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iRobot Introduces Roomba Essential Robot Vacuums

iRobot has recently unveiled its latest addition to the robot vacuum market with the Roomba Essential series. This lineup includes two models: the Roomba Combo Essential, featuring a mopping function, and the Roomba Vac Essential, which focuses solely on vacuuming. These devices offering straightforward, one-touch operation or app-based programming.

Roomba Essentials Robot Vacuum is Programmable
Roomba Essentials Robot Vacuum is Programmable
iRobot Roomba Vac Essential Robot Vacuum Q0120

Roomba Vac Essential

Streamlined Vacuuming

Roomba Essential Combo Y0140

Roomba Essential Combo

Vac and Mop in one go

Key Features of Roomba Essential Robot Vacuums

  • Efficient Navigation: Both vacuums navigate in orderly rows using smart navigation, with built-in sensors to maneuver around furniture and prevent falls down stairs.
  • Powerful Cleaning System: Each model boasts a 3-Stage Cleaning System with strong suction, a combination of V-shaped bristle and rubber brushes, and an Edge-Sweeping Brush for comprehensive floor cleaning.
  • Compact and Agile Design: Their slim profiles and navigation sensors allow them to clean under and around furniture effortlessly.
  • Edge and Corner Cleaning: A spinning brush on both models ensures dust and debris are swept from corners and edges into the vacuum path.
  • User-Friendly App Control: The iRobot Home App enhances user experience with customizable cleaning routines, maintenance suggestions, and smart home integration.
  • Ready to Clean: The vacuums are designed for immediate use, requiring minimal setup for their first cleaning cycle.
  • Self-Charging: After cleaning for up to 120 minutes, they automatically return to their charging stations to recharge, readying themselves for the next cleaning task.
Roomba Essentials Robot Vacuum Cleans in Efficient Rows
Roomba Essential Robot Vacuum Cleans in Efficient Rows

Roomba Essential Combo Mopping Capability

In addition to the features above, the Roomba Essential Combo model is equipped to perform a fourth stage of cleaning that integrates vacuuming and mopping in one pass. It uses a microfiber mop pad that can be reused up to 30 times. Users can adjust the mopping water level through three settings to suit their cleaning requirements.

Roomba Essentials Combo Robot Vacuum
Roomba Essential Combo Robot Vacuum


The Roomba Essential series represents iRobot’s effort to provide basic, effective cleaning solutions that focus on ease of use and straightforward functionality. Unlike many of iRobot’s more advanced models, the Roomba Essentials series does not include smart features such as obstacle avoidance, smart mapping, or restricted cleaning zones. By omitting complex smart features, these vacuums cater to users looking for reliable, no-fuss cleaning aids.

A full Press Release from iRobot about this launch is available.

If Vacuum Wars reviews the Roomba Essentials robot vacuums, we will make our findings available on the Robot Vacuum reviews area of this website.

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