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The Newest Shark CarpetXpert Carpet Cleaner

Shark has recently expanded its CarpetXpert series with the introduction of the Shark CarpetXpert Upright Carpet & Area Rug Cleaner EX121BRN. Following last year’s launch of the Shark CarpetXpert with StainStriker EX201, this new model not only comes at a lower price point but also boasts a lightweight design, being four pounds lighter.

Shark CarpetXpert EX121BRN is Lightweight
Shark CarpetXpert EX121BRN is Lightweight

Shark CarpetXpert Focus

The Shark EX121BRN is engineered for deep cleaning and efficient removal of dirt and grime from carpets and area rugs. While it retains many of the core functionalities of the Shark EX201, this model omits the built-in handheld spot and stain remover and related attachments. Additionally, the Shark CarpetXpert EX121BRN emphasizes enhanced user convenience through a lightweight design.

Detailed Cleaning Capabilities

The Shark CarpetXpert EX121BRN employs powerful suction, PowerSpray high-pressure technology, and a high-speed brushroll. These features are designed to ensure a deep clean, quick drying times, and odor elimination — including persistent smells from smoke and pets.

Shark CarpetXpert EX121BRN Deep Cleaning Carpet
Shark CarpetXpert EX121BRN Deep Cleaning Carpet

Shark CarpetXpert Streamlined

Shark’s latest product, the Shark EX121BRN CarpetXpert, stands out by offering a lightweight, yet efficient solution for homeowners seeking comprehensive carpet and area rug cleaning capabilities. If Vacuum Wars reviews this product, we will make our findings available in the Carpet Cleaning Reviews section of this website.

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