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Levoit Core 300 vs 300S – How to Choose Between these Air Purifiers

When shopping for a Levoit air purifier, there’s a good chance you end up trying to understand the difference between two seemingly similar models. When we purchased the Core 300 for one of our air purifier reviews, we did!

In this article we’ll look at the Levoit Core 300 vs 300S, how they are similar, how they are different and who each air purifier is for.

Basic Air Purifier

Levoit Core 300

Levoit Core 300
Smart Air Purifier

Levoit Core 300S

Levoit Core 300S

How is the Levoit Core 300 different than the Core 300S?

The most significant differences between the Levoit Core 300 and Levoit Core 300S are that the Core 300S has more features, lower power consumption, and higher clean air delivery rate (CADR) numbers. It is also slightly noisier at its highest fan level.

Air Quality Sensor, Auto Mode and Smart Features

As far as features go, the Core 300S has a PM2.5 air quality sensor which allows for automatic mode. And, the Core 300S is a wi-fi enabled smart air purifier with advanced capabilities like remote control, voice control and remote monitoring.

Power Consumption

Where power is concerned the rated power of the Core 300S model is 26W, significantly less than the Core 300 model at 45W.

According to EnergyStar, this translates to the Core 300 having an estimated annual energy use of 254 kWh/year. That is almost double the Core 300S’ annual energy use of 139 kWh/year.

Noise Levels

While both air purifiers have low noise levels, the Core 300S has a slightly higher maximum noise level of 50 decibels (compared to the standard Core 300 model’s 48 decibels). That 2-decibel louder level is when the 300S’ fan is operating at full speed.


Due to its smart features, PM2.5 sensor and automatic mode, the Core 300S is usually priced 50% higher than the Core 300 model.

Levoit Core 300 vs 300S
The Levoit Core 300 and Core 300S look identical. © Vacuum Wars

Levoit Core 300 vs 300S

Shared Features and Specifications

The Levoit Core 300 and 300S are two of the air purifier manufacturer’s most popular models. They are both designed for room sizes up to 219 square feet (20 m2), and have the same filtration technology.

HEPA and Activated Carbon Filter
Both air purifiers use the same HEPA filter with activated carbon. © Vacuum Wars

Both use the same filter set which includes a pre-filter, HEPA filter and activated carbon filter. Levoit notes they are both capable of capturing the same airborne pollutants and irritants including fine dust, pet dander, pollen and smoke particles.

Levoit also notes that the Core 300S is effective against bacteria, mold, pet fur and viruses. That should apply to the Core 300 model, too, since they both have the same filter set.

They are both capable of removing VOCs and several type of odors from indoor air (pet odors, smoke, cooking odors, etc.).

The Core 300 and Core 300S both have a few branded technologies including Levoit’s VortexAir Technology which they say “Creates an air vortex that increases the air purifier’s power and efficiency, distributing more clean air throughout the room.”

Other shared features:

  • 3-Stage Filtration (Pre-Filter, HEPA Filter, Carbon Filter)
  • Recommended Room Size of 219 square feet
  • Timer
  • Display Lock
  • Display Off mode
  • Filter Life Indicator
  • Sleep Mode
  • Low noise level in Sleep Mode (24 dB)

We performed hands-on performance tests of the Core 300 air purifier and found it to do a good job, especially considering its budget price.

Testing the Levoit Core 300 Performance
Testing filter performance. © Vacuum Wars

Room Size – Does it Matter?

While both air purifiers will work in both larger rooms, they will clean the air more efficiently in small rooms. We recommend sticking with the manufacturer’s recommendation for both of these air purifiers which is for rooms of 219 square feet or smaller.

For those looking for an air purifier for larger rooms, we recommend looking at other Levoit Core series air purifiers like the Core 400S and Core 600S.

RELATED: See our comparison of the Levoit Core 300S and 400S.

How these Levoit Air Purifiers Work

  1. Air is drawn into the air purifier via the air purifier’s air intake.
  2. The air then passes through a pre-filter which prevents larger particles from making their way to the main filter, increasing its lifespan.
  3. Next, air passes through the HEPA filter which removes “particles such as fine dust, smoke particles, pollen, and pet dander.” The HEPA filter is capable of capturing 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns or larger.
  4. The final stage of filtration is the activated carbon filtration which removes VOCs and household odors.
  5. Finally, the purified air is returned to the room.

Unique to the Levoit Core 300S

Smart Features

As we mentioned, only the Core 300S has advanced features. More specifically, those features are:

  • Voice Control
  • Google Assistant Compatibility
  • Amazon Alexa Compatibility
  • Real-Time Air Quality Indicator Status
  • Remote Control (via the VeSync app for iOS and Android)
  • Scheduled Air Purification

Air Quality Sensor

One of our favorite features in an air purifier is auto mode. Air purifiers like the Core 300S with auto mode automatically adjust their fan speed based on current air quality.

The Core 300S achieves this with smart sensors which measure the level of PM2.5 particles in the surrounding air.

The Core 300S also provides a visual air quality indicator that has three different colors. In addition, a numerical reading on a 100-point scale is also displayed.

The current state can also be seen in the smart app.

Levoit Core 300S Real Time Air Quality Status
Levoit Core 300S real time air quality status chart. © Vacuum Wars

Current air quality levels can also be seen in the VeSync app.

Basic Air Purifier

Levoit Core 300

Levoit Core 300
Smart Air Purifier

Levoit Core 300S

Levoit Core 300S

Which Levoit Air Purifier is Best?

The Levoit Core 300 (Amazon) is best suited for those who prefer the lowest possible price or a low-tech air purifier with simple controls.

The target buyer for the Levoit Core 300S (Amazon) is someone who wants the benefit of auto mode and/or the additional features and benefits of a smart air purifier including remote monitoring and control, scheduling and smart home connectivity.

Levoit Core 300 vs Core 300S: Specs

Levoit Core 300Levoit Core 300S
TypeAir PurifierSmart Air Purifier
HEPA filterYesYes
Activated Carbon FilterYesYes
UV FilterNoNo
Ozone EmmissionNoneNone
Fan Speeds33
PM2.5 Particle SensorNoYes
Automatic ModeNoYes
Smart FeaturesNoYes
Room Size (Levoit)219 sq.ft.219 sq.ft.
Room Size *175 sq.ft.194 sq.ft.
Dust-Free CADR *129 CFM134 CFM
Smoke-Free CADR *113 CFM126 CFM
Pollen-Free CADR *134 CFM154 CFM
Dimensions8.7″ x 8.7″ x 14.2″8.7″ x 8.7″ x 14.2″
Weight7.5 lbs.6.0 lbs.
CertificationsEnergyStar CARB, EnergyStar, ETL, FCC
Where to BuyAmazonAmazon
* per EnergyStar

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