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Roidmi Introduces New Robot Vacuum with Self-Cleaning Station

Roidmi has recently released the Roidmi EVA robot vacuum, a self-cleaning and emptying robot vacuum and mop combo with an automated base station. This model integrates innovative self-cleaning technologies with the functions of both vacuuming and mopping, aiming to enhance household cleaning practices.

Automated Self-Cleaning and Emptying Station

The Roidmi EVA robot vacuum base station features separate tanks for clean and dirty water, facilitating a comprehensive cleaning process. It features an automatic mop pad washing and drying system, ensuring cleanliness and readiness for subsequent use. This process is designed to maintain hygiene and extend the lifespan of mop pads by preventing the growth of mildew and odor. The station’s dry debris bin can hold up to 60 days of dry debris.

Roidmi EVA Robot Vacuum Base Station
Roidmi EVA Robot Vacuum Base Station

Varied Cleaning Modes

The Roidmi EVA uses 3200pa for debris pickup and its mopping pads deploy pressure for efficient cleanup. The device utilizes multiple cleaning modes to accommodate different cleaning needs:

  • Vacuuming & Mopping Mode: Combines sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping, with an automatic system for avoiding carpets.
  • Vacuuming Mode: Focuses on thorough dust removal.
  • Mopping Mode: Specifically targets greasy floors with a pressurized cleaning approach.
Roidmi EVA Robot Vacuum Mopping
Roidmi EVA Robot Vacuum Mopping

Enhanced Navigation and Personalization

The EVA robot vacuum uses LDS laser radar technology to plan efficient cleaning paths while avoiding repeated areas to ensure thorough coverage. The EVA robot vacuum also automatically recognizes different room types such as bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and bathrooms, and suggests the most suitable cleaning mode for each.

Roidmi EVA Robot Vacuum Smart
Roidmi EVA Robot Vacuum Smart Features

Additional smart features include virtual No-Go Zones, Invisible Walls, and No-Mop Zones. The device allows for the creation of customizable cleaning maps and schedules through its app or voice commands, providing a tailored cleaning experience.

Roidmi EVA Robot Vacuum

The release of the Roidmi EVA self-cleaning and emptying robot vacuum and mop combo introduces an innovative approach to home cleaning. By combining advanced cleaning functions with user-friendly design, it seeks to offer an improved and more efficient cleaning experience for households.

If Vacuum wars reviews this product we will make our findings available in the Robot Vacuum Reviews area of this website.

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