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Tineco Pure ONE Station Review: Plenty For Homes to Love

We first spotted the Tineco Pure ONE Station at CES this year and were intrigued by its potential. In this review, we’ll look at the many features of this smart cordless vacuum system, along with its advantages and even some disadvantages. Overall, we find it to be an excellent choice, offering unique innovations that significantly enhance its value.


In our Tineco Pure ONE Station review, we found that it stands out for its superior performance, blending innovative features with practical usability. We evaluated it in our studio and home, where it outperformed any smart cordless vacuum with a standard floorhead design that we’ve seen. It also scored above average in our carpet deep clean test.

Standout attributes include a self-cleaning station, lightweight design, and high-quality HEPA filtration. It also has iLoop sensor technology for optimized power management and cleaning performance.


  • Exceptional debris pickup on hard floors and carpets.
  • OmniHub station cleans and empties the vacuum on autopilot.
  • Lightweight design enhances user comfort and ease of use.
  • High-quality attachments, including a specialized tool for pet grooming.
  • iLoop technology optimizes cleaning power and extends battery life.
  • An effective HEPA filtration system.
  • Good battery life, operating up to 60 minutes on low power.
  • Intuitive controls and a detailed LED display for enhanced usability.


  • Just above-average power and below-average sealed suction.
  • Non-detachable battery, although it’s designed to last beyond the vacuum’s lifespan.
  • The vacuum’s considerable height may make storage challenging for some households.
Tineco Pure ONE Station FurFree vacuum with its packaging box highlighting key features next to a collection of various vacuum cleaners in the background.
Tineco Pure ONE Station FurFree Series. © Vacuum Wars

Let’s see how this smart cordless vacuum system could improve your home cleaning.

The Tineco Pure ONE Station

This cordless vacuum comes in two distinct models: the regular Tineco Pure One Station and the Tineco Pure One Station FurFree. The regular version is priced less and has a sleek white design.

Tineco Pure One Station

Tineco Pure ONE Station Cordless Vacuum

Tineco Pure One Station FurFree

Tineco Pure ONE Fur Free Cordless Vacuum

The regular version also forgoes the intricate LED screen seen on its counterpart, and the attachment set is mostly different. Notably, it excludes the extension hose and FurFree tool, which we’ll discuss shortly. However, aside from these differences, both options are very similar.

AttachmentsPure OnePure One FurFree
FurFree KitNoYes
Extension HoseNoYes
Mini power brushYesYes
ZeroTangle brushYesYes
2-in-1 Crevice dusting brushYesYes
Cleaning ToolYesYes

Tineco Pure ONE Station: performance and evaluation

For our Tineco Pure ONE Station review, we evaluated the product to see how it performs in practical use. It did really well in real-world cleaning scenarios.

Debris pick up

The smart cordless vacuum excels in its primary function of picking up debris from hard floors and carpets. Its floorhead is thoughtfully designed with two large front gates, allowing it to capture various small and large debris types easily.

Close-up of the Tineco Pure ONE Station vacuum's floorhead with green arrows indicating the direction of debris collection.
The Pure ONE Station’s floorhead is engineered for optimal debris pickup. © Vacuum Wars

Its pickup scores were among the highest for cordless vacuums with a standard floorhead design. For example, it surpassed any Dyson model with such a design.

Comparative chart showing pickup scores with the Tineco Pure ONE Station FurFree outperforming the Dyson Gen5detect and the average score.
Leading the pack – Pure ONE Station FurFree scores high in pickup efficiency. © Vacuum Wars

Carpet deep clean

The Tineco Pure ONE Station performed strongly in our carpet deep clean test. This is where we assess how well it picks up deeply embedded debris in carpets, such as sand. It scored well above average, effectively removing tough, entrenched dirt.

Graphic illustration of the Carpet Deep Clean Test results with Tineco Pure ONE Station outshining the average performance score.
Tineco Pure ONE Station does well in the Carpet Deep Clean test. © Vacuum Wars

Tineco Pure ONE Station features

OmniHub charging station

This smart cordless vacuum system has an innovative 4-in-1 OmniHub charging station. While we’ve seen these charging stations before, this is the first bagless one. It’s also the first to automatically empty its dustbin and clean the vacuum filters. That’s extremely useful, considering most people don’t regularly clean their filters.

Also, the bagless bin has a three-liter capacity, which is really convenient.

Tineco Pure ONE Station multi-functional OmniHub.
The OmniHub is super convenient.

During the auto clean and emptying process, the main brush roll automatically spins. And since it has an active hair removal system (little plastic combs that remove hair as it turns), the OmniHub cleans hair off the brush as it runs. Whatever it sucks out is then dumped into the bagless bin. 

Close-up view of the Tineco Pure ONE Station vacuum docked in its station featuring full-path self-cleaning technology.
Hassle-free maintenance with a full-path self-cleaning system.

This kind of hands-free maintenance ensures optimal performance with minimal effort.

Lightweight design

One great advantage of the Tineco Pure ONE Station is its remarkably lightweight build. It’s one of the lightest cordless stick vacuums our team has ever encountered. It’s significantly lighter than the average vacuum on the market. For example, at the handle, it measures 2 pounds lighter than the Dyson Gen 5. 

Comparative infographic showing the handle weight of Tineco Pure ONE Station against Dyson Gen5detect and the industry average.
Better handle weight than rivals. © Vacuum Wars

This reduced weight makes a huge difference in ease of use, significantly better than the Dyson. Vacuuming is much less of a chore, and above-floor cleaning is very doable.


As for attachments, the regular and FurFree versions of the Tineco Pure ONE Station are well-equipped. Each includes a crevice tool or dusting brush combo and a premium-quality motorized brush for upholsteries. 

Cordless Vacuum Resources

Pet grooming brush

The FurFree option has a pet grooming brush with a convenient one-button press collection mechanism. 

Hand holding the Tineco Pure ONE Station FurFree's pet grooming tool with a green arrow highlighting the one-button press collection mechanism.
Grooming is made possible with FurFree’s innovative pet tool. © Vacuum Wars

It also has a hose attachment, which, unfortunately, doesn’t work with the regular version. 

Auto mode

Both versions have iLoop, which uses an internal dust sensor to detect floor dirt. Then, based on that sensor data, the cordless vacuum’s suction power is boosted or lowered. 

Illustrative image of the Tineco Pure ONE Station vacuum using the iLoop Smart Sensor technology on various surfaces with different debris levels.
Tineco’s iLoop™ Smart Sensor technology adapts to clean different surfaces. © Vacuum Wars

This intelligent, very useful feature enhances battery life and cleaning performance. To use it, put the vacuum in auto mode instead of low or max power mode, and it’ll do the rest. 

LED screen

Regarding the display, the FurFree version boasts a more elaborate screen. It visualizes the iLoop sensor’s readings, allowing you to see the data go up or down. However, neither version provides a real-time battery life indicator. So, the additional screen detail on the FurFree model may not be necessary or that much more useful.

Filtration system

Both packages have top-tier filtration that looks like a sealed HEPA system. They passed our smoke evaluation, which is expected from higher-end vacuums.


While the Pure ONE Station is at a premium price, it offers much more value than its direct competitors. For example, the Dyson Gen 5 comes at an even higher price point, but the value is comparable. So, the investment makes sense, especially considering the performance, features, and efficient design.

Battery life

The battery life of the Tineco Pure ONE Station is decent but not outstanding. Batteries are the heaviest part of the vacuum handle. So, there’s a balance to strike between how long the battery lasts and the vacuum weight. 

Tineco claims its cordless vacuum can run for about 60 minutes on low power and 40 minutes on auto mode. We tested ours on max power, and it lasted about 16 minutes. 

Infographic displaying battery life durations for the Tineco Pure ONE Station FurFree on low, auto, and max power settings.
Optimal battery life to suit your cleaning needs. © Vacuum Wars

These times are better than expected, considering the vacuum’s weight. Plus, 40 minutes on auto mode should be more than plenty for most cleaning jobs.

Cons of the Tineco Pure ONE Station

While the cordless vacuum excels in many areas, it also has some potential drawbacks. This Tineco Pure ONE Station review wouldn’t be complete without discussing each. 


The cordless vacuum’s power is average, and its sealed suction performance is a tad below average. This was evident in the crevice pickup evaluation, where it achieved average scores. However, as noted earlier, it did really well with debris pickup on hard floors and carpets. So, the average power does not significantly detract from its overall cleaning effectiveness.


Another potential downside of the Pure ONE Station is that the battery isn’t detachable. However, Tineco mentions in promo materials that the battery has a longer lifespan than average. So, it’s likely that the battery will last longer than the life of the vacuum anyway. 


The cordless vacuum’s height is another potential drawback, as it’s pretty tall, making it more akin to a piece of furniture than a typical home appliance. This could pose a challenge for households with limited space. So, where you place it in your home deserves some consideration.

Tineco Pure ONE Station review: value and final thoughts

The Tineco Pure ONE Station stands out with its impressive features. It’s the first smart cordless vacuum station we can enthusiastically recommend. It doesn’t use bags and cleans itself, which makes keeping your home clean much easier. It’s also very lightweight and small, making it easy to use and store.

While it’s not the strongest vacuum out there, its pickup scores were above average. The price is also fair for the value in terms of features and performance. However, the cheaper white model seems slightly better for value unless you want the pet grooming tool.

Our Tineco Pure One Station Review on YouTube

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