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Best Upright Vacuums for Carpet – 2024

Vacuum Wars

The current Vacuum Wars Best Upright Vacuums for Carpet ranking based on our own independent evaluation.

Choosing the Best Upright Vacuum for Carpet

Upright vacuums are renowned for their robust cleaning abilities, particularly on carpeted surfaces. With powerful suction and a design geared towards deep cleaning, they are indispensable for homeowners seeking a thorough clean. This guide will help you choose the best upright vacuum that can handle the demands of carpet cleaning and ensure a dust-free home.

Carpet Cleaning Performance

The effectiveness of an upright vacuum on carpets hinges on several key features. First, the suction power must be strong enough to extract dirt from deep within carpet fibers. We test suction and airflow of our vacuums and use those scores to choose our favorite upright vacuums for carpet.

Three upright Dyson Vacuums on Carpet.
Testing three Dyson upright vacuums on carpet at the Vacuum Wars studio. © Vacuum Wars

We also perform our Carpet Deep Clean test to see how well upright vacuums can successfully left and collect debris that is embedded into carpet fibers.

  • Read more about how Vacuum Wars performs our Carpet Deep Clean test!

Additionally, a motorized brush roll is crucial as it agitates the carpet to loosen and lift dirt and debris. Look for models with adjustable height settings, which allow the vacuum to adapt to different carpet piles, enhancing its versatility and effectiveness.

Brush Roll Considerations

Hair and fibers often wrap around the brush roll during vacuuming, which can hinder performance. Many modern upright vacuums incorporate anti-hair wrap technology to prevent this issue. This can either be a specific design of the brush roll itself or a mechanism within the floorhead that cuts or removes entwined hair automatically, maintaining the vacuum’s efficiency.

We test our vacuums’ hair-detangling technology in our studio to see how well these features work in real-life scenarios.

Advanced Filtration Systems

Good air quality is essential, especially in homes with carpets that can trap and release allergens. High-quality upright vacuums often feature HEPA filters or similar advanced filtration systems capable of trapping up to 99.97% of microscopic particles, including pollen, pet dander, and dust mites. Additionally, a sealed system ensures that all air drawn into the machine passes through these filters before being expelled, crucial for maintaining indoor air quality.

Upright vacuums that pass our visible fog test receive higher scores in our vacuum evaluations.

Bissell MultiClean Allergen Lift Off Pet Slim - Testing HEPA Seal
Bissell MultiClean Allergen Lift Off Pet Slim – Testing HEPA Seal © Vacuum Wars

Considerations for Power and Storage

Unlike their cordless counterparts, upright vacuums are typically corded, offering uninterrupted cleaning power without the need to recharge batteries. This makes them ideal for cleaning large areas without worrying about running out of power. When it comes to storage, upright vacuums can stand on their own and often come with onboard tool storage, making them easy to store and ready for use.


Upright vacuums are a solid choice for households with a lot of carpeting. They combine powerful dirt extraction, advanced filtration, and user-friendly features to provide an unrivaled cleaning capability. Whether dealing with high traffic areas or regular maintenance cleaning, an upright vacuum offers reliable performance that can keep your carpets looking and feeling fresh. When shopping for your next vacuum, consider an upright model to ensure your carpets receive the deep clean they deserve.

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