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Eureka OmniVerse: A Shift in Home Cleaning Technology

Eureka’s newest vacuum cleaner, the Eureka QuickShift OmniVerse, is now available on Amazon. The Omniverse is a bagless, upright vacuum with a unique “Quickshift” technology aimed at enhancing the user experience and improving cleaning efficiency. 

Eureka QuickShift Upright Home OmniVerse

The Eureka QuickShift Omniverse upright vacuum cleaner features QuickShift Technology for seamless mode transitions and advanced anti-tangle technology to prevent hair wrap on the brush roll. Its powerful dual motor system provides deep cleaning on carpets and hard floors, with multiple accessories for versatile cleaning, including a motorized pet tool. The HEPA Complete Seal Filtration captures 99.9% of dust and dander, ensuring a fresh and tidy home.

  • Bagless
  • Motorized pet hair accessory
  • Shifts for reaching under furniture
  • May still be too new for reliable user reviews
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06/27/2024 08:18 pm GMT

QuickShift Technology 

A standout feature of the Eureka OmniVerse is its QuickShift Technology, where the motor and dustbin can be moved up the body of the vacuum so that the vacuum’s floorhead can more easily fit under furniture and other hard-to-reach areas, much like a stick vacuum. For regular floor vacuuming, the motor and dustbin can be returned to the lower part of the body so that the weight of the vacuum cleaner rests on the floorhead.  

The motor and dustbin can also be removed from the body of the vacuum for above-floor and handheld cleaning aided by numerous attachments: a crevice brush, dusting brush, and an anti-tangle pet tool specifically designed for removing pet hair from stairs and upholstery.

Eureka OmniVerse at Home
Eureka OmniVerse at Home

The hose of the vacuum can also be used for detailed handheld cleaning. Vacuum Wars has described our fondness for the usefulness of this feature in previous articles.  

Dual Motor Technology 

The vacuum is designed with dual motor technology to provide powerful suction and deep cleaning capabilities on both carpets and hard floors. Users can adjust the floor type and suction levels directly from the handle, allowing for precise cleaning adjustments based on the surface being cleaned. 

The Eureka OmniVerse Upright Vacuum Cleaner on both hard floor and carpet.
The Eureka OmniVerse is suitable for both hard floors and carpet.

Additional Features 

The OmniVerse bagless vacuum incorporates many useful features: 

  • Advanced swivel steering for easy maneuverability around furniture and obstacles.
  • An LED headlight to illuminate the cleaning path and reveal finer particles of debris.
  • Advanced anti-tangle technology prevents hair from wrapping around the brush roll. As a result, the vacuum cleaner requires less maintenance related to hair while the brush roll can perform optimally.
Eureka OmniVerse Anti-Tangle technology on the brush roll.
Anti-Tangle technology on the brush roll removes hair while you are vacuuming.

In the box

  • Eureka QuickShift OmniVerse vacuum cleaner
  • Motorized anti-tangle pet tool
  • Crevice Tool
  • Dusting Brush
  • Accessory Kit
  • Manual

HEPA Complete Seal Filtration System 

Another notable feature of this Eureka vacuum is the HEPA Complete Seal filtration system. This system prevents fine particles from re-entering the air, which helps to keep indoor air clean and reduce allergens, making it a valuable feature for those with allergies or respiratory issues. 

HEPA filtration on the Eureka OmniVerse upright vacuum.
HEPA filtration on the Eureka OmniVerse keeps particles inside the vacuum instead of recirculating into the air.

The Eureka Omniverse upright vacuum was initially previewed at CES 2024, where it was showcased alongside the Eureka J20 Robot Vacuum, which still is yet to be released!


The Eureka OmniVerse bagless upright vacuum cleaner introduces several advanced features aimed at improving cleaning efficiency and user convenience. With its versatile form, dual motor technology, many cleaning tools, and HEPA Complete Seal filtration system, it is designed to meet a wide range of cleaning needs. 

If Vacuum Wars reviews this product, we will make our findings available in the Upright Vacuums reviews area of this website. 

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