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Shark Adds Detect Pro Robot Vacuum to Detect Pro Vacuum Series

Earlier this year we took a look at a new vacuum cleaner from Shark, the Shark Detect Pro cordless stick vacuum. Shark named the vacuum with a nod to it’s ability to “boost power on hidden dirt”, Detect Pro.

UPDATE: The Shark Detect Pro Robot Vacuum is available at Amazon.

So, what is Detect Pro? First, and what we eluded to in the title of this article, is that it isn’t simply the name of one product. Joining the Detect Pro cordless vacuum cleaner, Shark has also quietly launched a Shark Detect Pro robot vacuum.

Shark Detect Pro Series Adds Robot Vacuum
Shark’s latest Detect Pro vacuum, the Shark Detect Pro Robot Vacuum cleaner.

The Shark Detect Pro is a Self-Emptying robot vacuum which takes flagship status for the brand, building on previous models like the Shark AI Ultra and Shark Matrix. Getting to the bottom of Detect Pro, Shark calls its Detect Pro a series of products that are “engineered with sensory technology” to do a better job cleaning.

Shark mixes detect with react when talking about the systems. As you’d likely imagine, detect is finding dirt, dust and debris and react is adjusting the vacuum’s cleaning to deal with it.

DirtDetect EdgeDetect and FloorDetect

Shark notes four different Detects:

DirtDetect leverages sensors to identify dirtier areas and in turn increase the vacuum’s suction.

EdgeDetect gives a performance boost to the vacuum when sensors determine it is close to a wall, edge or corner.

FloorDetect adapts cleaning based upon the type of flooring surface the vacuum is on.

LightDetect refers to LED lights on a Shark vacuum’s floorhead which automatically adjust when vacuuming in dark areas.

Of the four, Shark puts the most emphasis on DirtDetect, EdgeDetect and FloorDetect on their website.

Shark Detect Pro Robot Vacuum Approaching Wall

At the time of publishing, there was a single Detect Pro robot vacuum for sale, That model. the Shark Detect Pro Self-Empty Robot Vacuum, sold as the RV2820AE and AV2820S with other model numbers likely to follow.

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