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Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner Review – How Good is it?

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Welcome to the Vacuum Wars Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaner review. The Bissell Big Green Machine Professional Carpet Cleaner is a really good choice if you’re planning to clean large areas of carpet regularly.

The Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaner purchased for this Review
The Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaner we purchased for this review. © Vacuum Wars

In fact, the build quality is so good that it’s used for rental fleets around the country. This means that it can endure a significant amount of wear and tear and continue to perform well for years to come.

Bissell Big Green Professional
Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner

The Big Green Professional fares well in reviews from customers, too. At the time of publishing, the carpet cleaner had over fifteen thousand reviews with a 4.8 star average on Amazon. On Bissell’s website, that number is as high as 4.9 stars.

What We Like

Water Tank Capacity

It also boasts a water capacity much higher than other carpet cleaners, holding up to 1.7 gallons of clean water.

In addition to holding more water, the Big Green uses water more efficiently than average. During our tests while compiling data for our Best Bissell carpet cleaner competition, we filled them each Bissell carpet cleaner with the same amount of water and had them clean the same basic area.

Taking Suction Measurements - Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaner Review
The Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaner had impressive unsealed suction. © Vacuum Wars

After that test, we used the Bissell Big Green to clean up after all the other carpet cleaners because it was the only one that still had water left, because it used it so efficiently.

Unsealed Suction

Another pro of the Bissell Big Green is its unsealed suction. This is the suction power where you need it most, right at the floor head. And, the Bissell Big Green by far had the highest numbers we’ve seen compared to any other Bissell we’ve tested.

Bissell ModelUsable Suction
Big Green Professional12.09 kpa
Revolution Hydrosteam4.24 kpa
Proheat 2x Revolution Pet Pro Plus5.20 kpa
Proheat 2x Revolution Pet4.50 kpa
TurboClean DualPro Pet8.40 kpa
TurboClean Powerbrush Pet11.04 kpa
Results above are from our independent testing.

Cleans When Pushing, Cleans When Pulling

Unlike The Rug Doctor X3, Bissell’s main competitor, the Bissell Big Green can be used both in backward pull and forward push, making it more efficient and easier to use.

Testing the Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaner
The Bissell Big Green Machine cleans when moving forward and backward. © Vacuum Wars

Bissell also performed their own tests comparing the Bissell Big Green to The Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3, and they found that the Big Green surpassed The Rug Doctor in their stain tests.


The Bissell Big Green comes with a nine-foot hose, which gives you a lot of versatility. It’s the longest hose that Bissell offers. It’s easy to attach to the machine and includes a six-inch tough stain tool for upholstery or stair cleaning, making it useful for a variety of cleaning tasks, not just for floors.

Combining the carpet cleaner’s cord and hose, the total reach for cleaning with the tough stain tool comes in at 34 feet.

Testing Wet Stain Cleanup - Red Wine - Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaner
Testing wet stain cleanup (Red Wine). © Vacuum Wars

Cleaning Tests

In our cleaning tests, we found that the Big Green performed well with both wet and dried-on stains effectively. For our dried stains, we utilized a dirt mixture and coyote urine, which we allowed to dry for 24 hours. In our wet tests, we used a glow-in-the-dark mixture and an ounce and a half of red wine. It did really well in both tests.

Here’s what we had to say when we did our Bissell Carpet Cleaner comparion:

When to Buy the Bissell Big Green Professional

While we did not include build quality or parts availability in our spreadsheet scoring algorithm, if we did, the Bissell Big Green would be the winner. For pros, it is the best Bissell carpet cleaner.

Bissell Big Green Professional

Bissell Big Green

Recommended for cleaning large areas and professional use.

Basically, if you’re planning on cleaning large areas all the time, you can stop reading right now and buy the Bissell Big Green.

All the others are great for a few rooms or individual stains, but if you need a workhorse for large areas, the Bissell Big Green is the only choice. We also think it’s better than its main competitors.

What Could Be Improved

As with any product, there’s always room for improvement.


One of the drawbacks of the Bissell Big Green is its weight. It’s is heavy compared to other carpet cleaners that we’ve tested, especially if you’re bringing it up and down stairs.

Cleaning up after all the Bissell carpet cleaners
Cleaning up after all the Bissell carpet cleaners. © Vacuum Wars

From a comparative standpoint, the Big Green Professional is more than twice the average weight of six Bissell Carpet Cleaner’s we recently tested.

Carpet CleanerWeight
Big Green Professional42 lbs.
Average Bissell18 lbs.
Based on 6 Bissell carpet cleaners we have tested.


Though it’s the priciest carpet cleaner offered by Bissell, it’s not significantly more costly than the next one, the Bissell HydroSteam. Considering its impressive performance and efficiency, even in large areas, it seems to offer good value for its price.

Related: See our Bissell Revolution HydroSteam Pet review.

Our Conclusion

The Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner is Bissell’s best carpet cleaner for large areas. It’s not just their largest carpet cleaner, it’s also highly efficient when it comes to water usage. It also offers great versatility with its extended hose and attachments, too.

Our Bissell Big Green Machine Carpet Cleaner
Our Bissell Big Green Machine Carpet Cleaner. © Vacuum Wars

If you’re on the lookout for professional-grade quality in both construction and performance, the Bissell Big Green is a compelling purchase.

Bissell Big Green Specs

Clean Water Tank1.75 gal.
Cleaning Path Width10.5″
Accessory Hose9 ft.
AccessoriesTough Stain Tool
Cord Length25 ft.
Power12 amps
Brush On/OffNo
weight42 lbs.
Model Numbers86T3, 86T32, 86T38, 86T3F, 86T3Q, 86T3V, 86T3C
Warranty5 yr.
Where to BuyAmazon
Specifications from the Bissell Big Green manual and Bissell website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Bissell Big Green Professional clean area rugs?

Yes. The Big Green Professional is designed to deep clean area rugs as well as carpeting.

Can you use the Big Green Professional on hard flooring?

No. Bissell designed the Big Green Professional for carpet cleaning specifically and do not recommend use on hard flooring surfaces.

Will the Big Green Professional work as a water extractor?

No. Bissell states that the Big Green Professional should never be used in standing water.

Is the Bissell Big Green heavy?

Compared to other Bissell carpet cleaners the Big Green Professional would definitely be considered heavy. It weighs 42 pounds empty whereas the average Bissell carpet cleaner weight is 18 pounds.

Can the Bissell Big Green Professional clean carpet stairs?

To clean carpeted stairs with the Big Green Professional simply attach the included extension hose and Tough Stain Tool attachment.


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