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New Dyson V11 Cordless Vacuum Review: a Standout Choice

A Dyson V11 cordless vacuum with a purple and gray color scheme is positioned diagonally across the image with large blue text in the background

The new Dyson V11 cordless vacuum is out, and this latest iteration retains the essence of its predecessors, the V11 Torque Drive and Animal—but with some noteworthy updates. These include new hardware and features that increase performance while ensuring the cordless vacuum remains affordable.

The Laresar Elite 3 vs. Elite 8 Comparison

Check Spec: Laresar Elite 3 and Elite 8 Cordless Vacuums

Laresar’s latest, the Elite 8 Cordless Vacuum, has made its debut, closely resembling the Elite 3 in appearance and even replacing the Elite 3 entirely on Amazon. Does their similarity extend beyond the surface?

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