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Revolutionary Halo Capsule X Cordless Vacuum Coming To The U.S.

Innovative British Brand Expands to the U.S. Market

Halo Appliances, hailing from the UK and founded in 2020, has announced plans to extend its reach to the American market with its latest offering: the Halo Capsule X cordless vacuum cleaner. This move signifies the brand’s ambitious expansion and its commitment to transforming home cleaning globally.

Redefining Cordless Cleaning: The Halo Capsule X

Designed to rival traditional corded upright vacuums, Halo Capsule X boasts several standout features that set it apart in the competitive landscape of cordless vacuum cleaners.

Key Features of the Halo Capsule X Cordless Vacuum

  • Ultra-Light Design: A patent-pending carbon fiber shell construction significantly reduces the vacuum’s weight.
  • Exceptional Capacity: Its unique dust pouch system features a 1.6L capacity, nearly quintupling the standard for cordless vacuums, reducing the need for frequent emptying.
  • Extended Runtime: The vacuum offers an impressive 60-minute runtime, ensuring comprehensive cleaning sessions without constant recharging.
  • Deep Clean Technology: A separately powered brush bar tackles deeply embedded debris in carpets.
  • Wide Range of Attachments: Packages may include a flexible hose, fluffy head roller, crevice tool, and more.
Halo Capsule X Cordless Vacuum Attachments
Halo Capsule X cordless vacuum attachments

A Commitment to Sustainability and Durability

Halo Appliances designed the Halo Capsule X to last over a decade, in alignment with their commitment to sustainability and product longevity. Complementing this durability is the use of compostable dust pouches and a user-serviceable design, allowing for easy access to spare parts.

Halo Capsule X Cordless Vacuum Availability

We expect that the Halo Capsule X will be available for purchase directly from the Halo website in 2024. Vacuum wars will provide updates in our news feed as more information become available.

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