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Eureka E10s Robot Vacuum Review

Fresh from its showcase at CES, the Eureka E10s robot vacuum has entered the market with features that promise to challenge competing brands in the same class. This Eureka E10s review covers various essential details, from navigational capabilities to cleaning efficiency, so that you can decide if this robot vacuum is the right pick for your home!

Eureka E10S Review: The robot vacuum is on a table at its docking station with a clear bin
The Eureka E10s robot vacuum in our studio. © Vacuum Wars

Top Mid-Level Pick!

Eureka E10s
$699.99 $399.99
Overall, the Eureka E10s robot vacuum performed really well in our vacuuming and mopping evaluation. It stands out in the mid-level robot vacuum category, which is under-served, offering compelling performance and advanced features that don’t typically come with robot vacuums in its class. These include an auto-lifting mop pad, bagless bin, and carpet boost. It’s an ideal choice for those with mixed flooring homes seeking great value without compromising features and quality.
  • Very effective vacuum & mopping
  • LiDAR obstacle avoidance
  • Bagless bin system
  • Long battery life
  • Slower navigation than we prefer
  • Mop pad holder was tricky
  • App slightly buggy
  • Only avoids objects that are as high or higher than its LiDAR
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07/12/2024 02:58 pm GMT

Let’s find out if this robot vacuum can meet your home cleaning needs. 

The Eureka E10s

This is among Eureka’s first products in the robot vacuum space, and its price range is mid-level—not too high or too low. The premium robots on the market are about twice the E10s’ price, and most budget-friendly ones are roughly half its price, which is good. Because the mid-level robot vacuum category is underserved. Only a few manufacturers have products in this price range.

The E10S robot vacuum displayed between price comparison categories
The E10s Robot Vacuum is a mid-level priced contender positioned between budget and premium segments. © Vacuum Wars

Additionally, out of all the robot vacuums we’ve evaluated in its class, the E10s is the first with features typically reserved for higher-end models. Eureka has successfully positioned its product as a middle-ground contender, providing an alternative to both the more basic, budget-friendly options and premium models.

Evaluation and performance

For our comprehensive Eureka E10s review, we put it through a rigorous evaluation, assessing performance across various tasks. It showed strong performance in all real-world cleaning challenges.

Vacuuming carpets and hard floors

The E10s demonstrated impressive cleaning capabilities on carpets and hard floors. It handled debris very well, and we evaluated it with varying types and sizes of debris on both floor types. There were some missed pieces with extra-large debris, but overall, we found its performance to be on par with or superior to that of many competitors.

The E10S on a carpeted test area, surrounded by scattered multicolored particles
The E10s vacuuming carpet. © Vacuum Wars
A Eureka E10S is on a controlled hardwood floor vacuuming test.
The E10s vacuuming debris on a hard floor. © Vacuum Wars

We also tried it with human and pet hair, where it didn’t blow the hair around with its exhaust, which is great—particularly if you have one or more pets.

A black Eureka E10S robotic vacuum cleaner is in the middle of a wooden floor with a noticeable amount of hair around it
The E10s vacuuming human and pet hair. © Vacuum Wars

Mopping system

The E10s has dual-action capability, meaning it comes with a detachable mop, and when you attach it, the robot vacuum will vacuum and mop your floors simultaneously. When we tried it in our studio, it did very well, efficiently tackling various stains, including dried-on coffee and dried-on-grape juice. It was more efficient than many alternatives within its price bracket, scoring better than average.

An E10S is mopping up dried-on juice stains.
Evaluating the Eureka E10s robot vacuum’s mopping feature. © Vacuum Wars

So in our performance evaluations, we found the E10s to be a capable vacuum, suitable for not just light-mopping jobs but medium-duty ones as well.

Eureka E10s features

Auto lifting mop pad

This robot vacuum includes an auto-lifting mop pad that allows you to vacuum your carpets and mop your hard floors simultaneously, unlike robots that require separate task runs. 

As for how it works, when the E10s is in mopping mode, it automatically raises its mop pad by 10 millimeters when it detects carpet. This is to avoid getting the carpet wet and makes a single cleaning session way more efficient.

A Eureka E10S transitions from a hardwood floor to a patterned area rug
E10s navigates seamlessly from hardwood floor to carpet. © Vacuum Wars

Bagless bin

The clear, bagless bin is very convenient, as it eliminates recurring costs associated with disposable bags, which can be a lot of savings. With the E10s, debris contents are automatically emptied upon docking at its clean base, minimizing manual intervention.

A Eureka E10S robot vacuum is shown emptying debris into its bagless bin
E10s automatic debris disposal system. © Vacuum Wars

During our home evaluation, it returned to its Clean Base without problems and emptied bin contents with no clogs.

The Eureka E10S robot vacuum is pictured in front of its clear bin station full of debris.
Eureka E10s returns to its Clean Base after a successful cleaning session. © Vacuum Wars

However, you may need to run it more or less often, depending on how much pet hair you have in your home. Also, we liked that the clear bin allowed us to see and marvel at the amount of debris collected, adding to the satisfaction of a well-executed clean.

A hand lifts the E10S bagless bin filled with collected debris.
The bagless bin is a very cost-effective solution. © Vacuum Wars

Emptying the bin itself was simple. The system overall is much more efficient than common disposable bagged auto-empty dust bins. We were more impressed with this bin than anticipated.

Carpet boost

The E10s has a carpet boost feature, which automatically increases suction power whenever carpets are detected. It’s a handy feature as carpets often trap more dirt and dust than hard floors due to their fibrous nature.

A screenshot of the Eureka E10S robot vacuum's mobile app, showing the 'Auto-Lifting Mop Settings' toggle activated.
The app for the E10s has a lot of cleaning-related features. © Vacuum Wars


When it came to battery life, the Eureka E10s robot vacuum delivers. It can run for an impressive 180 minutes on low power, which is substantial for its class. However, the app doesn’t display battery percentage, so we could not get a precise efficiency score during our evaluation.

A screenshot from the Eureka E10S robot vacuum's app shows a detailed map of an area with a indication of the battery level
Real-time mapping and battery usage info in the app. © Vacuum Wars

Nonetheless, the E10s demonstrated efficient battery use, even when on max power, illustrating it’s well-suited to accommodate most home sizes. So, you can expect ample cleaning time before needing a recharge.

Eureka E10S navigation

Its navigation is pretty advanced, leveraging LiDAR for precise mapping and navigating around the home in more or less straight-line cleaning paths.

Two panoramic views from the Eureka E10S robot vacuum's app show an overlay of the vacuum's navigational path through a well-furnished room.
The navigational prowess of the Eureka E10s on display. © Vacuum Wars

Also, the app has multiple navigation-related features, including virtual walls, to prevent the robot vacuum from going to places where it could become stuck.

The E10S is shown using its LiDAR sensors to navigate around a cluttered area with a graphical overlay illustrating its obstacle detection capabilities.
Eureka E10s robot vacuum’s LiDAR-based obstacle avoidance technology in action. © Vacuum Wars

You can also save up to three floor plans thanks to multilevel mapping. 

Mobile app screenshot for the Eureka E10S robot vacuum, displaying the Map Management interface.
Save and manage multiple floor maps for multi-level cleaning. © Vacuum Wars

This level of intelligent navigation, especially at such a price range, is very good.

Cons of the Eureka E10s robot vacuum

Our Eureka E10s review won’t be complete without discussing the cons. While the robot vacuum has impressive features and performance, there are some minor limitations. 

Bench evaluation numbers

It showed lower-than-average results in our bench evaluations, where we measured things like airflow and suction. But its real-world performance seemed unaffected, meaning despite its scores, the robot vacuum impressively met cleaning needs. 

For example, the crevice pickup score was average, while the carpet deep clean evaluation scores were just below average. Our carpet deep clean evaluation sees how good a robot vacuum is at picking up deeply embedded dirt in carpets.

Mop pad holder

Another con is the mop pad holder, which was a bit challenging. Inserting the mop pad into the holder proved difficult until we figured it out, which took roughly 5 minutes. If we were using this on a regular basis, we would probably keep the mop pad attached and hand wash it to avoid the hassle of removal and reattachment.

Struggling with the Eureka E10s Robot Vacuum Mop Pads
Struggling with the Eureka E10s Robot Vacuum Mop Pads © Vacuum Wars

In our evaluations, the navigation speed of the E10s was slower than average. It took 60 to 70 minutes to navigate a floor plan that other models typically require about 50 minutes. But despite this slower pace, its thorough coverage and intelligent, methodical cleaning approach is noteworthy.


Its app was a little buggy, which is expected for a brand-new application from any manufacturer. For instance, our no-mop zones didn’t function properly, so we used virtual barriers instead. While not a critical flaw, given the vacuum’s auto-lifting mop pad, it’s an area for potential improvement in user experience.

Obstacle avoidance

The E10S’s obstacle avoidance capability primarily relies on detecting objects that are the same height or taller than its LiDAR sensor. This means it’s designed to navigate around objects that its sensors can detect directly rather than offering the more sophisticated, proactive obstacle avoidance featured in other robot vacuums.

Eureka E10s review: Value and final thought

The E10s is a great mid-level robot vacuum that balances price with premium features. Despite some drawbacks like slower navigation and app issues, its comprehensive cleaning capabilities, innovative mopping function, and efficient navigation system underscore its value. It’s an ideal option if you want affordability without compromising functionality and quality. 

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