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SwitchBot S10 Robot Vacuum and Mop: Connects to Plumbing for Added Convenience

SwitchBot has officially launched the S10 Robot Vacuum and Mop. This system is most notable for its integration with household plumbing systems, facilitating a hands-free, smart home cleaning experience.

Innovative Cleaning Solution

Fully Automated System with Dual Stations

The SwitchBot S10 leverages a Dual Station Design, enhancing the automation of home cleaning.

SwitchBot S10 Dual Stations
SwitchBot S10 Dual Stations

Its standout feature is the standalone Water Station, which connects directly to a home’s plumbing system, eliminating the need to manually refill or drain water tanks. The SwitchBot S10’s Water Station can be installed without cables and connects directly to existing plumbing, making it a convenient solution for locations like kitchens and laundry rooms. SwitchBot provides various retrofit accessories, making the installation process quick and adaptable to different home layouts.

The second station is an Auto-Empty and Dry station for its automated maintenance features:

  • Recharging the robot
  • Auto mop washing and drying, powered by hot air at 50 ℃ to maintain hygiene and reduce odors.
  • Emptying the robot’s dry debris bin into a substantial 4L dust collection bag, allowing for up to 70 days of waste storage without human intervention.
SwitchBot S10 Robot Vacuum and Mop

SwitchBot S10

Robot Vacuum and Mop with Dual Stations, Self Draining and Self Refilling

Powerful Suction and Intelligent Design

The S10 is equipped with a 6500Pa suction capability, making it ideal for households with pets or high debris levels. It features an adaptive cleaning system that can adjust its mode depending on the floor type. For example, it lifts its Roller Mop when encountering carpets to prevent damage while increasing suction for thorough cleaning.

SwitchBot S10 6500pa Suction
SwitchBot S10 6500pa Suction

Multiple Control Options

Support for Alexa and Google Home allows users to employ voice commands to control the S10, simplifying its operation. The device can also be managed through the SwitchBot app, where users can customize cleaning schedules, set restricted areas, and link the device with other products in the SwitchBot ecosystem for a cohesive home automation setup.

SwitchBot S10 Control Options
SwitchBot S10 Control Options


With its launch, the SwitchBot S10 Robot Vacuum and Mop introduces a significant innovation in the field of home cleaning technology, notably through its integration with household plumbing to offer a truly automated cleaning experience. Its combination of powerful cleaning capabilities and smart home integration presents a forward-looking solution for maintaining a clean and comfortable living space.

If Vacuum wars reviews this product we will make our findings available in the Robot Vacuum Reviews area of this website.

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