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Riccar Unveils the New Spirit Upright Vacuum

Riccar has recently expanded its lineup of upright vacuums with the introduction of the Spirit upright vacuum. The Riccar Spirit, positioned at a mid-range price point, distinguishes itself through its ergonomic design and an array of versatile accessories.

Ergonomic Design and User-Friendly Features

The top of the Riccar Spirit boasts an ergonomic handle, specifically designed to enhance comfort during extended vacuuming sessions. Its chassis design and wheel placement contribute to a user-friendly experience by lightening handle weight and improving maneuverability. Additionally, the Spirit’s floating head streamlines the vacuum’s operation by removing the need for manual height adjustments.

Riccar Spirit Upright Vacuum Laying Flat under Furniture
Riccar Spirit Upright Vacuum Laying Flat under Furniture

Riccar Spirit from Top to Floor

The Spirit vacuum is designed to lower all the way to the ground, enabling cleaning under low-clearance furniture. For above floor cleaning, the Spirit incudes a flexible hose with a telescoping wand capable of extending up to 13 feet. Additionally, the machine’s suction control can be adjusted based on the varying requirements of the surface being cleaned, such as curtains on the rod, pet beds, or thick carpets.

Riccar Spirit Upright Vacuum Above Floor Cleaning above floor vacuuming.
Riccar Spirit Upright Vacuum Above Floor Cleaning above floor vacuuming.

Maintenance and Durability

Maintenance considerations are central to the Riccar Spirit’s design, which incorporates a metal brush roll with sealed ball bearings for durability, and replaceable brush strips for cost efficiency. Rubber foam neoprene wheels facilitate smooth transitions between different flooring types. An innovative cord release mechanism adds to the vacuum’s convenience. Lastly, a full bag or clog indicator light proactively signals when maintenance is needed to ensure optimal performance.

Riccar Spirit Filtration

The Spirit upright vacuum employs a HEPA filter and a HEPA media bag for its debris collection. This filtration capability securely traps the collected debris and prevents it from re-entering the indoor environment. As Vacuum Wars has written about previously, HEPA features on vacuum cleaners are particularly beneficial for indoor air quality.

Comprehensive Accessories

The Spirit comes equipped with a suite of standard accessories, including a crevice tool, a natural bristle dusting brush, and an upholstery tool, all stored onboard for easy access. Additional accessories are available for separate purchase, allowing for a tailored cleaning experience across various environments.

Riccar Spirit Upright Vacuum

In conclusion, the Riccar Spirit’s design and accessories offer solutions to common vacuuming challenges, promoting a comfortable and effective cleaning process. Additional details about this vacuum can be found at the Riccar website.

If Vacuum Wars reviews the Riccar Spirit, we will make our findings available in the Upright Vacuum Reviews area of our website.

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