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Uses for a Vacuum Cleaner (Beyond Floors)

In the real world, there’s tons of cleaning tasks where vacuums come in handy. In this article we’ve compiled several other uses for a vacuum cleaner that go beyond cleaning floors. While some are common, we think we’ve uncovered a few that are beyond the norm. Vacuum Resources Getting to

PM2.5 Particle Sensor in Air Purifiers: What You Need to Know

If you’re air purifier shopping and researching their features you have likely seen the term PM2.5 particle sensor, or simply PM2.5 sensor. In our time reviewing some of the more advanced vacuums, we knew what particle sensors were as some models are equipped with them. After many test rounds and

Uncover the Health Benefits of Regularly Vacuuming Your Home

Health Benefits of Vacuuming

Do you think of vacuuming as a mundane chore that simply keeps your floors looking presentable. Most people do (we’re guilty). When we started looking into this topic, we had an idea of what we would learn. But, we’ll admit that some of the health benefits of vacuuming we found

Can Vacuuming Reduce Allergens in Your Home?

Measuring a Vacuums Suction Power

Seasonal allergies, pet dander, dust mites, and various other irritants can make life miserable for those who suffer from allergies. Many people look for ways to reduce allergens in their living spaces. Changing the air filters in a home is one way. Running air purifiers is another. But, what about

Stick Vacuum vs Upright Vacuum: Which should you choose?

Stick Vacuum vs Upright Vacuum

If you are vacuum shopping, two of the more popular choices are upright and stick vacuums. Stick and upright vacuums have been around for decades, a sign that both vacuum technologies have stood the test of time. As each has its strong points and shortcomings, the choice between the two

How often should you vacuum your home?

How often should you vacuum your home

As you may have guessed, here at Vacuum Wars we don’t mind vacuuming at all. We also realize that our affinity for vacuuming isn’t the norm though! One question that house cleaners and vacuum aficionados like us get often is how often should you vacuum? In this article we’ll provide

Vacuums with HEPA Filters and Sealed Systems: Cleaner Air, Healthier Homes

A Vacuum Without a Sealed System

Talk about vacuum cleaner features usually revolves around two topics: suction power and attachments. Today, we’re going to talk about something we think is just as important, but often overlooked. These are two essential features that can make a world of difference in your home’s cleanliness and air quality: a

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