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Get a Tineco Carpet Cleaner for Half Price! Save $199!

We recently reviewed three Tineco Carpet Cleaner models. Our conclusion was that we preferred the least expensive one, the iCarpet the most, it was pretty expensive. And, their highest-end model, the Carpet One Pro was double its price. Well, there’s a sale on both of these Tineco carpet cleaners while supplies last, and the discount is deep.

Amazon is currently offering a $199 coupon on the Tineco iCarpet cutting its price nearly in half! We picked the iCarpet model as our favorite of the three we tested as it cleaned just as well as the higher priced models.

Tineco iCarpet Carpet Cleaner

Tineco iCarpet Carpet Cleaner

Save $199 (Coupon)

$200 $399

Amazon price as of Aug 28, 2023

While the $399 retail price seemed steep, $200 is a far better price, pricing it closer to competing products and less then some of the best Bissell carpet cleaners we recently tested.

When we saw this price drop, we also checked the other Tineco carpet cleaners. And, we found that the highest-end model, the Tineco Carpet One Pro was also on sale. Using the coupon on that model drops the price from $599 to $399.

Tineco Carpet One Pro Carpet Cleaner

Tineco Carpet One Pro Carpet Cleaner

Save $200 (Coupon)

$399 $599

Amazon price as of Aug 28, 2023

Both models have the following features in common:

  • 130 airwatts of suction
  • 2L clean water tank
  • 1.5L dirty water tank
  • HeatWash
  • Dry Only mode
  • 21 foot cord
  • 8 foot hose
  • Portable spot cleaner

The main difference between the two models is that the Carpet One Pro has more technology including an LCD display and automatic water dispensing.

If you’re new to Tineco, or their carpet cleaners, check out our review and comparison of the iCarpet, Carpet One and Carpet One Pro.

We don’t know how long these deals will last on Amazon. So, if you’ve been holding out to get one of these Tineco carpet cleaners this might be the right time to buy!

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