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CES 2024’s Big Surprise: This Robot Vacuum Makes Water from Air

At CES 2024, a brand entirely new to us at Vacuum Wars, 3i, unveiled the H1 Pro robot vacuum and mop combo. This introduction of the H1 series represents an interesting addition to the industry, especially as it’s touted as the world’s first water-free intelligent cleaning station.

The H1 Pro is designed to extract water directly from the air, alongside purifying, distilling, and recycling its own dirty water. This innovative feature eliminates the effort of constant refilling, enabling uninterrupted cleaning without water waste. This technology was a standout at CES, drawing significant attention.

H1 Pro Robot Vacuum Water-Free Station
H1 Pro Robot Vacuum Water-Free Station

The H1 Pro appears to have comprehensive cleaning capability. It sweeps, vacuums, sprays water, mops, and scrapes dirt. Equipped with a powerful 8000Pa suction and a high-speed brushless fan, the H1 Pro deals with an array of household debris, from fine dust to cat litter. Additionally, its self-drying mop feature is a thoughtful addition, warding off potential odors and bacterial growth.

Premium Features of the H1 Pro Robot Vacuum

  • Advanced Dirt Detection: Utilizing green laser technology and AI, the H1 Pro precisely identifies various types of dirt and debris, tailoring its cleaning approach for maximum efficiency.
  • Large Dust Bag Capacity: Its 5L dust bag significantly reduces maintenance, needing emptying only about once every 60 days.
  • Effective Sterilization: The H1 Pro uses 90°C micro-boiling water for sterilizing waste, achieving a remarkable 99.9% sterilization rate. This feature is bolstered by a silver ion module and a herbal cleaning liquid, ensuring superior antibacterial effectiveness.
  • Smart Connectivity: It comes with an accompanying app for remote operation, providing users with real-time updates about their home’s cleanliness.

In addition to the H1 Pro, CES 2024 was also the stage for 3i’s presentation of the H1 Master. This luxury model, born from a collaboration with a renowned designer, melds high-end aesthetics with the same advanced technology, striking a perfect balance between elegance and functionality.

To conclude, 3i’s H1 Pro robot vacuum and mop combo may prove to be a smart, efficient, and eco-friendly cleaning solution. Its launch at CES 2024 marks a significant advancement in home cleaning technology and has rightly earned its place as one of the event’s highlights.

If Vacuum Wars reviews the 3i H1 Pro, we will make our findings available in the Robot Vacuum Reviews area of our website.

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