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Levoit LVAC-200 Review: New Leader in Affordable Cordless

The LVAC-200 is Levoit’s debut model in the cordless vacuum space, and it seems to be a hit, garnering much positive customer feedback. We purchased one and put it through extensive evaluations over several weeks. In this Levoit LVAC-200 cordless vacuum review, we’ll explore the device’s features, pros, and cons to help you make an informed decision.


The LVAC-200 is an exemplary budget cordless vacuum that excels in design and performance. It has superior debris pickup capability and features innovative hair removal combs, a robust filtration system, a removable battery with purchasable replacements, and a great attachment set. The cordless vacuum’s ease of use is further enhanced by its lightweight, responsive design and the ability to stand upright independently—something not commonly found in similar models. If you want a cordless vacuum that’s powerful yet affordable, the LVAC-200 may be right for you.


  • High performance at a budget-friendly price.
  • Exceptional debris pickup on various surfaces.
  • Active hair removal combs prevent hair tangling.
  • Advanced filtration system
  • Easy to use and lightweight with a responsive swivel.
  • Up to 50 minutes battery life on low power.
  • Removable battery and reasonably priced replacement.
  • Versatile attachment set
  • LED lights on the floorhead.


  • Mixed results in raw power evaluations, though nothing that impacts its performance.
  • In handheld mode, handle design can be cumbersome for prolonged cleaning sessions.
  • Smaller-than-average bin size.
Levoit LVAC-200 Cordless Vacuum

Levoit LVAC-200

A budget cordless stick vacuum that exceeded our expectations on both hard floor and carpet!

Levoit LVAC-200 cordless vacuum performance and evaluation

For our Levoit LVAC-200 cordless vacuum review, we performed practical assessments to see how it measured up in various cleaning scenarios, and it did really well. Here’s what we found from hands-on experience with this cordless stick vacuum.

Debris pickup

The LVAC-200 features a well-designed floorhead that excels at debris pickup across various surfaces. On carpets, it successfully captured all debris types and sizes without any snow plowing or clogging issues. It also performed above average in our carpet deep clean evaluation, effectively removing deeply embedded debris like sand from carpets. 

The LVAC-200 also proved equally impressive on hard floors, handling large and even some extra-large debris very well, which is pretty unique.

Levoit Cordless Vacuum Pickup Scores
The Levoit’s pickup performance exceed our expectations. © Vacuum Wars

Also, a soft felt squeegee at the bottom of the floorhead enhances fine debris collection and improves the seal on hard floors. This no doubt contributed to its better-than-average performance in our crevice pickup evaluation.

Close-up view of the underside of the Levoit LVAC-200 vacuum's floorhead, showing its brush roll and cleaning combs. A green arrow points to the active hair removal combs and soft felt squeegee.
LVAC-200’s innovative hair removal technology. © Vacuum Wars

Levoit LVAC-200 features


Levoit has built a reputation for offering great value with its air purifiers, and they are continuing this trend with the LVAC-200 cordless vacuum. While it isn’t the least-priced model on the market, it’s competitively priced and falls well within the budget category. It’s also the most affordable vacuum we’ve ever evaluated to score as high as it did in our system for performance and features.

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Active hair removal combs

The LVAC-200 is equipped with active hair removal combs inside its brush housing to remove long hair during vacuuming—an uncommon feature in budget vacuums. It also performed exceptionally well in our 14-inch hair evaluation.

Promotional comparison graphic for the Levoit LVAC-200 showing its anti-hair wrap technology versus a regular vacuum. The LVAC-200 cleans a floor with hair and crumbs without hair tangling around the brush, while the regular vacuum shows a tangled brush.
Hassle-free cleaning with the Levoit LVAC-200’s anti-hair wrap feature.

This feature is handy, especially if you have pets at home that shed lots of hair.

Filtration system

Another standout feature of the Levoit LVAC-200 is the sealed high-efficiency filtration system, which prevents dust and odors from re-entering the air supply. 

A graphic showcasing the multi-layer filtration system of the Levoit LVAC-200 vacuum cleaner.
Advanced filtration for cleaner air.

This is another feature that’s less common with budget cordless vacuums. Models within the same price range often lack that level of filtration. 

However, given Levoit’s reputation as an air purifier brand, it’s no surprise that they would prioritize air purification in their vacuum design.

Ease of use

The LVAC-200 cordless vacuum scored exceptionally for ease of use. Its handle is lighter than average, and the swivel mechanism is highly responsive for greater maneuverability. For example, you can lay the cordless vacuum flat to grab debris under furniture. 

Promotional images for the Levoit LVAC-200 cordless stick vacuum, highlighting its ease of use and battery life.
User-friendly design and extended battery life.

It can also stand upright, which is great for storage and user experience in general. For example, you could leave it standing up to grab something during a vacuuming session without worrying about the cordless vacuum falling. This is yet another rare feature of a cordless stick vacuum within this price range.

Battery life 

The official battery life figures of the LVAC-200 are slightly above average. 

Comparative infographic displaying battery life of the Levoit LVAC-200 vacuum versus the average of over 90 other models on low power setting.
Levoit LVAC-200 leads with superior battery life. © Vacuum Wars

It has two power settings: low and max. According to Levoit, the vacuum can operate for up to 50 minutes on low power using just the suction hand tools, 30 minutes on low power with the floorhead attached, and 12 minutes on max power with the floorhead. 

Infographic detailing the official battery life of the Levoit LVAC-200 vacuum across different power settings.
The battery options of the Levoit LVAC-200. © Vacuum Wars

Our evaluations were conducted primarily on low power mode, which was more than sufficient for regular cleaning tasks. 

However, if you have lots of carpets in your home, switching to max power for deep cleaning is recommended. Depending on your usage intensity, the overall runtime could be reduced to about 20 to 25 minutes. Although the cordless stick vacuum has a removable battery, which is advantageous. 

Additional batteries or replacements

You can buy additional batteries for extended cleaning or more run time. Plus, unlike many manufacturers, Levoit offers replacement batteries in stock and at a reasonable price.

Close-up view of a hand holding a removable battery pack from the Levoit LVAC-200 cordless vacuum.
The LVAC-200’s removable battery. © Vacuum Wars

Attachment set

The attachment set is satisfactory. It comes with two hand tools: a dusting brush or crevice tool and a 2-in-1 pet tool designed to tackle pet hair and dander on various surfaces. 

A display of the Levoit LVAC-200 cordless vacuum and its various accessories neatly arranged on a white table, including different nozzles, brushes, and extension tubes.
Versatile accessories designed for efficient and comprehensive cleaning. © Vacuum Wars

There’s also a bright LED light on the floorhead that allows you to see in low-light conditions. It’s particularly useful for spotting debris you might otherwise miss during cleaning sessions. 

Cons of the Levoit LVAC-200

No product is without potential drawbacks. So, in this section of our Levoit LVAC-200 review, we’ll explore some potential cons so you have a balanced view of the product.

Raw power

The cordless stick vacuum’s raw power was mixed. It performed above average in our sealed suction evaluation, but its airflow at the head yielded below-average results. It also scored slightly below average in the unsealed suction evaluation.  But despite the mixed outcomes, it did great in every evaluation that measured real-world pickup performance. So we aren’t sure these figures matter that much.

Shape of the handle

Another downside concerns the shape of the cordless vacuum’s handle. As previously noted, the handle is lighter than average, making it easier to use for vacuuming floors and maneuverability in general. 

Levoit Cordless Vacuum in Handheld Mode
Levoit Cordless Vacuum in Handheld Mode © Vacuum Wars

However, that doesn’t fully translate when using it as a handheld device. The handle’s unusual center of gravity becomes more noticeable in this mode. Although manageable, you may not want to use it as a handheld for prolonged vacuuming sessions.

Bin size

Its bin size is smaller than average, which may mean more frequent emptying during extensive cleaning sessions. As for the button controls, the cordless vacuum has an on/off button and another one for switching power levels. It also lacks an easy-to-read battery life indicator or any LED screen, which positions it on the more basic side as far as the user interface goes. 

Levoit LVAC-200 review: value and final thoughts

Overall, the Levoit LVAC-200 achieved impressive high scores and the highest within its price range by a considerable margin. Given these findings, the LVAC-200 is now our favorite budget cordless vacuum. The model’s affordability and high performance make it a good choice for anyone who wants great vacuuming without spending too much. If that aligns with your needs, then the Levoit LVAC-200 may be right for your home.

Watch our full review of the Levoit Cordless Vacuum on YouTube!

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