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Why Laresar Elite 3 Won the Best Budget Cordless Vacuum!

Welcome to our Laresar Elite 3 review. If you’re looking for a vacuum that offers an outstanding balance of price, performance, and versatility, then the Laresar Elite 3 may be the best choice. It won the best budget category in our annual Best Cordless Vacuum Video Of 2023. This model stands out for its thoughtful design and user-friendly features. 

Let’s explore why it remains a consumer favorite today.

About the Laresar Elite 3

While Laresar is relatively new to the vacuum cleaner market, they’ve made several standout products. The Elite 3 is the mid-tier option and the most popular in their lineup. It’s more popular and feature-rich than the slightly cheaper Elite 2, yet more cost-effective than their premium models. 

Its design is versatile, catering to both hard floors and carpets with equal efficacy. The vacuum has two practical attachments, a wall mount for easy storage, and extra filters, enhancing its overall value and convenience for users. 

Laresar Elite 3 review
The Laresar Elite 3 won the best budget vacuum cleaner last year

Pros of Buying the Laresar Elite 3

Here are the various pros of purchasing the Elite 3.


This product hits a sweet spot in the market. Priced just under the mid-range, it offers excellent build quality and features that surpass competitors at the rock-bottom price range. You can purchase this vacuum cleaner for just under $130 on Amazon.

Debris Pickup

Exceptional at its core function, the Elite 3 features a v-shaped brush design with felt bristles popularized by Dyson. It’s adept at handling various debris sizes on multiple surfaces (carpets and hard floors). It can pick up fine, medium, and even large debris without hassle. 

Its overall pickup score was 26, which is the average and fantastic considering the price.

Demonstrating how the Laresar Elite 3 picks up debris
The Laresar Elite 3 excels in picking up all manner of debris.

Carpet Deep Clean

When we ran a carpet deep clean test, the Elite 3 was very good at grabbing deeply embedded debris, and again, it was right at the average score of 92.

Deep clean vacuum cleaner test
Power and precision for deep carpet cleaning

Crevice Pick Up

The Laresar Elite 3 demonstrates superior performance in crevice pickup, significantly surpassing average scores when we tested it. This efficiency is a testament to its robust seal on hard surfaces and considerable suction power, measured at an impressive 94 inches of sealed suction. 

This powerful suction not only facilitates effective carpet cleaning but also enhances the vacuum’s capabilities for above-floor cleaning tasks.

Laresar Elite 3 crevice pick up test
Performs well on crevices, leaving practically no dirt behind

Handle Weight

With a lightweight handle, it’s easier and more comfortable to use compared to many other models. The vacuum’s handle is designed with a responsive swivel that smoothly reacts to wrist movements, which is particularly effective on hard floors. 

Weighing the elite 3
The Elite 3’s handle is light and comfortable.

One great feature is the LED display on the handle, which provides precise battery life information down to the exact percentage. This detail, commonly found in higher-end models, adds a layer of convenience to the Elite 3’s user experience.

The LED display for the Elite 3
Battery life clarity for uninterrupted cleaning sessions

Battery Life

The Laresar Elite 3’s battery life is a notable advantage, considering the price range. In most of our tests using the medium power mode, the runtime was around 30 minutes, making it super reliable for regular cleaning tasks.

On low power, it can last up to 50 minutes, which is an impressive duration. It delivered a solid 18 minutes of operation when tested at maximum power. Additionally, the battery is removable, allowing you to replace it whenever necessary easily.

The Laresar Elite 3 battery
The removable battery offers extended cleaning time and easy replacement

Laresar Elite 3 Attachments

The vacuum cleaner has two practical attachments: a crevice tool and a combo dusting brush or upholstery tool, which is particularly effective with long bristles for dusting various surfaces. The package also includes a wall mount that cleverly integrates with the power cord. This also allows you to use it as a charging dock.

Laresar Elite 3 vacuum with its array of attachments displayed, including a crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery tool, and wall mount
Complete cleaning kit for every nook and cranny

Noise Level

Having an overly noisy vacuum at home can be problematic. Thankfully, the Laresar Elite 3 is noticeably quiet. It has a noise level of just 73 decibels at its maximum power setting. This is quieter than the average noise level of 76 decibels for vacuum cleaners in its category.

Bin Capacity

It’s designed with a more extended handle and a larger bin, reminiscent of the newer Dyson models. This design choice results in greater dust bin capacity than many other vacuums in its class. That also means less frequent emptying during cleaning sessions — particularly beneficial if you have larger areas to clean or prefer longer cleaning intervals without interruptions.

The Elite 3 vacuum dust bin on display
Spacious dustbin for increased capacity and reduced emptying frequency

HEPA Filtration System

The filtration system is very effective. It includes two HEPA filters, a feature often reserved for more expensive models. And while it’s not a fully sealed system like some high-end cordless vacuums, its performance in a fog test was notably good. 

There was minimal visible fog during our fog test compared to lower-priced vacuums, which often show more significant fog.

An Illustration highlighting the 3-stage HEPA filtration system of the Laresar Elite 3
Breathe easy with advanced HEPA filtration, capturing 99.97% of microscopic dust.

Laresar Elite 3 Customer Support 

For this model, Laresar promises 36 months of customer support. This extended support period is quite rare for budget cordless vacuums, highlighting their commitment to customers. 

Although the specifics of this support aren’t entirely clear, available feedback suggests that people who reached out have generally been satisfied with Laresar’s support team. 

Cons of Buying the Laresar Elite 3

There aren’t any major cons, though we found the following minor ones. 

  • Swivel on Carpets: The swivel is smooth on hard floors but can be slightly clunky on carpets, not always moving in the exact desired direction. However, this was far from a deal breaker.
  • Touch Screen Display: The display is a touchscreen but lacks the advanced functionality of smartphones.
  • Handheld Mode Balance: The larger dust bin affects the vacuum’s balance in handheld mode, making the center of gravity slightly off-wind, but nothing serious.

Concluding Our Laresar Elite 3 Review

Overall, the Laresar Elite 3’s popularity is well-deserved. Offering excellent value for its price, this vacuum boasts features and specifications usually found in more expensive models. It’s effective on hard floors and carpets without the need to switch settings, which is excellent. These qualities, combined with the user-friendly design and reliable performance, contribute to why the Elite 3 won the best budget cordless vacuum of 2023 and remains a best seller.


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