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Best Robot Vacuums for Carpet – 2024

The current Vacuum Wars Best Robot Vacuums for Carpet ranking based on own independent evaluation.

Dreame X40 Robot Vacuum

Dreame X40 Ultra


Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop with All-in-One Dock with

Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra


Ecovacs Deebot T30S Robot Vacuum and All in One Station

Ecovacs T30s


Dreame X30 Robot vacuum

Dreame X30 Ultra


Eufy X10 Pro Omni Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

Eufy X10 Pro Omni


How to Choose the Best Robot Vacuum for Your Carpet

You may have noticed that vacuuming carpet is not the same as vacuuming hard floors. The fibers of carpet can collect more debris and can almost seem to even hide it from view. If you have ever been amazed at how much your regular vacuum can pick up from a carpet that appears perfectly clean, then you probably already understand. So to help you find the best Robot Vacuum for carpets, here’s our comprehensive guide.

Assessing Excellence: Our Carpet Deep Clean Test

To gauge the efficacy of robot vacuums, we conduct a Carpet Deep Clean test. This crucial assessment not only measures each vacuum’s performance but also benchmarks it against all of the robot vacuums we have evaluated to date. Only the models that excel in extracting debris from carpets earn a coveted spot on our ‘Best Robot Vacuums for Carpet’ list.

Assessing Suction Power

Firstly, consider the suction power of the vacuum. This is crucial for carpets, as higher suction power means more effective removal of dirt, dust, and pet hair embedded in the carpet fibers. Therefore, opt for a model known for its strong suction capabilities, ideally with adjustable settings to cater to different floor types.

Brush Design for Effective Cleaning

Secondly, the design of the brushes plays a significant role in cleaning carpets effectively. Look for vacuums with moving, or “floating,” brush rolls that can rise to accommodate carpet fibers or a combination of rubber and bristle brushes. These are particularly adept at agitating carpet fibers to lift dirt, offering a deeper clean.

Evaluating Robot Vacuums on Hard Floor and Carpet
Evaluating Robot Vacuums on Hard Floor and Carpet

Smart Features for Enhanced Performance

Moreover, some robot vacuums feature carpet detection technologies that automatically increase suction power on carpets. This feature is highly beneficial for homes with mixed flooring, as it ensures the vacuum adapts its cleaning mode to the surface it’s on, providing optimal cleaning.

Importance of Battery Life

Battery life is another critical factor. Cleaning carpets consumes more power; so a robot vacuum with a long battery life is going to go a long way, so to speak. Such models can clean larger areas on a single charge. If the vacuum runs low on power, it should automatically return to its charging dock, ensuring it’s always ready for the next cleaning session. Many robot vacuums will even resume cleaning once they have recharged.

Advantages of Auto-Empty Bin Systems

In addition, consider the dustbin capacity. Carpets can hold a significant amount of debris, which means a larger dustbin is advantageous to reduce the frequency of emptying it. An auto-empty bin system elevates this convenience further. This system allows the vacuum to empty its contents into a larger bin located in the charging dock, significantly reducing hands-on maintenance and making the cleaning process more seamless.

Object Avoidance and AI

Object Avoidance and AI technology use sensors and artificial intelligence to smoothly navigate around obstacles. This reduces the need for you to clear the area before vacuuming or to intervene manually to free the vacuum if it gets stuck. As a result, using your robot vacuum becomes more effortless, encouraging more frequent use with less preparation on your part. This technology reduces or eliminates the hassle of pre-cleaning a room, making it simpler for you to keep your carpets fresh and clean with minimal effort.

Customization with Smart Features

Smart features can enhance the cleaning experience. Features like advanced navigation, programmable schedules, and app or voice controls add a layer of convenience and customization to the cleaning process. You may choose to vacuum carpets more or less frequently than other parts of your home, or at different power settings, and smart features will allow you to do that. Decide which smart features align with your lifestyle and cleaning needs.


In conclusion, choosing the best robot vacuum for carpet involves a multifaceted approach. By prioritizing suction power, brush design, battery life, and considering features like an auto-empty bin system, you can select a robot vacuum that meets your carpet cleaning needs effectively and efficiently. The goal is to find a balance between functionality, convenience, and cost to ensure your home remains clean with minimal effort.

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