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Eufy X8 Pro Robot Vacuum Join’s the Eufy Clean Lineup

Eufy recently released an upgraded version of their Eufy X8 robot vacuum. According to the brand, the updated version, called the Eufy X8 Pro picks up where the original X8 model left off.

The new Eufy Clean X8 Pro keeps the original X8’s unique twin-turbine design. Other carryovers include iPath Laser Navigation, a single spinning side brush, and Eufy’s user-friendly Eufy Clean app.

With Auto-Empty Dock

Eufy X8 Pro w/Self-Empty

Eufy X8 Pro with Self-Empty Station
Standard Charging Base

Eufy X8 Pro

Eufy X8 Pro

There are, however, some major changes from the original X8, too. Here’s what stood out to us:

First, the X8 Pro model boasts double the suction of its predecessor, with a pair of 4,000 Pa motors. What that translates into real-world suction isn’t shared by Eufy, but suffice to say, it’s a major upgrade.

Second, the X8 Pro is available as a standalone robot or can be purchased with a new Eufy Self-Empty Station akin to what shipped with the L35. The Self-Empty Station can also be purchased separately for those who opt for just the X8 Pro robot initially.

Third, and something we were surprised by, is that the X8 Pro has something not found on the original X8 or the newer X9 Pro (see our Eufy X9 Pro Review): an Active Detangling Roller Brush. Eufy claims the brush has a 99.7% pet hair detangle rate by way of a bi-directional roller brush and a built-in comb.

Eufy X8 Pro - Active Detangling
The X8 Pro has a new Active Detangling main roller brush. Image: Eufy.

Fourth, to help the new robot not get stuck, the X8 Pro has obstacle avoidance which the original X8’s were never equipped with.

As far as price is concerned, the X8 Pro with the Self-Empty Station is about a third less than the X9 Pro.

There is one glaring point of comparison when looking at the specs of the X8 Pro and X9 Pro: their advanced docks.

The X8 Pro’s Self-Empty Station empties the X8’s bin but doesn’t perform any mop maintenance duties. In contrast, the X9 Pro’s Auto-Clean Station does precisely the opposite, fully servicing the mop but not tending to the robot’s dust bin.

In our recent Roomba Combo j9+ review we found iRobot purposefully omitted mop cleaning for sanitary reasons. In the case of the X8 Pro the omission is likely based on keep cost down.

Whatever the reason, we have to think another Eufy model is on the horizon that includes a truly full-service dock like its competitors offer.

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