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Shark CarpetXpert Carpet Cleaners – What is the Difference?

Shark’s CarpetXpert line offers powerful and efficient carpet cleaners suited for various needs and budgets. The differences between the main offerings may be hard to discern at a glance. This guide will help you choose between the three main models based on their unique features and capabilities so that you can select the best carpet cleaner for your needs and budget.

Shark CarpetXpert EX121

The EX121 is the most basic model, perfect for users who need robust cleaning without handheld attachments. It delivers the same deep carpet cleaning as the other models, with powerful suction and high-pressure spray technology, making it ideal for carpets and area rugs. Its lightweight, maneuverable design and easy-clean brush roll cover ensure convenience for routine household carpet cleaning.

Shark CarpetXpert EX151

The EX151 offers a balance of performance and affordability, featuring the same carpet cleaning technology as the EX121, with the addition of a handheld spot cleaning hose and versatile attachments. The model includes a 7” wide-path tool, a 3.5” stain elimination tool, and an integrated crevice tool, making it versatile for various cleaning tasks.

Shark CarpetXpert EX201

The EX201 is the premium model and it has been one of Vacuum Wars’ favorite carpet cleaners for some time. It features the same carpet cleaning technology as the EX121 and EX151, with the handheld spot cleaning features included in the EX151. Additionally, the EX201 features:

  • a dedicated pet tool for handheld cleaning of pet messes
  • a hose cleaning attachment to clear the hose of residual messes.
  • OXY Multiplier cleaning solution, uniquely stored and distributed from the front of the unit. This formula activates with Shark CarpetXpert Deep Clean Pro formula to provide enhanced carpet cleaning.

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Our Conclusion

Choose the CarpetXpert EX121 if you need powerful, straightforward deep carpet cleaning without handheld attachments. Opt for the CarpetXpert EX151 if you seek an affordable yet effective solution with versatile attachments. The CarpetXpert EX201 is the best choice for maximum cleaning power, especially for tough stains and pet-related messes, with its advanced features and specialized tools.

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