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Narwal’s Latest Offerings in Home Robotics Unveiled at CES 2024

January 8, 2024

At CES 2024, Narwal has expanded its portfolio with the launch of the Narwal Freo X Ultra, Narwal Freo X Plus, and the Narwal S10 Pro.

Freo X Ultra and Freo X Plus Robot Vacuums

The Narwal Freo X Ultra and Freo X Plus have some of the most powerful suction capabilities in the robotic vacuum market, with the Freo X Ultra offering 8,200 PA and the Freo X Plus 7,800 PA of suction power. This is attributed to their air duct design and high-speed motor, reaching up to 60,000 RPM.

Narwal Freo X
Narwal Freo X

One of the standout features is the U-shaped air duct, a first in the industry. Made from aviation-grade aluminum-magnesium alloys, this design allows for uninterrupted airflow and efficient debris collection. Another unique aspect is the ability to store and compress dust within the robot for up to 60 days, reducing the frequency of manual emptying.

Addressing one of the common challenges in vacuum cleaning, the Narwal robots feature the Zero-Tangling Floating Brush. This design captures and prevents tangling of hair, enhancing the cleaning efficiency.

Narwal Freo X underneath
Narwal Freo X underneath

The AI DirtSense™ technology enables the robots to identify and focus on problem areas during mopping. The Narwal Freo X Ultra and Plus also feature the Reuleaux Triangular Scrubbing Mops, applying significant pressure and rotational speed for effective scrubbing.

S10 Pro Wet Dry Vacuum

The S10 Pro, Narwal’s upright wet-dry vacuum, is designed for deep cleaning. It operates with mopping pressure and suction efficiency and is designed to navigate around furniture and reach difficult corners. The device claims a 99.99% disinfection rate and separates solid and liquid waste for easy disposal. After use, it automatically cleans, dries, and disinfects its components.

Narwal S10 Pro Wet Dry Vacuum
Narwal S10 Pro Wet Dry Vacuum

Pricing and Availability

The Narwal Freo X Ultra is priced at $1,499, and the Freo X Plus at $469, both available in March, 2024. The S10 Pro will follow in April, priced at $449. An Auto Water Exchange System for these devices is also available, priced at $299.

Narwal’s new products at CES 2024 reflect its ongoing commitment to innovation in the home robotics sector. By integrating advanced technology like AI DirtSense™ and unique brush designs, Narwal aims to address common cleaning challenges. The company’s approach of offering different models at various price points also suggests an effort to cater to a broad range of consumer needs. 

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