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Shark Vertex Pro Cordless Review

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In this review we’ll be looking at an interesting vacuum, the Shark Vertex Pro Cordless vacuum with DuoClean PowerFins & Powered Lift-Away (that’s the official name). We put it through all kinds of tests over the period of a week, and found we liked just about everything about it.

A Powerful, Unique Cordless Vacuum

Product Name: Shark Vertex Pro

  • Performance - 9.4/10
  • Features - 9.2/10
  • Value - 9.9/10
  • Ergonomics - 9/10


The Shark Vertex Pro is a thoughtfully designed, versatile cordless vacuum that not only cleans well but also solves the major design challenges inherent in most cordless stick vacuums. It’s great on carpet and even better on hard flooring surfaces.

About the Shark Vertex Pro

The Shark Vertex Pro is really similar to the Shark P50 ION cordless vacuum, which they released a few years before the Vertex Pro. That model was long discontinued at this point, but we always considered the P50 to have one of the best designs for a cordless vacuum

Vacuum Wars Shark Vertex Pro Cordless Review
The Shark Vertex Pro purchased for testing and review. © Vacuum Wars

Cordless vacuum design

Before we get to the actual review, we should explain some problems that we have experienced with traditional stick style cordless vacuums that we found some answers with in the Shark Vertex Pro.

Cordless vacuum shopping

Design, handle and weight

The first problem is that all the weight of most cordless stick cordless vacuums is awkwardly placed. Their bin, motor, and their battery are all located high up off the ground, around the vacuum’s handle. This means that you have to support all that weight on your arm while vacuuming, which is kind of tiring. 

…in our testing it picked up everything we threw at it, from fine to extra-large debris…

This is solved with the Shark Vertex Pro by having all of its heavy components mounted lower to the ground, near the base of the vacuum. As a result, that weight doesn’t need to be supported by your arm as you are vacuuming.

Unboxing - Shark Vertex Pro Cordless Review
Unboxing and assembling the Vertex Pro took just a few minutes. © Vacuum Wars

Above floor cleaning

The second problem, or limitation, for stick style vacuums is with their above floor cleaning. By this we mean the ability to use it for other things besides vacuuming floors, such as dusting surfaces or clearing cobwebs. Most stick vacuum handles are just too awkward, in our opinion, to be genuinely useful for above floor cleaning, because there’s just too much handle or handle weight in the way to be accurate. 

Above Floor Cleaning - Shark Vertex Pro Cordless Review
Above floor cleaning using the Vertex Pro’s Lift-Away mode. © Vacuum Wars

The Shark Vertex Pro however, has a lift away design that is similar to many of Shark’s upright vacuums, where you can either detach the handle to clean with attachments or you can do the same thing with the long wand for harder to reach places. 

You can even detach the pod from the floor nozzle to carry it around, like for vacuuming cars or stairs or whatever. 

Storage and convenience when cleaning

The final thing we don’t like about most stick vacuums is that they’re hard to store, and when taking a vacuuming break, maybe to clear items from the floor or any other cleaning task you want to do for a bit, you need to find a way set the vacuum down without it being at risk of tumbling over. 

Standing Up - Shark Vertex Pro Cordless Review
Most cordless vacuums don’t stand up on their own (but this one does). © Vacuum Wars

The fact that stick-style vacuums generally cannot stand up on their own does make them more prone to being knocked over (and possibly damaged). And, if they don’t have a charging cradle that holds the vacuum, they’re often just propped up in the corner of a closet. For those reasons, we tend to like these upright-style cordless vacuums that stand up on their own. They are far more convenient when you’re cleaning and offer more storage options, too. 

Cleaning performance 

Getting into the review, the Shark Vertex Powered Lift Away has Shark’s DuoClean roller system, which means that it has a soft roller up front and a more or less standard brushroll in the back. 

Testing Fine Debris Pickup on Hard Flooring - Shark Vertex Pro Cordless Review
Testing surface debris pickup on hard flooring. © Vacuum Wars

The benefit is that not only is it really good for fine debris on hard floors, basically dusting hard floors, but it’s also pretty much unmatched for larger debris. The Vertex Pro can pick up things normal vacuums just can’t. The same thing with carpets in terms of debris pickup, that is in our testing it picked up everything we threw at it, from fine to extra-large debris

It also has Shark’s new self-cleaning brushroll, where it’s supposed to resist hair tangles. This is the same style roller for their upright Vertex vacuums (see our Shark Vertex upright review), which Vacuum Wars has extensively tested, and it really does work. 

Examining the Brushroll - Shark Vertex Pro Cordless Review
Examining the Vertex Pro Cordless’ brushroll. © Vacuum Wars

Digital display and HEPA filtration

When the Vertex Pro was released, one new feature on Shark cordless vacuums was a real-time digital battery life display showing how much battery life you have left. This is a really useful feature, but we did notice that it decreases by only ten percentage points at a time. 

So cool, but not as cool as it could have been if it was every percentage point. You can also switch between low, medium, and high power, and change the brush speed for hard floors or carpets with the same display. 

Testing Sealed System - HEPA Filtration - Shark Vertex Pro Cordless Review
Testing the sealed system and HEPA Filtration . © Vacuum Wars

Another thing we liked is the sealed HEPA filtration system, which we consider extremely important. And, not every Shark cordless vacuum has it, but this one does. 

Strong suction power

In terms of raw power, at the time of testing we found it to be tied for the most suction we had seen on a cordless vacuum. When measured at the hose on max power, the rest of its specs, like airflow, were just about average, certainly on par with other Shark cordless vacuums.

In fact, it had the exact same score on the deep clean test as all the other Shark cordless vacuums previously tested, which is a 92. At the time that also happened to be the average score for all the cordless vacuums tested up to that point. 

LCD Readout with Remaining Battery Life - Shark Vertex Pro Cordless Review
The digital display reports remaining battery life. © Vacuum Wars

Battery life

One of the big strengths of this vacuum is the Vertex Pro’s battery life. Shark says it can get 60 minutes on low power in suction-only mode. We tested it in its default mode, which is medium power, and it got 38 minutes, which is really impressive. 

And, even on its max power mode, it got 24 and a half minutes of run time. So, with all three power settings, it was way above average for cordless vacuums released around the same time. 

Lift-Away Mode - Shark Vertex Pro Cordless Review
The Vertex Pro cordless in Lift-Away Mode. © Vacuum Wars


We’ve already mentioned its versatility in terms of its Lift-Away mode. But, we should also explain the importance of the word powered which precedes Lift-Away in its name. It refers to the fact that you can also detach the pod in such a way that you can use it much like a stick vacuum, giving it a very low profile for getting under furniture. 

Shark Vertex Pro Cordless Review
The Shark Vertex Pro just before testing started. © Vacuum Wars

We also enjoyed the bright LED lights and the swivel, which has just the right amount of resistance. As far as negative stuff, there really isn’t that much to talk about. 

Brushroll maintenance tip

We’ll give the usual disclaimer that we give with all our reviews of Shark Duo Cleans, which is that you need to eject the roller and clean behind it regularly. If dirt and debris are allowed to build up the brushroll will stop spinning until you clean it.

We weren’t sure how it would fare in the long term as the original review was done right when the Vertex Pro came out. But, now that it has been available for a while, the reviews online don’t reflect any long-term issues and customer reviews are positive, too.

Testing Surface Debris Pickup on Carpet - Shark Vertex Pro Cordless Review
Testing surface debris pickup on carpet. © Vacuum Wars

Our conclusion

The Shark Vertex Pro is a premium cordless vacuum at a really good price that does way more than the average cordless vacuum does for you. If you have mostly, say, 50% or more hard floors in your house, it’s a no-brainer, but it’s certainly good for carpets as well.


Vertex Pro Cordless FAQ

Are the Shark Vertex Pro Lightweight IZ662H and Vertex Pro Cordless ICZ362H the same?

No. The Shark Vertex Pro Lightweight Cordless, model number IZ662H, is a more standard stick-style vacuum. The biggest difference between that model and the Vertex Pro Cordless ICZ362H is that it lacks the Powered Lift-Away capability for above floor cleaning.

Does the Shark Vertex Pro Cordless have a removable battery?

Yes. The Vertex Pro Cordless has a 28.8V removable battery which can power the vacuum for up to 60 minutes when used in Eco mode.

Does the Shark Vertex Pro ICZ362H Cordless have a HEPA filter?

Yes. The Vertex Pro Cordless has a HEPA filter and Shark’s Anti-Allergen Complete Seal which prevents HEPA-sized particles from being exhausted back into the room when vacuuming.


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