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Tineco Floor ONE S5 Pro 2 vs S7 Pro

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Welcome to Vacuum Wars and to our review and comparison of Tineco’s two newest hard floor cleaners, the Floor ONE S5 Pro 2 and the Floor ONE S7 Pro. They’re both premium vacuum mop combos with a lot of features but at slightly different price points. Over the course of two weeks, we put them both through all kinds of tests. In this comparison, we’ll review the results and choose which one we like the best.

Tineco Floor ONE S5 Pro 2

Tineco Floor ONE S5 Pro 2

Tineco Floor ONE S7 Pro

Tineco Floor ONE S7 Pro


We’ve reviewed many of Tineco’s electric mop / vacuum combos. Much of the basic operation of these newer models is the same as older Floor One S3 and iFloor models.

Mopping & Vacuuming

Starting with the features that they have in common, they both operate in a very similar way. You fill their clean water tank with water and the included solution, then you turn them on and vacuum back and forth like you would with a normal vacuum cleaner.

They both automatically dispense the clean water and suck up the dirty water automatically with no manual trigger needed. 

Tineco Floor ONE S5 Pro 2 vs S7 Pro
Just before testing the Tineco Floor ONE S5 Pro 2 vs S7 Pro. © Vacuum Wars

They’re both meant to be used like a regular vacuum, picking up any debris on hard floors, with the difference being that they mop at the same time that they vacuum.

Cleaning Modes

They’re both cordless, and they both have the same basic operation modes – Auto, Max suction only, and Ultra mode, which electrolyzes the water for a deeper clean. They both have a self-cleaning mode where you set them in their dock, push a button, and it will run clean water over the brush and through the system.

Water Tanks

They both have higher than average water tank capacity, though technically, the S7 has a little bit more than the S5 Pro 2. They also have essentially the same dirty water tank design, making cleaning and emptying virtually the same on both.


Price and Power

However, there is a sizable difference in the price between the S5 Pro 2 and the S7. Consequently, there are some significant differences as well. For example, the S7 Pro has “Smooth Power,” which is a bi-directional self-propulsion system automatically engaged when you move the vacuum forward or backward.

Edge Cleaning and Battery

The S7 Pro also has dual side edge cleaning ability, whereas the S5 Pro 2 only has one side that can be used for close edge cleaning. They both have excellent battery life, but the S7 Pro has about five minutes more. Tineco says that the S5 Pro 2 can cover 2,500 square feet per charge, which is more than enough for most applications.

Brushroll Differences - Tineco Floor ONE S5 Pro 2 vs S7 Pro
Only the Tineco Floor ONE S7 Pro has dual side edge cleaning ability. © Vacuum Wars

Screen, iLoop Sensor and Controls

One big difference is their integrated LCD screen. Both of them have one, which shows things like real-time battery life, suction amounts, and Tineco’s iLoop sensor, which is connected to a dirt sensor so that it can show you in real-time when the floor is actually clean. 

Recording Suction Measurements - Tineco Floor ONE S5 Pro 2 vs S7 Pro
Measuring and recording suction power. © Vacuum Wars

However, the S7 Pro has a bigger screen (3.6 inches instead of 2.1 inches on the S5), and it has more features, including the Tineco assistant. It also has intricate fingertip controls on the handle for cycling through all the software options, whereas the S5 Pro 2 only has one button for this.

Tineco iLoop Sensor

Tineco’s iLoop Sensor is used across their product lines, including their carpet cleaners and cordless stick vacuums, including the Tineco Pure One S15 and S11.


Suction and Noise

Moving on to the bench tests, we found them to have almost identical sealed suction numbers at the base on their suction-only mode. Both of these numbers are significantly above average compared to most of their competitors. They were very similar in terms of their noise level, which was also better than average.

Taking Noise Readings - Tineco Floor ONE S5 Pro 2 vs S7 Pro
Recording noise levels with a decibel meter in the Vacuum Wars studio. © Vacuum Wars

Dry Debris Pickup Tests

The pickup tests started with dry debris only, and we found that they were both essentially identical in their ability to pick up dry material from hard floors and the surfaces of rugs. Soft rollers like these are really about as good as it gets for hard floor debris pickup, and they both had no trouble with any of the types or sizes of debris that we threw at them.

Debris Pickup Test on Hard Flooring - Tineco Floor ONE S5 Pro 2 vs S7 Pro
Testing debris pickup on hard flooring. © Vacuum Wars

We tried several different sizes and weights of debris, from fine to large, including sand, coffee grounds, cereal, and kitty litter.

Wet Mess Clean-up Tests

The same basic story was true with the wet tests. We tested them with a variety of things, and they both were incredibly good at cleaning up wet messes, leaving no obvious streaks or debris behind. They also both have an open front roller, so even piles of stuff weren’t a problem for them, which is not always the case with these.

Side by Side Wet Mess Clean-up test - Tineco Floor ONE S5 Pro 2 vs S7 Pro
Wet mess clean-up test – Tineco Floor ONE S5 Pro 2 (left) vs S7 Pro (right). © Vacuum Wars

The wet glow-in-the-dark tests are meant to see if they’re leaving a lot of material behind when they are overloaded, and they both seemed to do much better than average here, too, managing large amounts of wet debris effectively. However, we couldn’t tell much of a difference between them here either.

Side by Side Stain Clean-up - Tineco Floor ONE S5 Pro 2 vs S7 Pro
Side-by-side dried-on stain clean-up testing. © Vacuum Wars

Dried-on Stain Tests

For the dried-on stain tests, we used glow-in-the-dark stains and grape juice stains dried over 24 hours. We hate to sound like a broken record, but they were both better than less expensive competitors, though again, we could not say that one was better than the other.

Dried on Grape Juice Test - Tineco Floor ONE S5 Pro 2 vs S7 Pro
Dried on grape juice test (Tineco Floor ONE S7 Pro left, S5 Pro 2 right). © Vacuum Wars


So, after all that, which one of these do we prefer? We think it comes down to features.


Tineco Floor ONE S5 Pro 2

Tineco Floor ONE S5 Pro 2

Tineco Floor ONE S7 Pro

Tineco Floor ONE S7 Pro

When to Buy the Floor ONE S7 Pro: Features

For example, the S7 Pro has two edge cleaning sides, a longer battery life, and a bigger screen with more software options, which is nice. The self-propulsion is cool too, and it worked well. But it’s already a pretty light machine, so we didn’t think that was a reason to upgrade all by itself.

If you’re the kind of person who wants the top-of-the-line product with the best of the best features and you don’t mind paying for it, the S7 Pro is for you, and it may be the very best machine in this class that we’ve ever tested. 

When to Buy the Floor ONE S5 Pro 2: Value

But the S5 Pro 2 is very close where it counts in terms of its performance, and it also has most of the top features that matter to us, so the Floor One S5 Pro 2 is a better value, in our opinion.

Tineco Floor ONE S5 Pro 2 vs S7 Pro Comparison Chart

Floor ONE S5 Pro 2Floor ONE S7 Pro
Auto Power AdjustmentYesYes
Suction Only ModeYesYes
Clean Water Tank0.8L0.85L
Dirty Water Tank0.72L0.72L
Self-PropelledNoYes (optional)
Dual Side Edge CleaningNoYes
Cleaning Before Recharge35 min40 min
Coverage per Charge232 m2 / 2,500 sq. ft.300 m2 / 3,229 sq. ft.
LCD Screen2.1 in.3.6 in.
iLoop SensorYesYes
Sealed Suction *52”52”
Noise *75 dB75 dB
Where to BuyAmazonAmazon
* Results from Vacuum Wars’ independent testing.

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