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Samsung Jet 90 Review

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In this cordless vacuum review we’ll be focusing on the Samsung Jet 90 cordless stick vacuum. We put it through a lot of tests over the course of a week and found it to be an incredibly advanced stick vacuum with a lot of interesting specs and innovations.

A Reliable, Powerful and Versatile Cordless

Product Name: Samsung Jet 90

  • Performance - 9.5/10
  • Features - 9.2/10
  • Value - 9.3/10
  • Ergonomics - 8.3/10


The Samsung Jet 90 cordless stick vacuum performed well in all of our tests. It delivers plenty of suction power and we liked the included accessories, too. The Jet 90 is a good option for anyone shopping for a powerful cordless vacuum.


  • Strong suction power
  • Optional Clean Station
  • Accessories


  • Unsure about Telescoping Wand
  • Heavy as a handheld

Samsung Jet Vacuum Lineup Differences

First, let’s talk about the lineup differences in the Samsung Jet series. When we initially did this review, there were three Jet stick cordless vacuums: the Jet 90, Jet 75, and Jet 70. Things have changed a bit since then so if you saw our YouTube review.

Samsung currently has four Jet cordless vacuums: The Samsung Jet 90, Jet 75, Jet 60, and Bespoke Jet (see our review). Of those four models, the Bespoke version is Samsung’s flagship cordless followed by the Jet 90, Jet 75, and finally the Jet 60. 

We have noticed the Jet 90 becoming harder to come by. And, whether the Jet 90 is available or not, we would also recommend considering the Jet 75 (see it on Amazon) as well as the more powerful Bespoke Jet (see it on Amazon).

The Jet 90 and Jet 75 come with a few other names tacked onto them (like Pet or Plus) depending on where you buy them. One common package is the Jet 90 Complete or Jet 75 Complete. Complete versions ship with Samsung’s Clean Station which we’ll talk about later. The list of differences between the models and their designations comes down to what they come with such as attachments, accessories, cleaning heads, and batteries.

In the Box - Samsung Jet 90 Review
Everything that came in the box with our Samsung Jet 90. © Vacuum Wars

For instance, when initially released both the Jet 90 and 75 shipped with two full-size cleaning heads: one for hard flooring and one for carpets. The Jet 60 and Bespoke Jet always came with a single head for all surfaces. More recently, the Jet 90 and 75 have also switched to shipping with a single multi-surface head but we have seen the older 2-head package sold, too.

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The two closest Samsung cordless vacuums, the Jet 90 and the Jet 75, share the same power specs as their motors and main vacuum assembly are the same. The difference is that the Jet 75 does not come with the heavy-duty dual charging stand but just a wall mount and it has a fixed wand instead of the telescopic wand that comes with the Jet 90. 

Jet 90 variations

Important: Please note that our Samsung Jet 90 review that follows was done with the Jet 90 which shipped with two full-size cleaning heads: one for hard floors and another for carpet. When shopping, you may find that two-head package, as well as another variation with a single multi-surface head, called the Turbo Brush.


There was a lot to like about the Samsung Jet 90. Here’s what stood out.


The Samsung Jet 90 has a ton of power. Samsung says it has 200 air watts which is a lot more than the Dyson V11 Torque Drive, but not quite as much as the Dyson V11 Outsize (see our comparison: V11 Animal vs Torque Drive vs Outsize), but still way more than the majority of cordless vacuums. The Jet 90 even boasts more power than Dyson’s newer V12 Detect Slim (learn more). 

We tested the Jet 90’s suction and its airflow in various places on the vacuum and in different settings. After all our tests, we more or less confirmed Samsung’s numbers. It’s definitely one of the most powerful cordless stick vacuums out there.

Testing Carpet Debris Pickup - Samsung Jet 90 Review
Testing debris pickup on carpeting. © Vacuum Wars

The unsealed or usable suction test was also interesting where it seemed to have the most usable suction of any vacuum we had tested up to that point when the soft brush only was in use. This was true on both low and high power. It was also really good with its regular head on this test, only being surpassed by the Lupe and the V11s at the time with their gates closed. 

So again, lots of power. We saw that power show up on the crevice pickup test where it did well above average with both heads on all three power settings.

Cordless Vacuum Resources

Pickup Tests

The Jet 90’s power was also evident with a carpet deep clean test where it scored a perfect 100 on high power and a very respectable 96 on medium power. These are the kind of scores you really only find with high-end cordless vacuums. 

The pickup tests were also very good on hard floors where the soft roller shines. It did particularly well with everything from fine to extra-large debris of all types. Like most soft rollers out there, it’s a joy to use on hard floors. By the way, we did all these tests on medium power.

Testing Fine Debris Pickup on Hard Floors - Samsung Jet 90 Review
Testing fine debris pickup on hard floors. © Vacuum Wars

Head Differences

The regular head can be used for carpets or hard floors, but we found it to be more designed for carpets. On hard floors, we saw snow plowing very early on with even small to medium-sized debris. But on medium pile carpet, it was able to pick up that same size debris and even much larger debris with no problems. 

So, the regular head is great for carpets and the soft roller is great for hard floors, but changing the heads for each is recommended for best results.


One of our favorite aspects of the Jet 90 is the high-quality tools and attachments, as well as the availability of very innovative add-ons that you can purchase from Samsung. First off, the tools that come with it are high quality. 

Which Jet 90 you buy you get determines which accessories you get. What’s available? There’s a Combination Tool that doubles as a dusting brush and an upholstery tool. It has long bristles that you can actually use to dust things, which is nice.

Important: Please be sure which accessories you are getting when shopping for a Jet 90 (or really any numbered Jet vacuum). We have seen several different accessory packages and price points.

There’s also a Long-Reach Crevice Tool that extends which is different. Some packages also come with a bending adjustable extension tool called the Flex Tool which can be used with non-powered accessories. It is basically a flexible tube that bends up to 90 degrees allowing you to clean in hard-to-reach places. 

Finally, there is a pretty high-quality Mini Motorized Tool for stairs or cars, pets, or just for around the house. We tested them all and found that they were high quality and were genuinely useful.

Measuring Battery Run Time - Samsung Jet 90 Review
Measuring the Jet 90’s battery run time. © Vacuum Wars

The other side of this pro was the suite of products Samsung has that can be bought separately and paired with the Jet series like the Samsung Jet Spinning Sweeper which can be attached like a brush head. You attach either microfiber pads or wet pads and apparently, it cleans hard floors.

Samsung Jet 90 + Clean Station

When purchasing the Samsung Jet 90 Complete (sometimes called the Samsung Jet 90 + CS) you get Samsung’s really innovative Clean Station. The Clean Station allows emptying of the Jet 90 into a larger free-standing dustbin

Samsung Jet 90 Review
The Samsung Jet 90 we purchased for this review. © Vacuum Wars

All you do is take the dust bin off your Jet 90 and place it on the Clean Station which then sucks the debris into a bag. It does this with high-quality filtration in mind. We don’t know how we missed knowing this existed. We’re not sure if it’s practical or not but we definitely want one. Related to accessories, the Samsung Jets we mentioned come with either one or two batteries. So, be sure to check what’s included when shopping. Extra batteries are sold separately.

Battery Life

While the Jet 90 is on its stand, the battery attached to the vacuum automatically starts charging. The stand also has a place to charge an extra battery if you have two. The stand itself was a big pro for us. It’s very well built and sturdy. Battery life was a pro also. Samsung is an industry leader in general with battery technology and so it’s no surprise to see it match fairly well with the Dyson cordless vacuums which came out around the same time.

Samsung Jet 90
Maximum Air Watts220 AW
Run time – Low Power60 min @ 24 cfm
Run time – Max Power10 min @ 57 cfm

Samsung says the Jet 90 gets around an hour on low power with non-motorized attachments. We tested it on max power with the motorized soft brush and got 10 minutes. We also tested it on medium power with the regular head, which will probably be the most common usage, and got a little over 24 minutes. All of those numbers are above average for this power output and, as we say, you can buy additional batteries if needed.

Hair Tangles

The Jet 90 did pretty well with the hair tangle test, resisting 7-inch hair altogether and getting only 24% of the hair caught in the 14-inch hair test, which is good, about the same or maybe a little better than the Dysons on this test.

Testing Hair Pickup - Samsung Jet 90 Review
Testing hair pickup. © Vacuum Wars


Its filtration was a pro. Samsung claims their HEPA filters are just a little bit better than standard HEPA filters. We found that it passed the particle test as would be expected for a vacuum in this price range. We also found its construction to be, in general, high quality with some metal in the design.


It can’t all be good stuff though, so let’s move on to the cons. As per usual, we have to complain about the price but we will say that it feels like there is a little bit more value here compared to some of the others in this price range.

Handle Controls and Display - Samsung Jet 90 Review
The Jet 90 has simple controls easily accessible on the handle. © Vacuum Wars


Another con is that though the weight of the handle was decent when compared to other vacuums in this class, like the others, we felt it was a little bit heavy on the arm, especially if you were planning on using it in handheld mode for any length of time. We would have preferred a slightly different handle design though we did like the placement of the power button and the other controls on the handle.

Air Intake Size

Another thing is that, like many of the Dyson cordless vacuums, its air intake was somewhat small. For example, particularly large fruit loops would get stuck in the intake and prevent further pickup. All vacuums have a size limit here. We would have just preferred theirs to be a little bit bigger.

Air Intake - Samsung Jet 90 Review
The Jet 90’s small air intake can trap larger debris. © Vacuum Wars

Telescopic Wand

Another thing was that we saw no reason to have the telescopic wand. The Jet 90 wouldn’t fit on the stand unless it was retracted first, and it was ridiculously short if it wasn’t fully extended, so it just seemed like an extra step with no obvious benefit. That’s our take, but we do understand that some people may prefer a telescoping wand.

Despite our nitpicking, we really liked the Samsung Jet 90 and we’re sorry it took us so long to get to the series. We’re glad we’ve gotten caught up, and reviewed the newer Bespoke Jet, too.

Weighing the Samsung Jet 90 Cordless
Weighing the Jet 90. © Vacuum Wars


In summary, the Samsung Jet 90 is a high-end cordless vacuum that performed well across a variety of our tests. With powerful suction, long battery life, useful attachments, and innovative add-ons available, it stands out in the crowded field of cordless vacuums.

While it does have a few minor downsides, such as a somewhat heavy handle and a small air intake, overall, we found the Jet 90 to be an excellent option for anyone in need of a reliable, powerful, and versatile cleaning tool.

As we mentioned, do consider the Jet 75 (Amazon) and Bespoke Jet (Amazon), too, and be sure to review everything that comes with the model you purchase.

Samsung Jet 90 Specs

Vacuum TypeCordless Stick
Vacuum bin capacity0.8L
Power settingsMin, Mid, Max
Maximum filtration99.999% 0.3-10μm
Filtration levels5
Washable filterYes
Brush width8.5”
Integrated displayYes
Maximum battery life60 min
Battery typeLithium Ion
Dimensions9 7/8″ x 44 3/4″ x 8 1/2″
Weight6.17 lbs.
Removable batteryYes
Converts to handheldYes
Warranty2 yrs.
Samsung Jet 90 specifications from Samsung’s website.

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