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Tineco Floor One Switch S7 Has Launched

Tineco’s Floor One Switch S7 has launched to the US and is now available to purchase. First introduced at CES 2024, this innovative product combines vacuuming and floor washing capabilities into a single, versatile device. The Switch S7 aims to meet the comprehensive cleaning needs of households, offering a modern solution to tackle both wet and dry messes.

SwitchPro Motor

Featuring the cutting-edge SwitchPro Motor, the Switch S7 enables users to effortlessly switch between vacuuming and floor washing modes. This adaptability makes it suitable for a wide array of cleaning tasks throughout the home, including tackling everyday stains and messes in kitchens and bathrooms. The design and technology behind the Switch S7 are focused on providing a seamless and efficient cleaning experience for users.

Tineco Floor One Switch S7 Whole House Cleaning

Floor One Switch S7 Key Features

  • SwitchPro Motor: Allows for seamless transitioning between modes.
  • MHCBSTM Technology: Ensures the use of fresh water during cleaning, with a brush that operates at 450 rotations per minute.
  • ZeroTangle Brush: Prevents hair from entangling around the brush, simplifying maintenance.
  • FlashDry Self-Cleaning System: Uses 158℉ water for stain dissolution and deep cleaning, followed by a drying process to reduce odors.
  • Pouch Cell Battery: Extends battery life significantly, enhancing the device’s durability and cleaning power.

As a 5 in 1 Smart Multi-Function Cleaner, the Switch S7 serves as an efficient replacement for traditional vacuum cleaners. It includes various attachments to address different surfaces, crevices, and high-reach areas, adding to its versatility.

Focus on Efficiency and Durability

The Switch S7 is noted for its durability and longevity, with a Pouch Cell battery that promises up to a threefold increase in lifespan compared to traditional batteries. This, alongside the FlashDry system and MHCBSTM technology, highlights the brand’s commitment to providing a robust, comprehensive cleaning tool.

Innovations for a Complete Clean

  • PureCyclone Technology: Offers 99.97% filtration efficiency for dust particles smaller than 0.3㎛.
  • Double-sided Edge Cleaning: Reaches up to 0.20 inch on both sides for thorough cleaning.
  • LED Headlight: Illuminates dirt and debris, enhancing cleaning efficiency.
  • iLoop Smart Sensor: Adjusts power according to detected dirt levels.


The launch of the Floor One Switch S7 on Amazon marks its entry into the market as a tool for homeowners looking for a multi-functional cleaning device. Featuring a range of innovative features aimed at providing a thorough and efficient cleaning experience, it represents a significant step forward in household cleaning solutions. Should Vacuum Wars review this product, we will make our findings available in the Cordless Vacuum Reviews section of our website.

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