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Eureka Releases New Wet Dry Vacuum: The Eureka RapidWash

Eureka has officially launched the RapidWash, a versatile wet dry vacuum cleaner designed for high-efficiency cleaning. It boasts a powerful suction capacity of 15,000Pa and a rapidly rotating floor brush, achieving up to 450 rotations per minute. This allows the RapidWash to deliver thorough cleaning results swiftly and effortlessly in just one pass.

Eureka RapidWash

The Eureka RapidWash is a cutting-edge cordless wet dry vacuum cleaner that combines powerful 15,000Pa suction and a high-speed floor brush rotating 450 times per minute for efficient single-pass cleaning. A standout feature is the vacuum's self-cleaning system, which activates with a button press after use. Additionally, it is equipped with an intuitive LED display that shows battery life, cleaning mode, and system diagnostics. For enhanced convenience, the RapidWash offers a self-propelling function, advanced swivel steering, and zero-edge design to thoroughly clean corners and edges. Its compact and lightweight design incorporates user-friendly features, making it an exceptional cleaning tool for any household.

  • Cordless
  • Powerful 15,000Pa suction
  • Self-cleaning brush system
  • Lightweight, easy to maneuver
  • Intuitive LED display
  • Zero-edge cleaning capability
  • Convenient pause feature
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06/24/2024 07:29 pm GMT

A distinctive feature of the Eureka RapidWash is its self-cleaning capability. Users can simply dock the vacuum in its base station and initiate the self-cleaning mode with a single button press. This mode engages water jets to thoroughly rinse the brush, while an integrated drying system prevents odor by drying the brush post-cleanup, ensuring the machine remains fresh and ready for its next use.

Eureka RapidWash Self Cleaning

Additionally, the RapidWash features a dual anti-entanglement system that effectively keeps hair from wrapping around the roller brush, enhancing its efficiency. Its zero-edge design ensures that even those hard-to-reach corners and edges are impeccably cleaned.

The RapidWash is lighter than previous models, weighing only 8.16 pounds—6% less than the NEW400. Its self-propelling function enhances maneuverability as well, reducing the effort required to guide it during cleaning tasks. Furthermore, the vacuum is equipped with an intuitive LED display that provides real-time information on battery life, cleaning modes, and system diagnostics.

Eureka RapidWash LED display

The design of the RapidWash prioritizes user convenience, incorporating a self-propelling function for easy maneuverability and a pause feature that allows users to temporarily stop the vacuum without the need to continuously power it on and off, facilitating a smoother cleaning process.

If Vacuum Wars reviews this product we will make our findings available in the Wet Dry Vacuums reviews area of this website.

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