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Dyson Introduces CleanTrace: A New Dimension in Home Cleaning with Augmented Reality

Dyson has announced the launch of Dyson CleanTrace™, an innovative tool designed to enhance the cleaning experience for its customers. The CleanTrace, incorporating augmented reality (AR) technology, aims to ensure a more thorough and efficient cleaning process by visually guiding users through areas that have been cleaned and identifying those that haven’t.

The system consists of two main components: a software application accessible through the MyDyson app, and a physical phone clamp that attaches to the wand of the Dyson Gen5detect vacuum cleaner. This setup allows the user’s smartphone camera to track and display the cleaning path in real-time, using AR technology to project this data directly onto the user’s phone screen.

Dyson CleanTrace User View

Systematic Navigation Technology

This method draws inspiration from the Dyson 360 Vis Nav robot vacuum cleaner, known for its systematic navigation. By implementing a similar approach in a manual vacuum cleaner, Dyson aims to bring the same level of meticulous cleaning to personal use. The application not only motivates users by showing proof of a thorough clean but also makes the task more engaging by highlighting missed spots and ensuring no area is overlooked.

Research by Dyson has highlighted the variance in cleaning thoroughness among individuals, revealing a tendency to either neglect certain areas or repeatedly clean the same spots inefficiently. The CleanTrace software seeks to address these issues by providing users with real-time feedback on their cleaning path, coupled with the vacuum’s onboard particle sensing technology, to confirm the cleanliness of floors.

Compatible Dyson Vacuums

Compatibility extends to the Dyson Gen5Detect cordless vacuum cleaner, including the Fluffy Optic Cleanerhead and the Motorbar Cleanerhead. However, the AR feature of CleanTrace is currently limited to LiDAR-equipped iPhones, such as the iPhone 12 Pro series through the iPhone 15 Pro Max series. Users who have registered their Gen5Detect vacuum on the MyDyson app will find the CleanTrace module available on their machine’s home screen.

The Dyson CleanTrace phone clamp will be available for purchase directly from Dyson, through their website or in-store, starting June 2024. While the app feature is free, the price of the 104g phone clamp is yet to be announced.

Dyson’s foray into AR technology with CleanTrace represents a step towards integrating more intelligent and interactive features into home cleaning appliances, promising to make vacuuming not just a chore, but a satisfying and efficient activity.

If VacuumWars reviews the Dyson CleanTrace technology, we will make our findings available in the cordless vacuum reviews are of this website.

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