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New Shark Steam & Scrub Hits the Market

Shark has introduced a new steam mop, the Steam & Scrub with Steam Blaster Technology All-in-One Hard Floor Steam Mop (model S8201.) This device uses dual rotating mop heads and targeted steam delivery to both clean and remove difficult stains from hard floors.

Shark Steam and Scrub S8201 Hard Floor Cleaner

Shark Steam and Scrub

Stubborn Stain Removal

Cleaning Efficiency

The Shark Steam & Scrub S8201 is designed to improve the efficiency of removing stuck-on stains from floors. According to claims, it offers up to three times better stain removal compared to traditional steam mops. This is primarily attributed to its combination of powerful steam output and rotating pads which perform over 150 scrubs per minute.

Shark Steam and Scrub S8201 Rotating Pads

Steam Blaster Technology

A notable feature of this mop is the Steam Blaster, which provides a targeted blast of steam for tackling particularly stubborn spots. This could be beneficial for areas with concentrated dirt or dried spills, offering a more intense cleaning solution without the use of chemicals.

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Additional Features

The S8201 is equipped with LED headlights, which are designed to highlight debris and dirt that might otherwise be overlooked in poorly lit areas. It also has a swiveling floorhead, allowing greater control of the device around corners and furniture.

Shark Steam and Scrub S8201 Steering

User Interface and Control

Ease of use is emphasized with the intuitive controls located on the body and handle of the mop. Users can switch between three steam modes—light, normal, and deep—depending on their specific cleaning needs. This flexibility allows for a customized approach to different levels of soil, from light dusting to more serious stains.

Floor Compatibility

Shark markets this steam mop as suitable for all sealed hard floors, including hardwood, marble, tile, stone, laminate, and vinyl. However, users should consider the specific needs of their flooring, as steam cleaning may not be appropriate for all materials, especially certain types of hardwood.

Shark Steam and Scrub S8201 Sealed Floors

Overall Impression

The Shark Steam & Scrub S8201 appears to offer several enhancements over traditional steam mops, particularly in terms of its stain removal capabilities and targeted steam application.

If Vacuum Wars reviews this product we will make our findings available in the Hard Floor Cleaners area of this website.

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