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Dreame L30 Ultra: The Next Generation in Robot Vacuums

Dreametech has recently launched the Dreame L30 Ultra robot vacuum to Amazon. This new model follows the success of the Dreame L20 Ultra, which  Vacuum Wars recognized as the top robot vacuum of 2023.

Dreame L30 Ultra
Dreame L30 Ultra

Dreame L30 Ultra – What’s New

A significant innovation in the L30 Ultra is its heated water mop self-cleaning feature. Operating at 136°F, this system not only maintains a high level of hygiene but also dramatically reduces the need for manual mop pad cleaning and ensures that the mop pads are always ready for efficient cleaning.

Dreame L30 Ultra Robot Vacuum Base Station
Dreame L30 Ultra Robot Vacuum Base Station

The L30 Ultra also comes equipped with a suction power of 7,300Pa, an increase of 300Pa over its predecessor, the L20 Ultra. This boost in suction power makes us expect it will continue to be highly effective at picking up larger debris like pet food or cereal from carpets and hard floors, much like the L20 demonstrated in our studio.

Key Dreame Features Included in the L30 Ultra

The L30’s edge cleaning technology, which involves extending mop pads to clean hard-to-reach areas, ensures comprehensive cleaning coverage. This feature, along with an adaptable rubber brush, makes the device versatile across different floor types and effective at preventing pet hair from getting tangled.

Extended Hands-Free Operation

L30 Ultra offers hands-free operation up to 75 days. This is made possible by Dreametech’s DualBoost 2.0 technology, which facilitates the auto-emptying of dirt into a 3.2L dust bag. This feature is particularly beneficial for busy homeowners, as it significantly reduces the frequency of manual maintenance.

Advanced Technology for Navigation and Control

The robot utilizes AI Action and a 3D Structured Light Obstacle Avoidance System for navigation, allowing it to recognize and navigate around obstacles efficiently. An added AI camera provides a detailed view of areas beneath furniture and other typically inaccessible spaces.

The Dreamehome app enhances user interaction with the device, offering options to customize cleaning schedules, set restricted areas, and control the vacuum remotely. Additionally, the vacuum is compatible with voice commands through Alexa, Siri, and Google Home, providing users with multiple ways to control their cleaning experience.

Design, Battery Life, and Maintenance

The vacuum maintains the high-end design aesthetics of its predecessor, the L20 Ultra, featuring a sleek black and golden color scheme. The large base station, which houses two water tanks, is intuitively designed for easy access and maintenance.

The L30 Ultra’s 6,400mAh battery provides up to 180 minutes of cleaning time in a mixed vacuum and mop mode. The device showcases impressive navigation skills, capable of avoiding obstacles like cables and navigating complex layouts effectively.

Maintenance-wise, the L30 Ultra requires minimal upkeep, although the mop pads need occasional machine washing. Its design minimizes hair entanglement, further reducing the frequency of maintenance.

Dreame L30 Ultra Robot Vacuum Mop
Dreame L30 Ultra Robot Vacuum Mop


The Dreame L30 Ultra represents a step forward in the field of robot vacuums and mops. With its stronger suction power and innovative mop self-cleaning it stands as a worthy successor to the L20 Ultra. This new model is poised to offer a high level of convenience and efficiency for those seeking an advanced, feature-rich home floor cleaning solution.

If Vacuum Wars reviews this product we will make our findings available in the Robot Vacuum Reviews area of this website.

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