references its unique spinning mop pad system – the only series in Roborock’s lineup of robot vacuums with this feature.

Several robot vacuums are shown upside down, displaying their brushes and mop pads. A green arrow highlights the spinning mop pads of the Q Revo MaxV.
The unique spinning mop pads of the Q Revo MaxV. © Vacuum Wars

As of this review, Roborock is still selling the older version with a similar design, called the Q Revo. When shopping, be mindful so you don’t purchase the wrong model. Check the labels or model number to ensure you get the desired model.

Side-by-side: Roborock Q Revo MaxV and Q Revo. © Vacuum Wars

Q Revo MaxV review: evaluation and performance

For our Q Revo MaxV review, we examined its performance across several key areas, putting it through various cleaning challenges—and it performed really well. Here’s what we found.

Sweeping ability

The Q Revo MaxV excels at sweeping hard floors and carpets. It features a single floating main brush and a single side brush, which work seamlessly together to sweep up debris effectively. 

The underside of the Roborock Q Revo MaxV robot vacuum, showcasing its brush, wheels, and various sensors.
Q Revo MaxV’s brushes and sensors. © Vacuum Wars

In our evaluations, it performed nearly flawlessly, handling everything from fine particles to extra-large debris, including pet and human hair on both surface types.

Suction power

Roborock claims the Q Revo MaxV delivers 7,000 pascals of suction power, an upgrade from the previous Q Revo model’s 5,500 pascals. Our suction evaluation confirmed that the new version indeed offers more suction power than its predecessor

Roborock Q Revo Maxv and Q Revo Max Power
Roborock Q Revo MaxV and Q Revo Power Test Results © Vacuum Wars

It also performed slightly above average in things like our crevice pickup evaluation.


Another significant advantage of the Q Revo MaxV is its mopping ability. As noted earlier, it uses two spinning mop pads instead of the vibrating pads found on the Roborock S8 series. However, both methods seem to perform similarly in terms of mopping efficiency. 

Q Revo MaxV robot vacuum operating in a test area with wooden borders, moving away from its charging dock.
The MaxV excels in both floor and carpet cleaning. © Vacuum Wars

In our evaluations, the robot vacuum mop combo effortlessly cleaned dried-on coffee and grape juice stains and handled minor wet ones without much streaking. Its performance was as good as or better than any mopping system we’ve evaluated.

Roborock Q Revo MaxV features

Mopping features

The Q Revo MaxV includes several useful mop-related features. One standout is the new flexi arm, which extends one of its mop pads during edge and corner cleaning to reach the wall edges better. 

Close-up of the Roborock Q Revo MaxV’s FlexiArm design edge mopping system, showing the mop pad reaching into a corner.
The Q Revo MaxV’s FlexiArm Design Edge Mopping System reaches those hard-to-reach places.

Roborock claims this improves edge coverage by up to 99%, and our evaluations confirmed its effectiveness.

Auto-lifting mop pads

The Roborock Q Revo MaxV’s mop pads automatically lift when the vacuum senses carpets to ensure they stay dry. This also means you can clean your home in a single run if you have a mix of hard floors and carpets, greatly enhancing efficiency.

In addition, its mop pads lift up to 10 millimeters, compared to 7 millimeters on the older Q Revo model.

The MaxV boasts a superior mop pad lift height of 10 mm compared to 7 mm for the Pro. © Vacuum Wars
The MaxV boasts a superior mop pad lift height of 10 mm compared to 7 mm for the Pro. © Vacuum Wars

Clean Along Floor Direction

This robot vacuum includes a feature called Clean Along Floor Direction, which lets you specify the orientation of your flooring, and the vacuum will mop with the grain. The result is fewer streaks and a more polished finish after each cleaning session.

Multi-functional dock

Its new charging dock is a significant upgrade from the previous Q Revo model. It retains all features of the prior model, including automatic dust bin emptying into a disposable bag, automatic mop pad cleaning and drying, and mop tank refilling. 

However, it now also washes the pads with hot water and includes a dirt sensor. This detects if the water from the mop pads is still dirty, prompting additional cleaning cycles if needed. 

Roborock Q Revo MaxV Multifunctional Dock 2.0 with highlighted features including hot water mop washing, auto dust emptying, warm air drying, auto tank refilling, intelligent dirt detection, and detachable dock base.
Multifunctional Dock 2.0 offers many advanced features. © Vacuum Wars

Additionally, the dock has a removable tray for easy cleaning, a feature you’ll quickly appreciate if you don’t have it.


The “V” in Q Revo stands for vision, and the new model has a camera integrated into the obstacle avoidance system. This replaces the structured light system used in the old Q Revo and enables several new features. 

For instance, the robot vacuum can visually recognize particularly dirty stains on the floor and will mop those areas more thoroughly if enabled in the app. 

Roborock Q Revo MaxV robot vacuum remopping a spot on a hardwood floor, demonstrating its smart dirt detection and automatic remopping feature.
Now, you can automatically re-mop stubborn stains. © Vacuum Wars

Additionally, the camera allows for real-time video calls with two-way voice communication, perfect for interacting with pets.


We think Roborock has the best in the industry right now. With the Q Revo MaxV, it offers numerous useful features, including virtual barriers, multi-level mapping, advanced scheduling options, and extensive adjustability for power, mop, auto-empty bin, mop washing, and drying settings. Additionally, it includes Roborock’s brand-new voice assistant for even more convenience.

Graphic displaying the features of the all-in-one Roborock app, with various settings and options surrounding an illustration of a smartphone with the Roborock app logo.
The all-in-one Roborock app offers extensive features for customized cleaning. © Vacuum Wars

Battery life

The Q Revo MaxV boasts an official battery life of 180 minutes on low power, consistent with other premium Roborock models, which is above average. Our navigation evaluation also confirmed its battery efficiency, where it scored better than average.

Roborock Q Revo MaxV Battery Efficiency
In our navigation test the Q Revo MaxV was better than average. © Vacuum Wars

Cons of the Roborock Q Revo MaxV

Despite its many strengths, the Q Revo MaxV has a few potential drawbacks. Understanding them will provide a well-rounded perspective on the robot vacuum’s value and fit for your home.

LiDAR navigation

The primary navigation sensor is its top-mounted LiDAR sensor, which excels at quickly mapping the floor plan and navigating efficiently, ensuring comprehensive coverage with no missed spots. 

However, our navigation evaluation revealed it was slightly slower than average. It took about 60 minutes to vacuum and mop a 330-square-foot area, compared to 36 minutes for the previous Q Revo model and 38 minutes for the S8. The reason for the new model’s slower performance remains unclear despite double-checking all its settings.

Roborock Q Revo MaxV Navigation Tests
It took longer to complete a cleaning of our 330 sqft floor plan. © Vacuum Wars

Obstacle avoidance system

Another possible drawback is the obstacle avoidance system. It received the same score as the previous Q Revo, which is disappointing since both had the lowest scores we’ve observed in this evaluation. The lack of front-mounted lasers likely contributed to the Q Revo’s poorer performance compared to higher-end Roborock models like the S8. 

We had hoped that the camera included in the MaxV would improve this area, but it did not. Nonetheless, the Q Revo MaxV is still superior to most robot vacuums without an obstacle avoidance system.

Roborock Q Revo MaxV review: value and final thoughts

The Q Revo MaxV excels at its primary functions. It performed exceptionally well in sweeping debris on hard floors and carpets, and its mopping performance is outstanding.

Vacuum Wars

The auto-empty bin system is incredibly useful, and combined with the robust features of the app, it stands out as one of the best automated floor care systems available. However, it is slower than expected, and the obstacle avoidance system is just good enough. 


The Roborock Q Revo MaxV excels in sweeping both hard floors and carpets, boasts impressive mopping abilities, and features an advanced auto bin system. Despite being slightly slower and having room for improvement in obstacle avoidance, its innovative design and useful app features make it one of the best automated floor care systems available.

Because the upgrades from the previous Q Revo are significant, this new release seems like a good buy – depending on what Roborock sells it at. We don’t think it’s worth upgrading if you already own the previous Q Revo model, but it definitely is worth a look for those looking for premium features at a more affordable price.

Roborock Q Revo MaxV robot vacuum and mop combo in its charging dock, set against a purple background.
The Roborock Q Revo MaxV combines advanced features for superior cleaning. © Vacuum Wars

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