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Tineco Introduces New Smart Cleaning Appliances at CES 2024

January 9, 2024

At CES 2024, Tineco announced the launch of two new products in its cleaning appliance lineup: the Floor One Switch S7 and the Pure One Station. These products represent the company’s latest efforts in the smart home appliance market, focusing on home cleaning solutions.

Floor One Switch S7: A Multi-Function Cleaning Device

The Floor One Switch S7, as introduced by Tineco, is a device that combines the functions of a vacuum and a floor washer. It features a SwitchPro Motor, allowing it to transition between vacuuming and floor washing modes. The product includes technologies like MHCBS, which is designed to ensure the use of fresh water for cleaning, and a self-cleaning system for maintenance. Additionally, the vacuum function is equipped with a ZeroTangle brush head and employs PureCyclone technology, intended to provide consistent suction.

Tineco Floor One Switch
Tineco Floor One Switch

Pure One Station: A Self-Cleaning Vacuum System

The Pure One Station is presented as a self-cleaning station vacuum. This product includes the OmniHub, which serves as a storage and recharging unit and is designed to automatically clean the machine, including the brush, tubes, and filters. The Pure One Station also has a feature for storing debris and dust, reportedly for up to 60 days. It incorporates a ZeroTangle brush head and PureCyclone technology, aimed at preventing hair buildup and maintaining suction power.

Tineco Pure One Station
Tineco Pure One Station

The Floor One Switch S7 and Pure One Station from Tineco are the latest in the company’s line of home cleaning appliances, representing its commitment to developing technology-driven solutions for everyday household tasks.

If Vacuum Wars reviews these products, we will make our findings available on the Vacuum Wars website.

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