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Meet the Ultimate Cleaning Companion: Bissell SpinWave + Vac Cordless

All-in-one Powered Spin Mop & Vacuum

Bissell has quietly released to Amazon their new Bissell SpinWave + Vac cordless floor washer. After having reviewed numerous floor washers over recent years, we can confidently say that one of the frequent questions Vacuum Wars is asked is if the product can be used solely as a vacuum. The Bissell SpinWave has made that leap, so now there is a SpinWave that will let you vacuum, or mop, or do both at the same time, all while offering the added benefit of cordless convenience.

Bissell SpinWave + Vac Cordless Spinning Mops
Bissell SpinWave + Vac Cordless Spinning Mops

Bissell SpinWave + Vac Key Features and Innovations

  • Three Cleaning Modes: Users can choose from cyclonic dry vacuum mode, powered spinning wet mop mode, or a combination of both for cleaning.
  • Cyclonic Suction: The vacuum provides sufficient suction to pick up dry debris like pet hair, crumbs, and dirt.
  • Spinning Mop Pads: The mop pads, combined with a cleaning solution, assist in cleaning floors.
  • Lay-Flat Design and 90º Edge Cleaning: Its design facilitates cleaning under furniture and along edges.
  • Cordless Convenience: The device includes a 25.9V lithium-ion battery, offering up to 20 minutes of run time in combined vacuum and mop mode.
  • Safe for All Sealed Hard Floors: Bissell claims this floor washer is suitable for use on various hard floor types.
Bissell SpinWave + Vac Cordless Cyclonic Suction
Bissell SpinWave + Vac Cordless Cyclonic Suction

Understanding Wet Mess Handling

It’s worth pointing out that the Bissell SpinWave + Vac Cordless cleaner does not function as a wet vacuum and lacks a tank for collecting wet messes. However, this results in simpler maintenance. Its dry debris bin is easily emptied like a standard cordless vacuum, and the mop pads are detachable and machine washable, ensuring straightforward upkeep.

Bissell SpinWave + Vac Versatility

The Bissell SpinWave + Vac Cordless cleaner is geared to be a versatile cleaning tool, likely in response to consumer demand for simplified, all-in-one cleaning tools.  Its design and functionality is set to offer a convenient solution for maintaining clean floors in a range of household settings.

If Vacuum Wars reviews the Bissell SpinWave + Vac we will make our findings available on the Vacuum Wars website.

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