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Bissell MYair HUB Review and MYair + Comparison

In addition to its long history with vacuum cleaners, Bissell has been manufacturing several air purifiers over the past few years. This article is a review of the Bissell MYair HUB air purifier. But, in many ways it also serves as a review and comparison of another model, the Bissell MYair + (plus) also.

We purchased a MYair HUB and put it through our air purifier tests. Here’s what we found.

Bissell MYair HUB
Bissell MYair HUB air purifier

About the Bissell MYair HUB Air Purifier

The MYair HUB air purifier is a straightforward air purifier. With minimal features Bissell has priced it toward the lower end of the spectrum while still offering HEPA and VOC filtration. 

Bissell MYair HUB for Review
Bissell MYair HUB purchased for this review. © Vacuum Wars

The Bissell MYair HUB is designed for rooms up to 496 square feet. Its circular form takes in air from all sides and releases purified air through the top. It comes in one color: a muted gray and has a modern and streamlined appearance.

The 496 square feet figure is what Bissell states will allow the air purifier to perform one ACH (air change per hour). Different manufacturers provide different room sizes (or coverage areas) for their air purifiers. For comparison, Bissell provided four ACH numbers:

MYair HUB Air Changes per Hour

Air Changes per HourRoom Coverage
4.8 ACH102 sq.ft.
3 ACH165 sq.ft.
2 ACH248 sq.ft.
1 ACH496 sq.ft.
AHAM Verifide room coverage per Bissell.

The room coverage at specific air changes per hour are AHAM Verifide. AHAM is an independent laboratory which tests and validates air purifier claims regarding energy, volume and performance.

we found that the Bissell MYair HUB air purifier scored well in our filtration tests, making it a low-cost option for compact spaces such as bedrooms, dorms, and small offices.

As we mentioned, while this review is covering the Bissell MYair HUB, there is another model in this lineup: the Bissell MYair + which appears to be the same air purifier minus one key feature, which we will cover next in our features category.


Features are all the additions that are nice to have but don’t necessarily help with air purification. We consider size to be a feature where smaller is usually better, and the Bissell MYair Hub is a smaller model, standing at 17 in tall and 8 and 1/2 in wide. 

Controls - Bissell MYair HUB
The top of the air purifier: Fan speed controls, light level adjustment and USB port. © Vacuum Wars

The “HUB” in the name refers to a 2.4A USB charging port on its top, allowing you to charge devices like phones and tablets right there by the unit. The MyAir + model we mentioned earlier does not come with a USB charging port, but otherwise appears to be the same air purifier. 

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Its controls are also located on the top, offering three fan speeds: low, medium, and high, and an adjustable light level that can be dimmed or turned all the way off at night. There is also a filter change indicator that will tell you when it’s time to replace the unit’s filters.


So, now let’s look at filter quality. The Bissell MYair HUB comes with a circular HEPA filter which they say will capture 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns and smaller when on the lowest fan speed. 

HEPA and Activated Carbon Filter - Bissell MYair HUB
The Bissell MYair HUB’s HEPA and carbon filter. © Vacuum Wars

This filter has three integrated layers: a pre-filter for trapping large debris like dander and dust, an activated carbon layer for light household odors, and a HEPA filter for trapping pollen and pet dander. 

When measuring this filter, we saw that it contains more HEPA and carbon media than the other air purifiers we have reviewed in its room size category.


At its lowest fan setting, we found the Bissell MYair HUB to be one of the quietest air purifiers we have tested in its room size category, operating at 44 DB. The average for all air purifiers we have tested to date is 46 DB, which puts the MYair Hub on the quieter side overall.

Measuring Noise with Decibel Meter - Bissell MYair HUB
Measuring noise with a decibel meter during our real-world noise test. © Vacuum Wars

For our real-world noise test, where we measure airflow at the noise level closest to 55 decibels without exceeding it, we found that on its medium fan setting, the Bissell MYair HUB stays at a comfortable noise level. 

Filtration Test

For our fog test, we released 12 seconds of fog into a ventless room and ran the air purifier on max power. In this test, the Bissell MYair HUB successfully cleared the fog back down to baseline measurements in 113 minutes.

VOC Test

We also test for the reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This involves pumping exact amounts of incense smoke into a sealed refrigerator and measuring how much and how quickly the air purifier can reduce VOCs. 

Filter Test - Bissell MYair HUB
The MYair HUB performing one of our filter tests. © Vacuum Wars

In a 5-minute test on max power, the Bissell MYair HUB reduced VOCs by 57% in that 5-minute time frame. Among six air purifiers designed for rooms under 750 ft that we’ve tested, MYair HUB took the lead in our filtration metrics.

MYair HUB vs MYair +

After reviewing the both air purifiers, the significant difference between the MYair HUB and MYair + appears to be the USB charging outlet which is only on the MYair HUB model. In looking at the specifications everything else seems to be the same, including performance which is third-party verified.

Both air purifiers are the same size, use the same replacement filter, and have the same performance characteristics according to Bissell. Below we’ve provided a table of key specifications for both air purifiers.

MYair HUBMYair +
HEPA FilterYesYes
Carbon FilterYesYes
Fan Speeds33
4.8 ACH102 sq.ft.102. sq.ft.
1 ACH496 sq.ft.496 sq.ft.
CADR Dust7272
CADR Pollen7373
CADR Smoke6666
USB OutletYesNo
PM2.5 SensorNoNo
Sound Level29.1 dBa29.1 dBa
Dimensions (H x W)17” x 8.5”17” x 8.5”
Where to BuyAmazonAmazon
Specifications from the manufacturer’s website and product manuals.


In conclusion, we found that the Bissell MYair HUB air purifier scored well in our filtration tests, making it a low-cost option for compact spaces such as bedrooms, dorms, and small offices.

Its muted gray shade and unassuming design ensure it fits easily into various room aesthetics. And while it doesn’t have a ton of features, the feature set it does have is useful and intuitive, such as the light dimmer and the USB hub, giving it a nice and multi-functional touch.

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