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Roborock’s Newest Release: The Qrevo Master Robot Vacuum and Mop

Roborock has introduced the latest addition to its widely acclaimed Qrevo series of robot vacuums, the Qrevo Master robot vacuum and mop. This newly released model builds upon the successful foundation established by the previous Qrevo models, integrating key features first seen in the S8 Max and S8 MaxV Ultra. With these enhancements, the Qrevo Master aims to elevate automated cleaning by combining proven performance with advanced technology.

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Roborock Qrevo Master

The Roborock Qrevo Master is an advanced robot vacuum that combines powerful 10,000Pa suction, dual spinning mops, and AI-driven obstacle recognition with a multifunctional docking station for hands-free operation.

  • Advanced docking station
  • Intelligent Dirt Detection
  • Hot water mop wash
  • 7+ weeks without emptying
  • Self-cleaning feature
  • Hands-free cleaning experience
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06/21/2024 06:23 pm GMT

Key Features

Powerful Debris Pickup

The Qrevo Master boasts a powerful 10,000Pa suction to capture hair, dust, and debris from hardwood, tiles, and carpets. It uses multiple technologies for debris capture:

  • The Carpet Boost+ System ensures efficient hair removal for deeper carpet cleaning.
  • Dual-rubber spiral brushes prevent tangles and remove hair smoothly and quietly.
  • The FlexiArm Design Side Brush covers 100% of internal corners and edges.
Roborock Qrevo Master Robot Vacuum FlexiArm Technologies

Sophisticated Mopping System

The Qrevo Master features 200 RPM dual spinning mops and app-controlled water flow. Its FlexiArm Design Mop extends as needed to provide coverage around corners and edges as narrow as 1.85mm. Additionally, it automatically raises the mop by 10mm upon detecting carpets to prevent them from getting wet.

Did You Know? The “Revo” in the name stands for “revolution,” highlighting its unique spinning mop pad system, a feature that is not found in other Roborock robot vacuums.

Roborock Q Revo - Dual Spinning Mopping Pads

Reactive AI Obstacle Recognition

The robot vacuum uses advanced structured light, an RGB camera, and LED light to recognize and avoid 62 different types of objects. The PreciSense LiDAR navigation provides precise real-time maps for optimal cleaning routes.

Roborock Qrevo Master Robot Vacuum Navigation

Multifunctional Dock 3.0

The Qrevo Master docking station includes intelligent dirt detection and hot water mop washing. The station also features automatic dust collection and water replenishment, reducing maintenance needs and providing over seven weeks of hands-free cleaning.

Additional Features

Smart Controls

The “Hello Rocky” voice assistant enables users to control the vacuum with voice commands, starting or pausing cleaning and adjusting modes without needing WiFi or a phone. The Roborock app offers AI Customized Cleaning, temporary cleaning, skip features, and personalized solutions for floor and carpet cleaning.

Interactive Video Calls and Cruise Function

The robot allows for real-time video calls and two-way voice interaction with pets. It includes automatic pet recognition and search features. The Cruise function lets users direct the robot to specific locations for observation and recording.


The Roborock Qrevo Master robot vacuum and mop introduces several advanced features aimed at enhancing the cleaning experience. This latest addition to the Qrevo lineup continues Roborock’s focus on innovation in floorcare technology.

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Roborock Qrevo Master Robot Vacuum in Black and White
Roborock Qrevo Master in both black and white. From the Roborock website.
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