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EggoVac: Eggo and Bissell Launch Waffle-Inspired Robot Vacuum

We read through this a few times. Then, we checked the date a few times, confirming it wasn’t April 1st. In the end, it appears the EggoVac, a 2-in-1 robot vacuum and mop which looks like an Eggo waffle was briefly available for sale.

EggoVac Waffle Robot Vacuum and Mop
The EggoVac, a robot vacuum and mop combo by Eggo and Bissell. © Vacuum Wars

We came across the product during a visit to the Bissell website when double-checking a carpet cleaner specification for our Best Bissell Carpet Cleaners Comparison and Guide.

Underneath its buttery, syrupy exterior decoration is a Bissell R5 robot vacuum and mop combo. A product page on Bissell’s website shows the EggoVac and mentions that it is being offered at 70% off, “a unique Eggo twist”. That puts the waffle-design version of the robotic cleaner at a mere $150.

EggoVac - Bissell Eggo Robot
Each EggoVac purchase was accompanied by a $50 Eggo waffles gift card.

But, the deal gets sweeter than that. The EggoVac also came with a $50 gift card good toward Eggo waffles.

As of now, the Bissell R5 EggoVac is sold out. A promotional page, also on the Bissell website, notes that it was a limited edition. Beneath the headline “Bye Bye, Kitchen Choas” the page reads “No mess, no stress. The EggoVac tackles crumbs and other breakfast mishaps effortlessly, so you can sit back and enjoy the mornings with your family.”

According to an article on CNBC the vacuum will be taken off the market on the last day of 2023 and would-be customers will have a chance at winning one on Cyber Monday.

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