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Dreame Launches New Flagship: Dreame X30 Ultra Robot Vacuum

Dreame has officially launched its latest robot vacuum, the Dreame X30, following its initial preview at CES 2024. The new model is notable for its enhanced battery life and sophisticated self-cleaning capabilities. Consumers interested in purchasing the Dreame X30 can now find it available on Amazon.

Cutting-Edge Robot Vacuum Technology

A standout feature of the X30 Ultra is its self-cleaning base station. This 7-in-1 station includes scrapers for cleaning the plates and a system for washing, drying, and sanitizing the mop. The robot automatically empties its waste and refills water, reducing manual effort. The base station can hold up to 3.2L of dirt, meaning it needs emptying only once every 75 days or so.

Dreame X30 Ultra Robot Vacuum Base Station
Dreame X30 Ultra Robot Vacuum Base Station

Enhanced Mopping and Suction Features

The X30 Ultra distinguishes itself with its MopExtend™ RoboSwing Technology, designed to enhance mop reach into corners and along edges for more efficient cleaning. The device also employs dirt detection to refine mopping efficiency, automatically rewashing mop pads and re-mopping areas as needed for optimal cleanliness.

Dreame X30 Ultra Robot Vacuum Mop Extend
Dreame X30 Ultra Robot Vacuum Mop Extend

Moreover, the vacuum boasts a powerful 8,300Pa suction capability and a long-lasting 6,400mAh battery, providing up to 260 minutes of cleaning time. This makes it suitable for larger homes, covering areas up to 2600sqft on a single charge.

Advanced Robot Vacuum Navigation

The X30 Ultra incorporates 3D mapping and path planning, equipped with sensors for obstacle avoidance, ensuring a seamless cleaning experience. Through the DreameHome app, users can remotely manage cleaning tasks, offering a level of control and customization that caters to diverse cleaning needs.

Dreame X30 Ultra Robot Vacuum AI
Dreame X30 Ultra AI Action and 3D Structured Light

Key Features at a Glance

  • Auto Maintenance for Hands-Free Operation: Automates dustbin emptying, water refilling for mopping, and mop washing.
  • MopExtend RoboSwing Technology: Enhances cleaning along edges and under low furniture.
  • Powerful Suction: 8,300Pa suction power for efficient debris removal.
  • Smart Recognition & Obstacle Avoidance: Uses AI and 3D Structured Light for identifying and avoiding obstacles.
Dreame X30 Ultra Robot Vacuum at Home
Dreame X30 Ultra Robot Vacuum at Home


The Dreame X30 Ultra Robot Vacuum represents a leap forward in robotic vacuum technology, offering a blend of automation, power, and intelligence designed to meet the cleaning needs of modern households. If Vacuum wars reviews this product we will make our findings available in the Robot Vacuum Reviews area of this website.

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