Dreame X30 Ultra: A Detailed Look

Update February 28, 2024: The Dreame X30 Ultra robot vacuum has been released to Amazon. At CES 2004 in Las Vegas, Dreame Technology unveiled their new flagship robot vacuum, the Dreame X30 Ultra. This model is a step up from previous ones, boasting features like a self-cleaning base station and advanced mopping technology. Here’s a … Read more

Dreame L30 Ultra: The Next Generation in Robot Vacuums

Dreame L30 Ultra

Dreametech has recently launched the Dreame L30 Ultra robot vacuum to Amazon. This new model follows the success of the Dreame L20 Ultra, which  Vacuum Wars recognized as the top robot vacuum of 2023. Dreame L30 Ultra – What’s New A significant innovation in the L30 Ultra is its heated water mop self-cleaning feature. Operating … Read more

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