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New from Amazon – the Amazon Basics Cordless Vacuum

Amazon has added a new cordless vacuum to its Amazon Basics range of home appliances, the Amazon Basics Cordless Vacuum. This launch is a follow-up to the Amazon Basics Upright Vacuum introduced last year. The new model is designed to offer a balance of power and convenience for everyday use.

Overview of the Amazon Basics Cordless Vacuum

This vacuum features a design focused on ease of use and maneuverability. Key aspects include:

  • Cordless functionality for unrestricted movement.
  • A lightweight build, weighing approximately 5lbs.
  • A compact design, suitable for smaller living spaces.
  • Equipped with three adjustable speed levels.
  • Various attachments including an upholstery brush, crevice tool, and a motorized brush.
  • LED lights on the floorhead for improved visibility in darker areas.
    Design and Usability

The Amazon Basics cordless vacuum is tailored for routine cleaning with different attachments intended for specific tasks. The crevice tool is designed for tight spaces, while the upholstery brush is meant for softer surfaces. The inclusion of LED lights is a practical feature for cleaning under furniture and in poorly lit areas.

Amazon Basics Cordless Vacuum at Home
Amazon Basics Cordless Vacuum at Home

Technology and Performance

This cordless vacuum incorporates several technological advancements:

  • It uses a dual-filter system, consisting of a washable HEPA filter and a foam filter.
  • Features Micro Cyclone and Cyclone compacting technology for enhanced dust collection and sustained performance.
  • Designed to work effectively on various surfaces, including carpets and hard floors.

Amazon Basics Cordless Vacuum Battery Life

The vacuum is powered by a Li-ion battery, providing up to 45 minutes of runtime on its lowest power setting, facilitating extended cleaning sessions without frequent recharging.


The new Amazon Basics Cordless Vacuum is an extension of Amazon’s home appliance line, offering features such as a lightweight and compact design, multiple attachments, and advanced technology for various cleaning tasks. It is designed to provide a convenient cleaning solution for everyday use.

If Vacuum Wars reviews the Amazon Basics cordless vacuum, we will make our findings available in the Cordless Vacuum Reviews area of our website.

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