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Highly Anticipated Eufy X10 Pro Omni Now Available

The Eufy X10 Pro Omni Robot Vacuum and Mop has been released to market. This model comes with a self-cleaning docking station that washes and dries the mopping pads as well as automatically refills the water tank of the robot, ensuring a seamless cleaning experience without manual intervention.

Eufy announced this release earlier this year. Despite including high-end features and specifications, the Eufy X10 Pro Omni is offered at a price that is competitive within the market.

Eufy X10 Pro Omni Station: Enhancing User Convenience

The Omni Station is a pivotal feature of the Eufy X10 Pro Omni, acting as a comprehensive management system for the robot. It centralizes the device’s cleaning maintenance functions, such as:

  • Automatic emptying of collected dry debris into a sizable 2.5-liter dust bag, designed to minimize maintenance with a suggested replacement interval of two months.
  • Refilling the water tank from a three-liter reservoir, equipped to enable extensive mopping coverage.
  • Washing mop pads to ensure cleanliness throughout the cleaning cycle.
  • Drying mop pads with 113F heated air to mitigate the development of odors and bacteria.
  • Recharging the robot vacuum.
Eufy X10 Pro Omni Station
Eufy X10 Pro Omni Station © Vacuum Wars

Hair Detangling Brush Roll

Acknowledging the challenges pet owners face in maintaining clean floors, the Eufy X10 Pro Omni includes a Pro-Detangle Comb™. This feature automatically removes pet hair and fibers during operation from the robot vacuum brush roll.

Eufy X10 Pro Filtration

The dustbin includes a filtration system capable of trapping particles as small as .3 micrometers, including common allergens like dust, pollen, and mold. This makes it an option for households concerned about indoor air quality.

Eufy X10 Pro Omni in a homes with pets.
Eufy X10 Pro Omni – Designed for Homes with Pets © Vacuum Wars

Comprehensive Cleaning Power

Central to the Eufy X10 Pro Omni’s design is its powerful 8000 pascals of suction, a specification intended to enhance the device’s ability to handle a variety of debris types across different surfaces. This feature is particularly noteworthy for homes with pets, offering a solution to the perennial challenge of removing pet hair embedded in carpets and lying on hard floors.

Eufy X10 Pro Omni Smart Navigation

Featuring AI.See technology, the robot vacuum identifies and navigates around over 100 types of obstacles, preventing interruptions during cleaning. It employs iPath laser navigation to optimize cleaning paths and adjusts its suction power and water flow according to the specific needs of different areas within the home. This adaptability ensures maximum cleaning efficiency across various environments.

Additional Features for Enhanced Usability

  • Voice Control: Integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant facilitates hands-free operation.
  • Child Lock: Prevents unintended activation by children or pets.
  • Maintenance and Privacy: Privacy is safeguarded through the device’s use of images for navigation without storing them. Certification with TUV Rhineland and ETSI EN 303645 standards underscores its cybersecurity measures.


Eufy has positioned the Eufy X10 Pro Omni Robot Vacuum and Mop to secure a competitive stance within the robot vacuum market. It integrates state-of-the-art mopping technology and intelligent, user-focused features, presenting a holistic cleaning solution at an attractive price point.

If Vacuum Wars reviews the Eufy X10 Pro Omni Robot Vacuum and Mop we will make our findings available in the Robot Vacuum Reviews area of our website.

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