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Dreame Technology Launches H14 Wet and Dry Vacuum

Dreame Technology has introduced the new H14 Wet and Dry Vacuum, an innovative cleaning solution designed to tackle both solid and liquid waste with high efficiency. The Dreame H14 combines powerful suction with advanced technology to ensure comprehensive cleaning across various surfaces.

Innovative Design and Advanced Features

The H14’s design incorporates Dreame’s new lie-flat design, a feature that sets it apart from the company’s earlier hard floor cleaners. The new design uses a Liquid Separation Motor™ to prevent the backflow of dirty water when the device is laid flat, making it possible to clean spaces as low as 14cm for the entire body and 9.8cm for the brush head.

Dreame H14's lie-flat design reaches under furniture.
Dreame H14’s lie-flat design reaches under furniture.

Thorough Cleaning Performance

The Dreame H14 delivers exceptional performance with its dual edge cleaning capability, allowing the brush head to efficiently clean corners and baseboards while targeting hard-to-reach dirt and grime. It features a brushroll that spins 520 times per minute and is equipped with a unique comb-toothed scraper designed to disentangle debris and remove waste effectively.

Enhancing its functionality, the H14 is fitted with a smart sensor that automatically adjusts power levels, ensuring optimal cleaning without manual adjustments. It boasts a powerful 18,000Pa suction and offers up to 35 minutes of continuous wet and dry cleaning, covering areas up to 200m² on a single battery charge.

Efficient Maintenance

The H14 can wash and dry its brush roll.

  • Hot Water Wash and Drying: Heats water to 140°F for dissolving grime, paired with a sealed hot air drying system that can dry the brush in just 5 minutes using controlled temperatures.
  • Self-Cleaning Technology: Features dual rotation for the brush roll, enabling effective self-cleaning by removing debris and liquid back into the used water tank.
  • Efficient Water Tanks: Includes an 880ml clean water tank and a 650ml used water tank, enhancing cleaning capacity and ease.
  • Waste Separation: Separates solid from liquid debris for simple disposal.

The Dreame H14 is engineered for those who seek a robust, flexible, and efficient cleaning tool for their home. It offers a sophisticated blend of technology and performance, making it a noteworthy addition to Dreame Technology’s product line.

If Vacuum Wars reviews the Dreame H14 wet dry vacuum, we will make our findings available on the Hard Floor Cleaner reviews area of this website.

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